108 Maidens of Destiny - Chapter 238

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Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: Meditative Mind Lotus Flower

Seven Star Generals, one Star Master. This truly was considered unprecedented in the past or present. When Chao Gai saw Su Xing emerge, she was expressionless, neither sad nor happy.

“Star Master Su Xing, thou clearly art guilty!!”

The moment they saw one another, Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai’s smile glowed, reflecting and undulating. Su Xing barely squeezed out a smile, only feeling in his heart a formless pressure covering the skies and earth approaching. This completely did not come from the outside world, rather, it originated from his own mind.

Su Xing worked the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique to calm his mind. His heart knew the girl before him gave him pressure. Handling things without shock: “What is Your Servant guilty of!”

“Thou hast elegant but insincere words, resorting to demagogy, deceiving six Star Generals into following thee, still thou art unaware of thy guilt!” Chao Gai shook her head and shouted.

Divine light descended ten thousand zhang.

Shua, shua, shua!

The seven beauties Lin Yingmei, Wu Siyou, Yan Yizhen, Gongsun Huang, Wu Xinjie, Shi Yuan and An Suwen were all hostile, the atmosphere on the brink. “Are you not the one resorting to demagogy? Chao Gai. Our willingly following Young Lord has actually been labeled by you as being deceived, hey.” Wu Xinjie’s complexion was angered.

Thousand Buddha Star Chao Gai’s aura retracted.

“But, that thou hast broken the rules of the Star Duels is unavoidable! This One presents the orders of ‘Ninth Heaven,’ today This One warns thou, do not obstinately persist in thy wrong ways!”

“How has Your Servant obstinately persisted in wrong ways.” Su Xing sneered.


“Contracting six Star Generals, thou hast broken the rules of the Star Duels, yet thou still darest to quibble?” Chao Gai indifferently said.

“The Star Duels were set by you. Naturally, you are free to handle the rules. If you want to condemn someone, don’t worry about the pretext!”1 Su Xing’s expression did not change: “But they think highly of Your Servant. That is an honor for Your Servant. If your Maiden Mountain truly has this rule, could it be that she did not think to lay down a forbiddance?”

“Hmph, indeed, that was because you peeped into a Heavenly Mystery by fluke and thus broke the rules.” The Thousand Pagoda Star snorted.

“Ha?” Su Xing’s was baffled. What peeped into a Heavenly Mystery. Could it be said that his crossing over broke the Heavenly Mystery?

“All living things and all laws are in equilibrium. In the mysterious and inexorable, everything possesses a constant. If Your Servant peeped into a Heavenly Mystery, do you dare deny this was not arranged by the Heavenly Mystery?” Su Xing said sternly. “Your Servant feels could it be that Maiden Mountain wishes to reap the consequences of its words2 to change natural law in vain.”

Wu Siyou looked at Su Xing and thought, “This man truly has a tongue like a reed, bursting with lotus flowers. Undoubtedly, he has broken the rules, yet his saying this was the responsibility of destiny makes Maiden Mountain actually appear somewhat inferior.”

Chao Gai’s complexion slightly chilled. “Hmph, This One naturally disdains to speak more to thou.”

“Your Servant listens respectfully.” Su Xing shrugged his shoulders.

“Thou can only contract two Star Generals. Thou must rescind the contracts of the others!” Thousand Pagoda Star Chao Gai glanced at everyone.

“You are dreaming, This Xinjie is Young Lord’s people in life, and shall be Young Lord’s ghost in death. This Xinjie does not give a damn what kind of character Maiden Mountain is. Sooner or later, one day, we will ascend Maiden Mountain to see just who is dressing up as god, playing the devil.” Wu Xinjie said resentfully.

“Your Servant also will not part from Young Master!!” Lin Yingmei clenched tight the Arctic Star Serpent Spear, her murderous air trickling.

The other beauties one after another also made clear their attitudes. When Wu Siyou saw this scene, she truly was somewhat shaken – in the thousand years of the Star Duels, it seemed fate was truly about to change..

“Good, good, good!” Chao Gai calmly smiled: “To be able to make the sisters wait upon thou like this, This One admires thy methods. Then This One can only kill the other four Star Generals…whichever two of thou are willing to remain with – speak!”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself!” A cloud passed over Su Xing’s face. One hand seized the Four Symbols Seal and the other grasped the Miraculous Bodhi Tree. Even his flying swords that had damaged spiritual powers all flew out, suddenly revealing cold light.

