108 Maidens of Destiny - Chapter 334

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Chapter 334

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“Does Elder Sister Xinjie have any other good ideas?” Shi Yuan’s eyes shone. She rubbed her hands together: “For the Happiness Zen this Happy Together Courtyard, does Elder Sister Xinjie want Yuan’er to rob them clean?”

“Since they are one of the Six Ancestor sects of the Buddha Kingdom, now is not appropriate to stirring up trouble.” Wu Siyou’s brows knit together. Currently, Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus Seed was urgent. If they were to fight with the Six Ancestors inside the domain of the Buddha Kingdom, that honestly was somewhat not too wise.

Lin Yingmei nodded. She did not fear whatever Six Ancestors at all, but Su Xing’s Meditative Mind Lotus Seed demanded immediate action. This honestly made the girl somewhat scared and on edge. “Does Elder Sister have some countermeasure?” The Majestic Star asked Wu Xinjie.

“En. It is better to first have Young Lord bloom the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed. If the Happy Together Courtyard themselves provoke use, then we need not be courteous at all.” Wu Xinjie smiled.


“But how should we bloom this lotus flower?”

Gongsun Huang blinked her eyes, also showing concern.

Wu Xinjie said: “Xinjie has investigated. The Meditative Mind Lotus Flower is Buddhism’s secret treasure. Currently, there are altogether three methods right now that can make Young Lord’s Meditative Mind Lotus Flower bloom in a short time.”

“This first method is the most common, to hear a senior monk propagate dharma. Comprehend the meditative mind, and the lotus seed will naturally bloom. This way relies on “chance.” Sometimes, comprehending the meditative mind may make it blossom. This meditative mind is a mystery within a mystery, and sometimes, it is possible to make that comprehension instantly. Other times, you can pass away and have nothing to show for it. Xinjie has decided to first have Young Lord try this first method. With Young Lord’s great compassion, perhaps blooming will take but an instant.”

“But you also said that he may not necessarily comprehend the meditative mind after a lifetime…is this not too risky?” Wu Siyou was not at all too approving. Calmly listening to the dharma and comprehending the meditative mind in the Harm Star’s perspective honestly was somewhat a fluke.

“Master does not have too much time at all.” Yan Yizhen very rarely opposed.

Wu Xinjie consoled them: “Little Sister, do not worry for now. Listen to Xinjie finish. There is another reason why Xinjie chose such a method of fortune is that the middle of the Feast of All Souls happens to have myriad Buddhist dharmas that can be seen and heard. Secondly, we can try for three days. If there are no results, we can only choose the second way and the third way.

“Elder Sister, what are these second and third ways?” An Suwen asked.

“The second way is that adding the Three Existence Marks1 to the body reportedly can make the lotus flower blossom, however, the precondition is that there must be a Meditative Mind Lotus Seed. This actually is the same situation as Young Lord.”

“And what reason is there that you didn’t choose this one.” Su Xing smiled and asked.

Wu Xinjie was helpless: “The Three Existence Marks reportedly is something that can only appear when a Buddhist Cultivator reaches a satisfactory realm, more important than their own life, and only one of the Existence Marks will appear. Xinjie fears that those sects’ monks will have them, and to have them turn over the Existence Marks to Young Lord honestly is not too possible. Furthermore, the Three Existence Marks blooming the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed is Xinjie’s conjecture and is still not completely certain.”

Su Xing understood. No matter who, it was impossible to give such an important thing to an outsider.

Forcibly taking it actually was not a restricted option either, but doing so skewed the meditative mind, and it was unknown whether there would be consequences, let alone that if they actually squabbled in the Buddha Kingdom, that would undoubtedly turn the entire Buddha Kingdom into an enemy. Even if Su Xing’s methods were defiant of the natural order, enough ants could bite an elephant to death.

“And what is the third way?”

The answer went without saying.

Contracting the Heavenly Solitary Star Flowery Monk Lu Zhishen.2

“Speaking of which, the Heavenly Solitary Star is very unconventional in the Star Duels.” Earthly Solitary Star Tang Lianxin expressionlessly spoke.

