108 Maidens of Destiny - Chapter 138

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Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: An Abrupt Wind Rises, A Breeze Causes Ripples In A Springtime Pond


Accepting Wu Xinjie’s influence, the remaining people of Flaming Eastern Island made an even greater effort. An Suwen returned to the Void Immortal’s Abode and began to compound a spirit medicine for the breakthrough to Galaxy Stage. Su Xing returned to the bamboo house to thank Tang Lianxin, only to discover he was not inside.

From the hot spring behind the bamboo house came noises.

Su Xing clearly understood then. Wu Xinjie made him care more for this child, saying that his help was very great. He thought that although Tang Lianxin’s temperament was antisocial, he actually was largely very helpful to Su Xing, and just that Four Styles Refinement already was pretty good. Su Xing pondered, then stripped and walked in.

Flaming Eastern Island’s underground fires were continuous, its hot springs countless. To count any of Flaming Eastern Island’s most useful specialties, this soaking in a hot spring was categorized as the first. This hot spring of the Mirror’s Flower Stream was a place that especially delightful. Steam rose in spirals with a sort of feeling of being wholly changed.

“Why are you back so early this time?” Tang Lianxin spotted Su Xing and was startled.

“Big Brother returned to accompany you.” Su Xing stretched out his arms, walking down into the spa. The burning spa waters cleaned the skin that was recently beaten exhausted, and a kind of comfortable feeling filled his heart. His whole body and his blood vessels seemed to open wide.

Tang Lianxin swam to a place further away, staying far from Su Xing. One hand covered his chest while the other was beneath the water.

Su Xing saw this guarded appearance of Tang Lianxin and was speechless. It was as if he seemed to be about to violate Tang Lianxin.

Su Xing swam towards him.

“You, don’t come over…” Tamg Lianxin’s tone had a rarely seen slight urgency, wanting to escape.

Su Xing did not understand how he was this stirred up. Could it be Su Xing himself had developed as being fiendish, or did it appear that he had that kind of homosexual hobby? The hot spring was not big, so Tang Lianxin very quickly did not have any place to hide. Su Xing swam up beside him, and there was no big deal. He just felt that chatting while near each other was better, nothing more.

“Brother Tang, you really are shy. We’re both men, so what is there to be ashamed of.” Su Xing washed his body, objecting to Tang Lianxin.

Tang Lianxin did not speak, only shutting his eyes.

Su Xing felt that he truly was bashful to the point of being interesting. He even more could not help but want to tease him: “Why aren’t you washing? Big Brother will help wipe your back.” Saying this, one hand grabbed Tang Lianxin, and his other held a bath towel, wiping it on Tang Lianxin’s back. Tang Lianxin’s skin was fair and tender, making Su Xing unable to refrain from being somewhat surprised; this simply was like a woman’s skin.

Tang Lianxin shrieked, leaving Su Xing: “Don’t touch me!!”

“You aren’t a woman, right?” Su Xing was stunned by this emotional reaction of his.

“I just…do not like letting people wipe my back. I can do it myself.” Tang Lianxin seemed to feel his own reaction was too intense and calmed down. He raised his gaze to look squarely at Su Xing, but with this glance, his eyes were about to pop from their sockets. Su Xing just happened at this time felt that this side was not too awkward, and he rose, wanting to change positions. His scarlet body immediately was revealed before Tang Lianxin’s eyes.

In particular, Tang Lianxin’s line of sight happened to be level with Su Xing’s waist and below, taking in everything.

His face was red, as if swirling with fire. He submerged half his face into the hot spring, letting out bubbles with a gulugulu sound.

Su Xing this bashfulness and laughed. In the army, he was already used to this, so he was far from being like this shyness of his. He really is a pure and innocent boy, Su Xing thought.

“Buddy, you being this shy is intolerable. You’re already like this looking at a man, if you reach the wedding night of the woman you like, then wouldn’t you have a nosebleed.” Su Xing had a commanding instructive tone. Under Wu Xinjie’s enticement, this guy’s skin had become very thick.


Seeing his blankness, Su Xing said nothing more.

