108 Maidens of Destiny - Chapter 157

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Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder

This naked request of Chai Ling’s truly made Su Xing open wide his eyes. “Are you serious?”

“Does This Palace seem to be fond of telling jokes?” Chai Ling

“Could it be you feel I am that sort of person who enjoys sensual pleasures while leaving his own women to go risk life and limb?” Su Xing furrowed his brow.

The Little Whirlwind replied matter of factly, her eyes flashing, the corner of her mouth lifting into a smile: “Is this not how it should be? This Palace’s Great Circle Castle will truly make you wish you were dead.”

Su Xing coldly chuckled.

“Little Sister Chai Ling, Elder Sister urges you to not joke any further. Our Young Master is indeed not as frivolous as you believe.” Wu Xinjie was helpless.

Chai Ling’s eyebrows rose, somewhat displeased: “Knowledge Star, you are unable to produce a hundred billion, and neither are you able to let your man stay…You are making This Palace frustrated. This Palace is truly uninterested in this type of ‘Help The Needy For Justice’ without benefit.”

“Could it be that even Little Sister Chai Ling would waste this opportunity? And is unwilling to spend money? This buying and selling of losses is certainly unlike the business the Noble Star engages in.”

Chai Ling’s eyebrows rose. She lightly bit her red lips, her hand tenderly stroking the collapsed Demon Beast, the Golden Thread Feather Fan gently dancing.

Wu Xinjie was calm and composed, an appearance that showed she planned in advance.

“Knowledge Star, you indeed are eloquent. This Palace wants one night.” Chai Ling muttered to herself for a moment then lightly laughed. “The Great Circle Castle is honored with the presence of two long lost sisters. It would be more appropriate for This Palace to properly receive guests for a night and make a reply once again tomorrow.”
Wu Xinjie also knew that as far as the stingy Noble Star was concerned, this already was a very big concession. She nodded and did not object.

Chai Ling clapped her hands. Jinzhi and Yuye entered the main hall, announcing themselves.

They saw a group of women dressed in classical golden long gowns walk into the room in a line holding long swords in their hands. They were dressed rather elegantly, and the more than dozen beautiful young girls orderly stood in the hall, truly beautiful women that were like clouds. “The legendary Skilful Star is accomplished in the arts, proficient in all manners of speech, dance, poetry, song and more. Since it is not so easy to have the Wanderer honor others with her presence, we wonder how is your sword dance?1 Care for a bout?”

The Sword Dance. Long established since ancient times, the sword served as a weapon dissolved into a dance performance. It could be said to be an extremely clever composition.

“I shall refuse on Little Yi’s behalf.” Su Xing definitely did not want to let his maid engage in some dance. If she were to dance, it would only be for him alone.

“Young Lord Su Xing is very angry. Could it be the Skilful Star does not help her own young master do a few things?2 You have a request of This Palace, yet you do not do anything. This is not good, is it?” Chai Ling dully said, her words somewhat threatening.

“Slave Servant shall give Master one song.” Yan Yizhen gazed at Su Xing.

A pure white guzheng3 was placed on the center of the Phoenix Dances To the Heavens’ hall.

Yan Yizhen sat on the ground, her skirt neatly spread out. When her lily-white hands really moved with spry motions, the maid simultaneously seemingly let her bangs fly. Her vermilion pupils paused, her thumb shook, and suddenly, the string let loose a vibrating resonance. It was as if it returned to the those olden times where romance was in the air.

The dancing girls crowded Yan Yizhen’s surroundings, taking sword dance positions. The girls began to raise their swords, paced, and moved in a dance. The swords and tassels were firm and gentle perfectly together, full of changes, making the sword dance very lively. They had passed through a long practice, their sword dance posture and movement free, easy and disciplined. They appeared bright and colorful, their movements swift and nimble. When they were still, their postures were steady, sharp and bright, rich with beauty;

Their “Traveling Sword” movements were continuous and uninterrupted, like a long and rainbow roaming dragon, head and tail in close succession. They were then also like moving clouds and flowing water, well-proportioned with a certain toughness. Not only were the bodies of the matching girls delightful to the eyes, that cold light glinting on the swords was even more like it could kill enemies at any moment.

