108 Maidens of Destiny - Chapter 196

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Chapter 196

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“That isn’t accurate. If we really continued to engage, the one who’d have lost certainly would be me.” Su Xing shook his head, denying his conjecture just now. This sort of guess really was somewhat conceited. To confront a Martial Force Star General, it was still best to not let her get close.

Not a moment after, Great King Fire Horn brought over the four pieces of Karma Fire Spirit Stones. These Karma Fire Spirit Stones used Heavenly Fire to form, and less than ten had condensed in Fire Horn Mountain’s several hundred years. The majority had been used, and now, these four were what remained.

Taking the Karma Fire Spirit Stones, Su Xing then briefed him on some other things. At this time, he suddenly recalled the matter of Wang Dingliu. He asked: “The affair of the Birth Treasure Outline, are you aware of what happened?”

Great King Fire Horn nodded. Because Tuoba Yan was also a Star Master, he would concern himself about the Birth Treasure Outline. However, in plundering that Purple Star Birth Outline, there were more than a hundred Demi Clans, Demon Kings, and all four Mountains moving out. By his strength, he could only watch. “Right, tell me about the things of the Star Masters and this Birth Treasure Outline.” Su Xing thought. He was not extremely knowledgeable about the Vermilion Bird Territory, and he just so happened to be able to use this opportunity to know the rough idea about these.

“As you wish.” Great King Fire Horn did not dare be neglectful. For the sake of his daughter’s Star Duels, he was actually surprisingly detailed about the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Star Masters. The Vermilion Bird Territory’s three most famous Star Master were Falling Dragon Mountain’s Lady Snake Scorpion, Immeasurable Mountain’s Wu Ji,1 and Silver Night Mountain’s Xi Qinqin.2 For the current Star Duels, every large group’s influence would contend against each other. Without first mentioning that a wish could finally be granted, the status of having a Star Master was naturally very honorable.

Among these three Star Masters, the one most deserving of fear was Lady Snake Scorpion. Su Xing already knew this point, and in regards to Immeasurable Mountain’s Wu Ji and Silver Night Mountain’s Xi Qinqin, they were also formidable characters. However, they were not worth a mention compared to Lady Snake Scorpion. Although Lady Snake Scorpion was only Nebula Late Stage, her entire body of Gu Poison Arts was very incredible. When she originally battled with Wu Ji and Xi Qinqin, she utterly defeated the two, and no one in the Vermilion Bird Territory dared to irritate her.

Speaking more of the business of that Purple Star Birth Treasure Outline plunder was also very bizarre. The forbiddance that limited only Star Masters was very quickly broken, and the result was that several tens of thousands of Demi Soldiers entered a confused melee. In the end, that Birth Treasure Outline Stele unexpectedly had been struck open, and the Birth Treasure Outline rose above everyone. Everyone had set their sights on snatching it, but not a single one of them had thought a silhouette would flash past and take the Birth Treasure Outline into a sack. By the time everyone had noticed Wang Dingliu, she had already disappeared without a trace.

At this time, Great King Fire Horn had wanted to take advantage of the situation thus saw and clearly understood, which made him feel disbelief.

However, the Vermilion Bird Territory now was layers of blockades. Wang Dingliu thus found it difficult to escape, and the rumor was that she currently had fled to the North District next to Deer Pursuit. Great King Fire Horn had also assigned people to pay close attention to Wang Dingliu’s movements.

From the moment Su Xing left Fire Horn Mountain, Great King Fire Horn still did not stop urging him to stay. Su Xing was already very tired of acting as the “deeply hidden adept.” How could he have the energy to stay longer. After Su Xing left, he still fully thought of things about Wang Dingliu. That Living Goddess of Lightning honestly was formidable. She probably accurately calculated that the Vermilion Bird Territory’s Birth Treasure Outline Plunder would be chaotic, and only then did she come to this place. He never expected that the Birth Treasure Outline would be seized by one of the ranked last Star Generals, which could be considered a rare sight.

“You are alright.”

Outside Fire Horn Mountain, Qu He interrupted Su Xing’s thoughts. Seeing she had still stayed, Su Xing felt surprised.

“En, why did you not leave?”

“You saved me, so it would be better to go together with you.” Qu He said.

“If I did not come out, then you would have waited this idly?” Su Xing smiled.

“If you stay here, then you should inform me.” Qu He carefully said.

“Let us leave for now. Right, do not tell anyone about this matter.”

“En.” Qu He nodded.

Su Xing said nothing more. The two then flew towards Mount Danxia on their Riding Swords.

North District, deep in the mountains.

The moon was dark, and the winds were high.

Within the forest came the sounds of shouts. A silhouette just like a winding snake traveled back and forth in the forest. Black lights seemingly cut open the moonlight and flashed past.

These people were currently in pursuit of a young girl.