Each minding their own business, they enjoyed the hot spring. Having been in Lianshan for this long, this still was the first thing that let Su Xing separate enjoyable and familiar things. In his ocean of consciousness, he asked his personal maid Yan Yizhen whether or not she would like to take a soak together, but the reply was silence, of course.

Flaming Eastern Island’s underground fires were very heavy. Soaking for long in a hot spring with this type of temperature would make people faint with blurred vision. Ordinary Star Cultivators would find it unbearable, and only when Su Xing used Star Energy did he improve to an extent. As he bathed, Su Xing suddenly discovered a bit of blood red drifting on the water. Su Xing was startled, believing somewhere on himself that he had a problem. However, as he found that the blood red was increasing, his gaze then followed it over.

Surprisingly, it was Tang Lianxin.

This child unexpectedly actually had a nosebleed.

“A pervert, then, to have a nosebleed from looking at a man’s body.” Su Xing’s goosebumps rose. Just as he wanted to stay far away from him, abruptly, at this time, Tang Lianxin was somewhat not too normal. Su Xing saw his eyes were hazy, powerless and in poor health. His hand covered his nose while the other pulled himself over the edge of the bath. That hand sheltering his chest no longer covered it. Through that faintly discernible surface of the water, Su Xing discovered his pectorals were slightly swollen. Looking like a woman’s skin, his pectorals were somewhat developed.

That’s not right.

Right now, he was not thinking about that sort of random thing.

Su Xing unexpectedly discovered Tang Lianxin had fainted from soaking in the hot spring.

“This guy really is odd. Already like this, yet he still didn’t leave.”

Seeing Tang Lianxin vaguely lost consciousness, his body slid into the water.

Su Xing immediately swiftly hugged him, leaping onto the bank. He reprimanded: “Just how long did you soak in the hot spring. Do you want to die?”

From Tang Lianxin’s breath came an alluring groan.

Su Xing shivered.

Suddenly, he saw Tang Lianxin’s slightly swollen chest was somewhat not too normal. If they were developed pectoral muscles, there was no reason for them to be breasts bulging like hills, but these also were not like a woman’s chest. Feeling this was too inadequate, Su Xing then suddenly found that Tang Lianxin’s throat was smooth, without an Adam’s Apple??


Su Xing unconsciously looked towards Tang Lianxin’s lower half.

This glance almost made Su Xing have a nosebleed.

He saw that Tang Lianxin’s secret place was completely convex. That secret garden did not have any grass to cover it, exactly like the hairless genitals of a woman. The most important thing was that it presented a side completely opposite to a man’s physiology – she was a girl!

Su Xing immediately leaked blood.

Fuck me, this guy surprisingly actually was a woman!

Tang Lianxin slowly opened her eyes. Her head was dizzy, and she felt as if she had dreamt a very peculiar dream. Just when she was enjoying the hot spring, a man suddenly charged in. He who did not know her identity as a woman began to greet her, moreover groping her as he wished. Tang Lianxin wanted to leave, but she did not dare rise in front of the man, lest she expose her body.

During this careful pondering, that man then very expertly revealed everything in front of her.

The Tang Lianxin who had never seen this type of battle array1 had her brain immediately short-circuit. Her nose released heat, and that man endlessly clamored beside her ear, saying something about close brothers should be frank, that they must not regard each other as outsiders. Just kidding, I, Tang Lianxin, am a woman, and who would be a brother with you.

That man seemingly was very fascinated by the spa, unwilling to leave even after several hours. Tang Lianxin at this time felt her head was more and more murky, and the dream she had afterward was somewhat unclear…it seemed she was carried without wearing one thread out from the hot spring by that man…

Without wearing one thread!!

Tang Lianxin’s eyes opened. Immediately, she opened the blanket and saw she was currently wearing her undergarments. Tang Lianxin slightly exhaled, but her face all of a sudden became even more unsightly. She undoubtedly soaked in the spa naked, so how could she possibly be wearing clothes. Furthermore…

There abruptly was a sound outside the room. Seeing someone had entered the house, Tang Lianxin unconsciously shut her eyes to feign sleep. She had not finished thinking how she should go about confronting this embarrassment.