“Yes, truly the most unconventional.” Wu Xinjie said.

“What’s the inside scoop?”

Su Xing brimmed with enthusiasm about the gossip about any of the Star Maidens.

“Compared to Xinjie, Siyou and Yingmei ought to be much clearer.” Wu Xinjie attractively winked.

Lin Yingmei spoke bluntly.

As it turned out, the Heavenly Solitary Star’s Innate Skill was Meditative Mind. Compared to the Fair Skinned Gentleman Zheng Yanran’s Pretty and such, this type of Innate Skill honestly could render people speechless. While Pretty could at least make the Star Master’s appearance more handsome, Meditative Mind nevertheless had no visible uses.

The Meditative Mind itself had always been a very mysterious thing, and now, becoming an Innate Skill was even more obscure.

In the historical data of previous Star Duels, the Star Master of the Heavenly Solitary Star had never manifested the impression of one who had gone through Meditative Mind or the like. The Heavenly Solitary Star had actually contracted Buddhist Cultivators, but on this aspect, it was not necessarily possible to see the situation of the Meditative Mind. If it was any other Earthly Star, that would be it. However, the Heavenly Solitary Star Flowery Monk was classified as a peak Martial General among the one hundred and eight Star Maidens. Innate Skills absolutely could not be extensive, like the Harm Star’s “Pilgrim’s Array,” the Majestic Star’s “Battle Doctrine,” or the Brave Star’s “The Unrivalled,” all of which shook Liangshan.

For this reason, in the many generations that came, the Heavenly Solitary Star’s Meditative Mind had always been discussed fondly.

And in past generations, some Heavenly Solitary Stars slowly pursued the path of the Meditative Mind.

“Right, Chai Ling had summarized the records of the previous eight Noble Stars, listing in one Star Duel seven puzzles. Reportedly, solving one of the Star Duels’ seven puzzles can unravel the true identity of the Star Duels. The Flowery Monk’s Meditative Mind is one of them.” Wu Xinjie recalled.

“There was even something like this? However, even if we signed a contract, blooming it definitely won’t be simple.” Su Xing clicked his tongue: “But Chao Gai dared to give me the Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, so it shouldn’t be so easy.”


“The latter two methods can’t be used. It seems we can only go listen to some monks talk about dharma.” Shi Yuan said regretfully. To be frank, the Thief Star very much hated talking reason with Buddhist monks. They completely were meant to trick people.3

“Yuan’er, there is no need to be so worried. In the records, there seemed to be a youth named Luo something that encountered a Buddhist monk’s preaching when he was the age of eighteen. Reportedly, he comprehended the Meditative Mind that very night and thus converted to Buddhism.”

Shi Yuan rolled her eyes: “Elder Sister, Su Xing won’t go become a monk after opening this Meditative Mind Lotus Seed, right?”

All the girls blushed in shame.

The Thief Star suddenly felt that this sort of possibility was too great.4 They all said that Buddhism was of glib tongues and flowery words. Just the millions in the Buddha Kingdom were a hint. Shi Yuan truly was somewhat worried Su Xing would be swindled by those Zen masters.

Su Xing wiped his sweat: “How would I ever be willing to part with you.”

“Young Master would never be bewitched.” Lin Yingmei was very confident in Su Xing.

“By that time, the Great Master would have to thank the Heavens and Earth if he was not fooled by Su Xing.” Wu Siyou twitched her lips. In her understanding of this Hubby, Su Xing absolutely was classified as that sort that could move a Buddhist monk to tears with his words.

All of the girls could not help but laugh.

“Wife, am I so incredible in your eyes?” Su Xing fake coughed, deadpan.

Su Xing addressing Wu Siyou as Wife for the first time right in front of the Sisters made her face turn slightly red. She glared at him in embarrassment. The others had long already more or less guessed this, which only made their laughing even louder.

“Could it be that the Divine Mathematician Jiang Jing’s Divine Calculations was not the least bit useful?” Yan Yizhen had her suspicions.