“Thou refuses to comply?” Chao Gai smiled.

“Stop talking rubbish!” Yan Yizhen shouted, the Yin and Yang on her fists reflected, her palm blades chopping in succession.

At the same moment, Lin Yingmei’s Long Blizzard Nights drew out a snowstorm, and Gongsun Huang alternated her Star Magic. Even Shi Yuan’s Hoodwinking Flying Claws and An Suwen’s Child and Mother Linked Hearts Needles all advanced and attacked Chao Gai. A big Star Energy like turbulent waves overflowed.

The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda’s aura was released, and everything destroyed Lin Yingmei and the rest’s assault. Wu Siyou’s Noble Frost Demonic Lotus at this time followed up, the sword-light unstoppable, fast as quicksilver spilling over the ground.

“What, even Wu Song has been bewitched by this man?” Chao Gai waved a sleeve, blocking Wu Siyou’s attack.

“Your Servant just cannot bear to see your reliance on power!”

Wu Siyou shouted and slashed, and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger fiercely pounced.

Golden light dazzled.

Suddenly, it sent Wu Siyou and the White and Black Unicorn Tiger flying.

A Green Lotus Peak suddenly turned big, the Four Symbols Seal transformed into Four Holy Beasts, and Su Xing swished the Miraculous Bodhi Tree. The three Prehistoric Spirit Treasures simultaneously attacked, the power terrifying. At the same time, the forbiddance formation of the Void Immortal’s Abode launched at this moment, like a formless power about to pulverize Chao Gai.

Falling into this sort of battle array, even Supervoid Cultivators would be somewhat fearful.

But Chao Gai indeed was a fierce general that needed only to raise a hand to capture two Supercluster Cultivators. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda hung above Chao Gai’s head. With its aura spreading in every direction, before the Prehistoric Spirit Treasures drew near, they were dashed against golden light. Immediately, they dispersed, unable to approach in the slightest.

“‘Ninth Heaven’ has quite the virtue. Considering thou art a Star Master, This One only then did not put you away into the pagoda. Do not be unable to differentiate good and bad.”

Chao Gai indifferently smiled, her words containing a considerably deeper meaning.

“Hmph, what Ninth Heaven, what Maiden Mountain, both rely on power. Your Servant today insists on being unable to differentiate good and bad.” Su Xing urged forth the Purple Mansion Immortals Thunder, but the Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda truly was formidable, simply unmoved in the slightest.

This Thousand Pagoda Star Chao Gai came from Maiden Mountain and acted as the Star Guard of the Ninth Generation Star Duels. Naturally, she could not be underestimated. Her cultivation was unfathomable, and her Star General Realm had reached “True Phoenix.” It was not an exaggeration to say she could move throughout Liangshan Continent unhindered. No matter how the current Su Xing and his Star Generals that had yet to obtain Star Beasts wanted to shake her, it would be extremely difficult. The two sides simply were not at the same level.


The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda rose, its aura spreading over ten thousand zhang, forcing everyone to shut their eyes.

“The Star Duels originally belonged to destiny! Maiden Mountain is overbearing, and for what reason. Chao Gai, you acting as the Star Guard nevertheless is breaking the rules from the center. It seems that Maiden Mountain is merely so.”

Wu Xinjie yelled with difficulty.

The rays of light suddenly subsided. Thousand Pagoda Star Chao Gai laughed out loud, pensively looking at Wu Xinjie.

“Has thou truly made a resolution?’

“This Xinjie would rather die than regret!”

Wu Xinjie said firmly.

“Very good, This One came this time simply to give thou a warning. This One naturally will not meddle in the Star Duels. Su Xing, thou certainly must know what the outcome of persisting obstinately in the wrong ways is.” Chao Gai gazed at Su Xing.

“In spite of whatever outcome, bring it on!” Su Xing coldly said.

The Pagoda Shifting Heavenly King’s eyelids rose, as if she was thinking of something. She hooked on a cold smile. In an instant, a divine power pressured from above.

Pressuring that Su Xing was unable to breathe.

This divine might was more and more fierce without pause. In that instant, Su Xing’s mind was just a blank space.

Su Xing thought, This is bad, operating the Absolute Sincerity Soul Technique in an all out effort to stop it. His Divine Intent made an unprecedented expansion at this moment, brushing away this divine might as if it had substance.

It was nearly a moment that Su Xing then felt that the weight on his shoulders lessened considerably.