The man who entered was none other than Su Xing.

“How has she still not awoken?” Su Xing sat beside the bed. He took up the girl’s wrist, taking her pulse. Inheriting An Suwen’s medical expertise, he was somewhat heartful of medical knowledge. Seeing the girl’s breath was seemingly long and ragged, it was not too steady, but it seemed that she should have no problems.  

“Buddy, ah, buddy. You pretended to be a woman for what.” Su Xing was nearby, talking to himself.

“Forget it. You must have your own way of thinking, and I don’t feel like investigating it. Although you’re a woman, Big Brother does not mind. I will still regard you as a little sister.” Su Xing’s fingers ran through the girl’s hair, his voice exceptionally gentle.

If he could see the expression of Yan Yizhen inside the Star Nest, the maid very much wanted to roll her eyes.

“You can’t blame Big Brother for just now. I didn’t expect that you were a woman, otherwise, Big Brother would not soak in the spa together with you. However, mixed bathing actually isn’t anything alarming. We’re all family, but while I did take a peep, I definitely did not grope you. I helped my woman change clothes before. En, it was rather simple…” When Su Xing spoke this, his face was somewhat embarrassed because when he helped Tang Lianxin put on her underwear, at that time, he had actually forgotten he could call for Yan Yizhen. It was just that Yan Yizhen did not say anything, so Su Xing forgot for a while.

For a man, it was hard to avoid being slightly excited when helping the little white tiger put on her underwear.

The Tang Lianxin feigning sleep did not see this at all. Su Xing continued with a fake cough, recovering his seriousness, then seemingly lamented. His tone blamed himself yet was tender-hearted. “You must not blame yourself. Big Brother will feel very apologetic.”

After a short period, seeing that Tang Lianxin was still unconscious, Su Xing helplessly sighed, “Big Brother will go make a bowl of lotus seed congee for you.” Saying this, he then covered Tang Lianxin with the blanket, rose and left.

When Su Xing left, Tang Lianxin opened her eyes. She did not know when, but those pale cheeks of hers were already red. The girl’s pupils continuously held an extraordinary splendor. Struggling for a while, she finally faintly sighed.


Su Xing really did boil a bowl of warm and steaming Lotus Seed Swallow’s Nest Congee.2

Yan Yizhen inside his ocean of consciousness asked, confused: “Master, just now, what is the reason you would say that?”

“If not just now, then when.” Su Xing had no alternative. Briefly explaining, when he took Tang Lianxin’s pulse, he felt her heartbeat accelerate, which let him know that she already was awake. She merely pretended to sleep perhaps because her heart was flustered to the point she did not know how she should confront the situation facing her. A girl’s exposed body will always have ill ill towards it, but not only was she exposed, she was revealed in such an extreme manner. Perhaps even more for her, she was slightly out of her wits. Particularly, she did not know just what sort of thinking Su Xing had.

Only for this reason did Su Xing pretend to talk to himself to explain things simply and clearly while also secretly letting the girl know she could be at ease, that he looked upon her as a little sister.

As far as how the result was, Su Xing could only submit to the will of Heaven.

With light footfalls, Tang Lianxin walked out at this time. She wore tightly sealed clothing, her pupils looking pensively, yet she looked at Su Xing with an expression brimming with coldness and bitterness.

“Little Sister Lianxin, you’re up?” Su Xing greeted her.

Tang Lianxin glanced at the hot and steaming Lotus Seed Swallow’s Nest Congee on the table, icily saying to Su Xing: “What you said just now was actually true?!”

“Absolutely true.” Su Xing swore.

“You truly will not inform on me?” Tang Lianxin’s tone was frigid.

“Big Brother was still late in protecting you, so how could I inform on you.” Su Xing twitched his lips, deeming this beneath himself.

Tang Lianxin stared blankly for a time. She bit her teeth: “Right now, roll yourself outside for me…”


“From tonight onwards, I will not sleep together with you…”

Hearing these daydream provoking words, Su Xing laughed out loud, knowing Tang Lianxin at last had recovered.



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