“You stupid idiots~~~~~~” There was a long, drawn out voice. The girl confronting several dozen people in deadly pursuit seemingly treated this as a game. She was not in a flying escape, but it really was not a fast movement. Rather, by a sort of instantaneous movement style, she swiftly moved about. Every flicker was practically even faster than the blink of an eye. She could move several dozen times within one breath, and although the people chasing from behind had cultivations that were extraordinary, with artifacts and magic weapons that were also out of the ordinary, they were unfortunately no match for that maiden’s flash movement. There was a sort of humiliation being made fools.

“Living Goddess of Lightning, This Immortal wants to see just how far you can run. This Immeasurable Mountain is entirely the Ancestral Master’s domain. If you obediently send the Birth Treasure Outline this way, not only will Founder let you go, he will even give you a Star Master. What say you?” A man yelled. In the deep mountains and old forests, in its quiet and seclusion, his voice was very ear-piercing.

What replied was a giggling voice, “So it turned out that Immeasurable Mountain’s Wu Ji is an idiot.”

That Wu Ji man angrily gnashed his teeth. He was precisely Immeasurable Mountain’s Star Master. Originally, he had planned to refine here, but he never expected to run into the Living Goddess of Light Wang Dingliu in a curious coincidence. In a momentary blossoming of the flower of excitement, he convened more than a dozen disciples to encircle and kill. It was a pity this Inferior Star’s “Flash Jump”3 honestly was fucking disgusting. Normal artifacts and arrays simply were incapable of trapping her, and in the end, it developed into an exhausting chase to kill.

Fortunately, this Hanging Head Mountain was the domain of Zaohua Mountain. Wu Ji presumed she was a trapped beast.

“Young Master, there is no need to speak more nonsense. This General shall see to what time she can persevere.” Beside Wu Ji, a gown wearing girl holding a red iron staff said in a bored manner. Her eyes were seemingly clear and acute as a falcon’s. Her figure was like a deer’s, strong and healthy. Several times, she was close to striking down Wang Dingliu.

“Elder Sister can try.” Wang Dingliu instantly disappeared. Within the mountain forests, she executed unbelievable movements.

Atop Hanging Head Mountain,4 the moonlight had been enshrouded by black clouds, presenting a desolate appearance.

A figure emerged.

Wang Dingliu yawned, and she watched the Star Master and the rest still chasing below.

“This is truly a headache. Wherever I go, it is not peaceful. Did I not just take one book? This book belongs to us Star Generals, anyways.” The Living Goddess of Light’s wrist flipped, and a golden scroll appeared.

“Then it would be better to come to Elder Sister’s side.”

Completely without warning, a lofty voice abruptly sounded out behind her.

Wang Dingliu instantly turned around. She saw a woman of mediocre facial features wearing a blue and white palace skirt. If one were to not look at her face, then hearing her voice would make one believe she was an absolute beauty. If Su Xing were present, he would probably be astonished. She was Qingci, and it was unexpected that the Wang Dingliu hiding in the boundless mountain ranges of the Vermilion Bird Territory and Azure Dragon Territory would be encountered by her. It was also unknown whether this was a coincidence or deliberate.

Wang Dingliu’s expression concentrated, and Qingci’s white hand waved.

She tossed out a green ring, and this ring became a green shadow that coiled over.

Wang Dingliu had not yet returned to her senses when that green shadow wrapped around her entire body, becoming a dragon that tightly constricted her. No matter what Wang Dingliu did, she could not move in the slightest. The originally smug Living Goddess of Lightning’s complexion greatly changed. A Purple Star Grade Astral Treasure. She had never heard of such a powerful Star Master that could control a Purple Star Grade Astral Treasure.

“Just who are you!”

Qingci stepped delicately in Wang Dingliu’s direction, and at the same time, she picked up that Birth Treasure Outline. Wang Dingliu’s guts churned with regret. She had always shot at the birds, but this time, she had been pecked by them. The woman smiled, “Finding Little Sister certainly was not easy.”

The Birth Treasure Outline pointed at Wang Dingliu flipped open, and a passage of information appeared.

Star Position: Inferior Star

Star Name: Wang Dingliu

Nickname: Living Goddess of Lightning

True Name: ???

Rank: Hundred and fourth

Star Weapon: Thunder Roll Lightning Flash5 (Four Star)

Star Beast: ???? (? Rank)

Realm: Heavenly Clothes Seventh Stage

Innate Skill: Flash Movement6

Five Elements: Earth

Yellow Rank Special Skill: Lightning Flash7

Dark Rank Special Skill: Thunderclap8

Current Status: No Contractor (can be conquered)

Detailed Materials: …

“Incredible, incredible. I never thought Little Sister’s Star Weapon would unexpectedly be Four Star.” Qingci lightly smiled. She extended a hand and waved. That Astral Treasure became a dragon shadow that entered her sleeve. “I wonder what Little Sister’s True Name is?”