When Yan Yizhen slowly played the first rippling the string, the hall was enveloped with the vast sound of the instrument. Forget that the maid was cold as ice, she indeed was brimming over with talent. Regarding the guzheng, it was entirely within her element. A great deal of techniques were used by her casual pinches.

The guzheng went from dull to quick, a fast torrential rain speeding along. It seemingly made people see two armies engaged in a decisive battle, the sound moving Heaven and Earth, and the roof tiles seemed to fly and drop. Upon closer inspection, there was the sound of metal drums, of swords and crossbows, of men and horses…making the listeners exert themselves, then frightening them afterwards, so touching in this way was the music.

Those young women could not help but dance along with the music. With long swords in hand, they appeared to be swimming dragons, their bodies handsome and wonderful. The originally very graceful sword dance passed through Yan Yizhen’s accompanying music, and it immediately was even more prominently imposing and majestic, vastly spectacular.

Yan Yizhen’s expression was earnest. At this time, she brimmed with a peace and an entirely different imposing air. Su Xing could not help but be enchanted, and he did not discover that the Little Whirlwind Chai Ling to the side was casting a meaningful glance at him.

The night’s color was deep and dense, the moon bright and soft.

A corridor of the Great Circle Castle. Su Xing opened his eyes and crawled out from bed. He did not disturb Wu Xinjie and Yan Yizhen, instead walking by himself to the Phoenix Dance Hall.

The gentle lighting made the Phoenix Dance Hall especially tender. A queen-like beauty sat before a seat with two fingers on her lips, half-charming, half-noble. In her surroundings, two young women wearing magnificent golden robes held palace lamps in their hands, not moving in the slightest.

“Chai Ling, what business do you have using Sound Transmission to see me at night? Heh. Could it be that you actually want a lustful night?” Su Xing was not surprised to see her waiting appearance.

“Being flippant and insincere once before This Palace is enough.” Chai Ling dully said.

“What’s the matter, to insist that we talk alone.” Su Xing shrugged.

Chai Ling opened the golden feather fan, covering the shallow smile on her red lips: “This Palace is only very curious about the man that could sign the Knowledge Star and Skilful Star.”

“It’s a nose and two eyes, anyways.”4 Su Xing sat in front of her, bored.

“When you speak, it is very interesting, but a sweet enough mouth is not sufficient to make the Knowledge Star and Skilful Star serve you. This Palace can see it…The feelings Wu Xinjie has for you are deeply rooted. Even if she were to give her body up to you, she is apparently willing…That Skilful Star Wanderer’s outer appearance is cold, yet she is able to invest everything into you…If This Palace has not guessed wrongly, if you wanted to take Yan Yizhen’s virginity, she would not refuse either…” This arrogant queen of a Chai Ling’s gaze was very sinister. They had barely met face to face, yet she lay bare in a few words that subtle relationship.

Furthermore, these so explicit and direct words of hers made Su Xing startled over and over. His ears heated up, for he was somewhat embarrassed.

“What do you want to say?”

“To make a Star General willingly hand over her red pellet5 for a Star Cultivator, this certainly is rare to see in a thousand years. This Palace wants to say, since they are so inclined to you, as their man, should you not do some things?”2

Su Xing’s brows were even deeper.

“To borrow the Red Ink Iron Certificate is very simple, This Palace suddenly thought of something. If you take the virginities of these two sisters together, This Palace shall lend it to you.” Chai Ling quietly laughed.

“You actually stayed inside this castle for too long and wound up becoming a pervert.” Hearing that she took Wu Xinjie and Yan Yizhen’s virginities to be a business transaction, Su Xing’s heart was somewhat a bit furious.

“What, you dared to speak of yourself as a man of lustful nights every night, with each new climax replaced by another to This Palace, could it be that this is not an extremely rare and honorable opportunity?” Chai Ling did not become angry. Her smile, as before, was brimming with a dallying manner.

“Right now is actually an extremely rare good opportunity. How about I let Your Majesty first taste a flavor that would make you wish you were dead right now?” Su Xing’s eyes slightly narrowed.