But his body was truly shocked into a cold sweat. This Chao Gai had quite the powerful imposing air.

“Since thou hast already decided, This One also has nothing to say.” Chao Gai smiled. “This One naturally accepts orders to guard the ‘Star Duels,’ and This One also gives thou a warning. If thou contracts one more Star, This One shall confer unto thee one calamity. If thou can avert this calamity, This One will not obstruct you, how is that?”

“Hm, hm, hm, hm, it can do.” Su Xing sneered.

Chao Gai did not mind. On the contrary, her smile was somewhat profound: “If thou can avoid calamity, that can be considered proof of fate. That just now was the first calamity. Currently, there are still three more calamities, and now, This One shall give thee the second calamity!”

She pointed, and an aura was absorbed into Su Xing’s forehead.

Immediately, it was eliminated.

Su Xing then felt his mind contained a deeply rooted seed.

“This is known as the ‘Meditative Mind Lotus Seed,’3 so long as thou can let this lotus bloom, then thou will have passed the second calamity. If otherwise, in the case this lotus seed wilts, This One shall send one of the sisters into Maiden Mountain!!: Chao Gai smiled, “Thus, this is the second calamity.”

The faces of all the girls changed, and they nearly were about to hurl abuses.

Chao Gai said: “Thou still hast time to ponder. After Evil Smiting Hall passes, if a Star General reaches completion by obtaining a Star Beast, then there will be no margin for redemption! Even if thou can pass these calamities, Maiden Mountain possesses a test waiting for thou. Thou had best quickly annul the contracts and return the Star Duels to the proper path.”

“Counter soldiers with arms, water with an earth weir.4 I, Su Xing, am of indomitable spirit and naturally unafraid.”

“Big words are merely for this time. When the time comes, the opportunity Maiden Mountain gives thee certainly will be greater than This One’s by a hundred fold!” Chao Gai smiled. The Heaven Earth Dark Yellow Thousand Pagoda was retracted. Light rays were immediately released, and soon after, her silhouette disappeared. To freely come and go inside this Void Immortal’s Abode was truly imposing.

The moment she left, the inside of the Void Immortal’s Abode fell silent.

“Xinjie presumed that Maiden Mountain would have movements, but Xinjie did not expect it to be this shameless.” Wu Xinjie gnashed her teeth.

“Sister Xinjie, just what is the background of this Maiden Mountain, do you know?” Shi Yuan asked.

“A flock of people set on high.” Wu Siyou sneered. Watching the way Chao Gai went about things, she regarded the commoners of Liangshan as bugs. It could be assumed those higher were even more unbearable.

“Perhaps it truly is that legendary Star Unicorn World.” An Suwen sighed.


Gongsun Huang sat on Su Xing’s shoulder, watching him. Those clean pupils were written full of concern.

“Young Lord, is there anything uncomfortable right now?”

They recalled the “Meditative Mind Lotus Seed” second calamity Chao Gai left behind, worriedly asking.

Su Xing could use his Divine Intent to sense that a seed had already been added into his ocean of consciousness. This seed floating above the ocean of consciousness did not have too many peculiarities. Su Xing tested using Divine Intent to grow it. The seed in his mind actually was moved, but it merely swayed a few times without any effect. Apparently, it required very powerful Divine Intent or some other methods to make the seed bloom.

“This Meditative Mind Lotus Flower is Buddhism’s Supreme Secret Treasure. Chao Gai testing Young Lord like this is somewhat strange.” Wu Xinjie muttered to herself. She had heard a few rumors of the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Many Buddhist Cultivators practiced Meditative Mind to a paramount realm and could bloom a golden lotus. The powers of those Buddhas, arhats and vajras could be promoted several realms. Since ancient times, those that could blossom a Meditative Mind Lotus Flower were all Buddha-like characters. To have Su Xing, who was a layman of the Buddhist path go bloom this Meditative Mind Lotus Flower, and in such a short time, simply was an impossible affair.

“Then what do we do?”

All of the girls looked at each other in dismay.

“Xinjie does not understand very much about the Meditative Mind Lotus Flower. Perhaps we only can go on a trip to the Buddha Kingdom.”

“We can only do so.” Su Xing nodded.



He means that she’s trumping up a charge  出爾反爾, also means “go back on your word”   禪心蓮子  兵來將擋水來土掩, a phrase that means “different situations call for different actions” 
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