108 Maidens of Destiny - Chapter 312

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Chapter 312

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The Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.

The Knowledge Star’s second Destined Star Weapon, the same as the Skilful Star Yan Yizhen’s second Star Weapon, “Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow.” Only under certain circumstances could it manifest. What was different was that the Knowledge Star’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chain always was enigmatic.

The records of previous Star Duels pertaining to the Knowledge Star’s Eight Gates Black Gold Chain were only a few words. As far was conjectures surrounding the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain, those were also of differing opinions because the Knowledge Star Resourceful Star Wu Yong was ranked an astonishing third. However, she was somewhat similar to the ranked first Song Jiang, completely lacking combat Innate Skills. On magic, she also did not have any contributions, and she even could not compare to the Leader Star Resourceful Strategist Zhu Wu in terms of arrays.

Her sole advantage was in strategic battle tactics.

Though these types of battle tactics could change the course of a war, they nevertheless could not change the fate of the Star Duels.

Over the generations, the Knowledge Star also was barely second to Song Jiang; an existence of other Star Cultivators rushing like ducks to kill her.

However, any way it was put, the one ranked third was unlikely to be in such a sorry situation. After all, in the successive Star Duels, there was a Knowledge Star in the “Seven Stars Uprising Assembly” that ascended Maiden Mountain. But that generation’s Knowledge Star was very mysterious. The materials pertaining to her could be counted on fingers, and the one thing that was known was that she manifested the second Star Weapon, “Eight Gates Black Gold Chain.”

Wu Xinjie then guessed. Little Yi merely had to be emotionally stirred to the depths to manifest the Three Arrows Lethal Crossbow. Any way it was put, she, Wu Xinjie, had to be in perfect harmony with her Young Master, right? There was no reason for it to still not have emerged. A most dangerous situation was also fine, the most illicit situation was also arranged. Wu Xinjie had practically tested everything, but she did not sense the presence of the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain in the slightest.

This made Wu Xinjie very hurt.

Testing every sort of method, currently, there was only one thing left that Wu Xinjie could think of.

“Sexual intercourse dual cultivation.” Su Xing was also very hurt when he heard this.

Wu Xinjie said displeased, her expression extremely tantalizing: “Young Lord, the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain is only an excuse. However, if it can also appear at the same time, that is even better. Come…”

Her soft tone made his morality go weak.

Her underwear was pushed aside. With her lovely body completely naked, her virgin fragrance lingered, and red clouds dyed her face.

Wu Xinjie’s pupils were passionate, but upon seeing those slender jade legs straddle him, he could only smell the spring waters of her pistil, the scent assaulting him in the face.

Su Xing’s mind trembled.

All of his hesitation was sucked clean away under Wu Xinjie’s influence.

Every last part of Wu Xinjie was left with Su Xing’s hickeys. Raising his head from that secret flower garden, Su Xing patted Wu Xinjie’s butt. The girl understood. She knelt on both knees, prostrating herself where she was. Looking at her from behind, the girl’s graceful curves were incomparably enticing, each place capable of making anyone wild.

Turning her head back, her expression was extremely charming. “Young Lord, you must have pity on Xinjie.”

“Xinjie, are you serious?” Su Xing’s burning hardness lightly pressed against her secret place.

“Quickly.” Wu Xinjie had long been impatient.

There was a pitiful moan.

Su Xing no longer wasted his breath on words. He grabbed her round softness and slowly straightened his body.

Her pistil blossomed, and entering deeper inch by inch, he went straight into the softness of that deepest place. For a time, this was accompanied by Wu Xinjie’s touching moans. Feeling the girl’s tight embrace, in that instant, Su Xing’s heart thoroughly melted.

“Su Xing, Su Xing, Su Xing…” The feeling of her empty place stuffed full made Wu Xinjie’s spirit nearly faint. Bearing the attacks behind her, the girl passionately cried out. Each cry made the pair sink into an endless realm of perfect harmony.   

What was there that could act as proof.

Spring breeze kissed the pistil, the spring water seemed intoxicated.

For who was her passion, a falling redness protecting spring.