Jinzhi and Yuye lifted their heads. Those ice-cold eyes had surprise.

“So it turns out you are afraid of the harm that taking their virginities will have on them?” Chai Ling had an epiphany, suddenly instructing the Yuye beside her.

Su Xing was curious about what she was going to do.

Not long after, Yuye returned to the hall. She held in her hands two bottles, one yellow, the other blue. Chai Ling threw the bottles to Su Xing, and when he held them in his hands, one bottle had a slight chill while the other had a slight warmth. Holding them in his hands, his body could not help but throb.

“Inside these bottles is ‘Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder,’7 a treasure that This Palace collected. For those rare sisters that devote themselves to a Star Master, this is a gift to you…The woman ingests the Yin powder, the man ingests the Yan Powder. Not only will making love greatly increase your power, complementing each other through dual cultivation, the price of a Star General losing her virginity can easily be recovered…” Chai Jing wore a crafty smile.

How could Su Xing believe her. Heaven knew what whether or not this queen was swindling him.

However, Su Xing saw that these bottles was indeed rare. He stowed it away: “I shall kindly receive it. As far as taking their virginities, we shall not trouble you to care about this sort of matter. Harmonious couples naturally take form one day, and such cannot be imposed.”

“You put it so eloquently.” Chai Ling covered her smile.

“But you do not do this, you are unwilling to do that, not one of This Palace’s requests have been answered. You are too impudent. Although This Palace is Liangshan’s richest person, neither is This Palace a philanthropist.” Cha Ling’s smile slightly carried ridicule: “This Palace shall again give you a chance. If you take the Knowledge Star’s virgin part, this Red Ink Iron Certificate shall be lent to you. Even if this Knowledge Star lost her virginity, the effects are not great.”

This graceful queen – Cha Ling’s mouth spoke of deflowering Wu Xinjie and of virgin bodies. It truly filled Su Xing’s heart with rage. Seeing that arrogant and self-important attitude of hers, he knew she was relying on her riches to make things hard for him. He sincerely wanted to see this as a joke, but Wu Xinjie apparently was very attached to this Red Ink Iron Certificate. For her sake, Su Xing had no choice but to suppress his anger. If he had an aphrodisiac, he truly was very willing to drench this woman with it.8

“What do you have to not be happy about? This Palace truly does not understand.” Cha Ling was truly puzzled: “Are not all men animals that think with their lower halves? This Palace gave you such a good opportunity, it is only natural for you to take your women? You surprisingly do not thank This Palace? That Knowledge Star has some desires of you, and This Palace is someone who helps others achieve their wishes!”

Su Xing suddenly rose, his whole body enshrouded in a cold air, walking towards her.

Jinzhi and Yuye immediately stepped forward.

Chai Ling’s delicate hands waved, not at all concerned. The Little Whirlwind had the Red Ink Iron Certificate on her, so no one in this world could hurt her. Seeing Su Xing’s face covered in cold frost, she felt this was even more interesting.

Su Xing walked right up to her, and his eyes sized her up without any restraint.

Those firm and upright breasts were very capable of making people’s blood vessels spray open. Her pair of vaguely erotic eyes were really alluring, with absolutely beautiful facial features and a graceful figure, pure white feet, and even that absolutely sensual body brimmed with a flavor filled with allure.

“Do you really think yourself very rich, that money can be exceedingly high?” Su Xing suddenly asked.

“What would you say?” Chai Ling asked in return.

“Want to make a bet to see how very poor and pedantic you really are? Su Xing showed a cunning smile.

Chai Ling only felt that she seemingly had been gazed upon as if she was a sheep. Under that sharp gaze, the clothes covering her body seemingly lost their use, as if not a single thread hung on her body. Chai Ling used her hand to slightly cover the exposed portion of her breasts without leaving a trace, gracefully and haughtily answering: “How do you wish to gamble?”




 劍舞   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  古箏  He means it’s not anything worth mention.  Reference to virginity.   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  陰陽合歡散  There was the Blooming Water Dragon you sold, but… 
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