Wang Dingliu looked at Qingci with indefinite gloom, and lightning exploded in her hand. “Who is your Little Sister, don’t think just because you are a woman that you can feel that you are an Elder Sister!!” Her hands flicked, and a thunderbolt blossomed.

Dark Rank Style!



The thunderbolt had been instantly smashed to pieces.

A cold as ice woman appeared at Qingci’s side. She was Longkui, “If you are not willing to follow Elder Sister, then it would be better to kill you.” Longkui said nothing further. She raised the gloom around her two hands.

“Longkui, be a bit gentler towards Little Sister.” Qingci barred Longkui.

Wang Dingliu looked at Longkui, brimming with alarm.

At this time, Wu Ji and the crowd he brought finally encircled Wang Dingliu, “Bring the Birth Treasure Outline over, and Immeasurable Mountain will let you all go this time.” Wu Ji coldly said.

The young girl holding the red long staff obstructed Wu Ji’s front, as if she was facing a formidable enemy.

“Young Master, be careful.”

“Yan’er.9 Seeing as Star Generals are merely so, everyone, immediately activate the array.”

“So it turned out to be Little Sister Remote Star Tiger Slaying General Li Zhong.”10 Qingci smiled very warmly, “Wang Dingliu, are you willing to scale to the peak together with Your Servant?”

“If you can get out, then we can talk.” Wang Dingliu dodged, and she Flash Jumped a thousand meters away, sneering.

Meanwhile, the cold woman Longkui was already impatient and raised the gloom weapon in her to cut Wu Ji down. The red light that Tiger Slaying General Li Zhong’s Star Weapon “Hundred Beasts Mountain Shaking Staff”11 raised was a Yellow Rank Style: Tiger Expulsion Beyond Stream!12


A heavy pressure easily broke her Yellow Rank Style, pressing enough to make the Tiger Slaying General Li Yan’s legs bend. She nearly knelt, startling her.

“You are…”

Five Colors City. Wu Siyou watched the sky where there was another Falling Star, and her brows wrinkled even more deeply.

Suddenly, she saw a silhouette fly at high speed towards the pavilion. Wu Siyou’s tight brows finally smoothed out.

“So it turned out you are still alive?”

The one who approached was Su Xing.

Su Xing grinned: “Siyou, if you actually thought I died, you would have already no longer stayed in this place.”

Wu Siyou was left dumbstruck by Su Xing’s words, but she nevertheless was unwilling to easily show it. She coldly said: “You were chased by the Roc Demon King enough that the entire Vermilion Bird Territory knows. You truly are too audacious.” Pausing, Wu Siyou brought out a bottle of medicine: “These are Spring Waters Become Rain Pills.13 You had best not let something happen to you…Your Servant certainly does not wish for Yingmei to blame me.”

Su Xing laughed and unceremoniously took the bottle.

“Is Gongsun Huang still alright? I have Xie Bao’s blood, so half of the Gu Poison should be able to be cured.” Su Xing thought.

Wu Siyou stared at Su Xing, as if she wanted to see through him. However, the more she looked, the more her heart was distracted, her thoughts in turmoil, “For the world to have a Star Master the likes of you, truly, this is a matter Your Servant is incapable of understanding.”

“I hear signing a contract allows us to easily comprehend each other.” Su Xing chuckled.

“Say those words to Gongsun Huang.” Wu Siyou turned and entered the hall.

Su Xing was stunned. He entered the hall and heard a clear voice.

“You have come back!”

Su Xing turned his head, only to see that Gongsun Huang was already floating over. Like a doll, she peacefully sat upon his shoulder.

“Your complexion is somewhat unwell.” Su Xing saw that Gongsun Huang’s complexion was increasingly unsightly. His heart had some worry, and he brought her into the living room: “I’ll first help cure you of the poison.”

Gongsun Huang shook her head. That pair of eyes seemingly unsullied by the world’s dust had a sort of magic charisma.

“Are you willing to sign a contract with Gongsun Huang?” The girl asked very softly. Each word was nevertheless very clear.

“Are you willing to stay by my side?” Su Xing smiled and asked in turn.

Gongsun Huang suddenly lowered her head and kissed Su Xing’s lips.

Instantly, as if a cool breeze blew past their hearts, their foreheads immediately each twinkled with the light of stars, and Su Xing heard three words.

Three words light as feathers, but heavy like Mount Tai.

– I am willing!!

1. 伍驥
2. 習禽琴
3. 閃躍
4. 懸首山
5. 雷鳴電閃
6. 閃移
7. 電閃
8. 雷霆
9. 顏兒
10. 地僻星打虎將李忠
11. 百獸震山棍
12. 驅虎過澗
13. 春水化雨丹
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