(Their harmony could be described with a thousand characters…)1

Several more hours passed after sex. Wu Xinjie was very tired, very weak. The price of the Star Maiden losing her virginity also slowly became apparent at this time. The weakness of the girl’s aura was not ordinary. Although they were climbing “Mount Wu” just now, with the girl ascending to that peak where she wished she was dead, after the fact, she seemed exhausted to almost drowning. Su Xing embraced Wu Xinjie. Seeing Wu Xinjie gradually weaken, his heart truly hurt to death.

“Young Lord, you being like this makes Xinjie feel very guilty.” Wu Xinjie smiled and said.

“Your Young Lord truly is somewhat worse than a beast.” Su Xing said.

Wu Xinjie laughed and winked: “Young Lord, your worse than a beast just now was so fierce.”

Su Xing was speechless. He poked her forehead.

“We had better leave soon, have Suwen take a look at you.” Su Xing said. It was just about time.

“Can Young Lord help Xinjie up?”

Su Xing chuckled. Not only did he raise Wu Xinjie up, he also helped her dress from inside out. He made the girl endlessly bashful. Looking at Su Xing from the side, her eyes were lovely and moving.

“Are you really alright like this?” Su Xing saw that Wu Xinjie had lost her color. Her breathing was labored, and she was limp all over, her strength lost. Finally, they could be considered to have understood the consequences of losing her virginity.  

If it was a martial general, they would be no different from a cripple. Su Xing’s heart pounded. Fortunately, when he originally climbed Mount Wu with Lin Yingmei, they had the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder. If at that time they did not endure or perhaps if the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder was merely a comfort medicine, those consequences truly were incapable of being imagined. Momentary pleasure compared to long-term weakness was not something Su Xing was willing to see.

Wu Xinjie did not care at all. Although she had become this weak, using the dual cultivation of the “Fine Ladies’ Essence Gathering” just now, her own Star Energy had mutually replenished Su Xing’s in a dual cultivation exchange. Acting as the ranked third Knowledge Star, Wu Xinjie’s Star Energy was considerably large enough to be startling. Su Xing advancing to Galaxy Middle Stage because of this was not out of the question.

Knowing she gave this a lot of thought, Su Xing was still hurt.

“Xinjie wonders whether the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain can appear or not.” Wu Xinjie took deep breaths, stood firm, and formed a hand seal. The current her and Su Xing had already developed to the Perfect Harmony Realm that Star Maidens and Star Masters practically could never reach. If this still could not manifest her second Star Weapon, Wu Xinjie would then truly be left without a choice.

Her Star Crest flickered.

Some time afterwards, Wu Xinjie heaved a long sigh.

Clearly it was a failure.

“Forget it, you have to properly recuperate first. Don’t think about that Eight Gates Black Gold Chain anymore. It will naturally appear when the time is right, let nature takes its course. What should come will come in the end, forcing it will make it leave in the end…” Su Xing consoled her.

Wu Xinjie laid her head on Su Xing’s chest, somewhat a bit disappointed. However, Su Xing’s chest still made the girl feel her heart grow warm.

“En, to be able to eat up Young Lord was something Xinjie wanted to do the most.” Wu Xinjie chuckled.

Su Xing smiled.

Just as the pair was about to leave.

Suddenly at this moment, they heard an alluring voice sound out.

“How can you possibly obtain the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain with this kind of method? Slave feels you are merely thinking of finding an excuse, Knowledge Star!!”

Flying Swords flew out with a dragon cry.

A slender white figure appeared on a tree. Glittering pupils carried a lovely expression, and nine tails swayed.

It was the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.

Without saying anything, Su Xing activated the Sword Chant.

“If you do not wish to have the Knowledge Star become a complete Star General, then do not hesitate to kill Slave.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox seemed to sneer.

The Flying Swords halted.

“What did you say?”

Su Xing’s tone sunk, his brow knitting tightly.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox stared at Wu Xinjie. The latter smiled mysteriously.

“An odd Knowledge Star has appeared this generation.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox said.

“Xinjie will treat this as praise.” Wu Xinjie smiled.

“Hmph.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox had possessed Wu Xinjie. Originally, she wanted to use seduction to test Su Xing. Now it seemed she truly had done more than required. Actually, this young married couple had already been illicit to some unknown degree.

However, this man truly was bizarre.

“You kept peeping just now?” Su Xing’s tone was displeased.

“You humans copulated in Slave’s domain, and still you want to blame Slave for not withdrawing?”

Su Xing was speechless.

This Nine-tailed Spirit Fox honestly was excessive.

“I don’t have interest in wasting time with you. What did you mean by what you said just now?” Su Xing asked.

“Slave wishes to sign a contract with you.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox jumped down from the tree, gracefully walking over to Wu Xinjie.

Su Xing’s eyes showed suspicion.

“It is very difficult to encounter such an interesting Knowledge Star and Star Master. How can Slave keep on being lonely inside Evil Smiting Hall.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox split open its mouth, smiling with sharp fangs clearly revealed.

Su Xing looked at Wu Xinjie. The girl nodded, “You truly plan to become Xinjie’s Star Beast?”

“Of course.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox scratched itself with its hind legs, a carefree appearance: “Your Master honestly is too stupid. Slave feels very interested in how far you two can go. Let alone that the Knowledge Star would unexpectedly freely give her virginity away…this honestly is very much to Slave’s liking…” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox giggled.

Su Xing thought, Fuck, this Nine-tailed Spirit Fox isn’t male, right.

“However, Slave has a condition.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s topic changed.

“What condition?”

“Should Slave help you win the Star Duels, the wish shall belong to Slave.”

“No way!”

Wu Xinjie bluntly refused.

“Why?” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox knew this married couple did not act according to common sense. This time, it was not angry. “If Slave becomes your Star Beast, you will naturally know of Slave’s advantages. If you want to win the Star Duels, Knowledge Star, without Slave at your side, the probability is remote.”

“Apologies, Xinjie still has Sisters. It seems there is no chance to be with the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox.” Wu Xinjie smiled and said.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox again looked to Su Xing.

The latter’s indifferent expression answered very clearly.

“Never mind, Slave does not hold any interest in Maiden Mountain’s so-called wish.” The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox shook its head, “Just come capture Slave now.”

Wu Xinjie took out the Evil Smiting Writ, immediately chanting the capture incantation.

Su Xing stood guard nearby, the twenty-four Flying Swords not daring to be careless. For the sake of avoiding the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s Dazzling Light Mind Image illusion art, he even used the “Mirror Without A Stand” to make the Extreme Sincerity Soul Technique reach its peak.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox indeed wanted to sign a contract with Wu Xinjie, for the capture process was very smooth. A Star Crest flashed on the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s head. From now on, this moment made clear that this proud Nine-tailed Spirit Fox had genuinely become Wu Xinjie’s Star Beast.

Wu Xinjie loosed a breath, unable to cover the relaxation in her eyes.

“Master, please confer Slave a name!”

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox respectfully crawled.

“Young Master, what name should be chosen?”

The names Wu Xinjie thought of clearly did not suit the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, feeling briefly embarrassed.

Su Xing saw that the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox’s nine tails were like snow piles, and the surroundings had scarlet flower petals flutter in the wind. A thought flashed through his heart. He said: “Wind, flower, snow, and moon…2 you shall be called Flower Snow!”3

“Young Lord, truly a good name.” Wu Xinjie’s eyes shone. “From today onwards, thou art known as Flower Snow.”

“Flower Snow engraves to memory.”

“Master, just now you mentioned the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain?” Flower Snow said.

“Do you know something?”

“Slave knows what can make the Eight Gates Black Gold Chain appear.”

“Ah? Flower Snow, is what you say true?”

Acting as the Knowledge Star’s legendary Star Beast, the Nine-tailed Spirit Fox evidently would not lie.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox leapt, and a ray of white light flew towards Wu Xinjie.


Basically, author says use your imagination for their sex.  風花雪月, an idiom used to set an artistic mood   花雪, really debated whether I should have translated this or if I should have transliterated it as Hua Xue. 
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