“It has its uses. Xinjie has guessed a bit of it, but Xinjie still needs time to ponder over it. The top priority is still to first try the other methods. Jiang Shuishui’s verse is too demanding, and we will be contrarily overreaching.” Xinjie explained.

Yan Yizhen and the others nodded in understanding.

Then, the others discussed some other matters, and instantly, it was sunset.

However, the speech of Zen Masters began propagating at the strike of the bell. Now was already sunset, so they could only wait until early morning tomorrow.

“Can Little Sisters sleep in the other rooms tonight?”

Wu Xinjie suddenly became bashful.

“It’s fine if we sleep in Young Lord’s Star Nest.” Shi Yuan stroked her hair.

“And that is why Xinjie says, can you sleep in the other rooms for now…” The afterglow of the setting sun made Wu Xinjie’s face very red.

“En??? Ah…”

For a time, they were at a loss. Immediately afterwards, Shi Yuan and Tang Lianxin understood

Wu Siyou’s whole face similarly blushed red. She turned and left the room without saying a word.

“Big Brother, Elder Sister, good night.” An Suwen meekly left.

Shi Yuan actually very much wanted to stay behind, however, she still was pulled away by Tang Lianxin.


Gongsun Huang hummed, somewhat reluctantly leaving Su Xing’s shoulder, which gave him a feeling of guilt.

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In the end, Yan Yizhen, Wu Xinjie and Lin Yingmei were the last three girls in the room.

“Do you require Slave Servant to attend to you?” Yan Yizhen’s words were stunning, yet her face was calm as a dry well. As Su Xing’s maid, she indeed was specialized in making people yearn for her.

“Cough, Little Yi, maybe Xinjie has something important. Please go look after them first.” Su Xing felt sorry.

Yan Yizhen nodded, left, and closed the door in one smooth motion.

“Young Master, Your Servant remembered something. You two…chat first. Your Servant leaves for now.”

Lin Yingmei wanted to flee.

Xinjie pulled her back: “Little Sister Yingmei, you cannot leave. We must help Young Lord.”

So long as it involved Su Xing, Lin Yingmei immediately became more calm than anyone.

“Xinjie, what are you planning? Even if you wanted to sleep, it’s a little early.” Su Xing looked at the evening sky. The Feast of All Souls still had temple fairs and fireworks to watch.

“It is like this.” Wu Xinjie’s palm opened, and two golden pills appeared. “This is the Yin Yang Golden Lotus Pill.”

“Xinjie specially had Little Sister Suwen refine it according to the Yin Yang Lovemaking Powder, however, Thousand Leaf Golden Lotus, shala tree leaves, polo nectar and other things have been mixed in. Borrowing Suwen’s Star Beast Good Fortune’s spiritual power to meticulously compound it, she used a very long time to refine just a dozen.”

“Could it be that useful?” Lin Yingmei stirred restlessly.

“En, Yin and Yang complement each other. This is the first medicine Suwen compounded using Buddhist materials. Relying on the Buddha Kingdom’s Mundane Pure Land perhaps will be of help to Young Lord’s Meditative Mind Lotus Seed.”

“Since we have already given Young Lord our virginities, Yingmei, do not be so coy. We are Sisters, anyways.”

Lin Yingmei’s face was very red.


As the person in question, Su Xing was somewhat slow.

“Yingmei, if you do not wish to do this, Xinjie will not blame you. This is also the first time Xinjie will be serving with a Little Sister.”

“Your Servant…shall serve, and that is…” Lin Yingmei bit her lip.

“Are we really doing three people together?” Although Su Xing had not ever not fantasized about this, as the time actually drew near, his heart was more nervous than his first time.

“Hua Xue, go stand guard.” Wu Xinjie exhaled.

The Nine-tailed Spirit Fox Hua Xue flashed out. Its charming fox eyes flowed with flirtation, and it instantly left the room, guarding outside.

The three of them stared at each other. In the end, the Knowledge Star still was the most bold. Wu Xinjie’s eyes glittered with charm, and with one hand, she undid her clothes and slipped completely out. Her perfect body was threadbare, her shapely curves exposed, her fragrance assailing Su Xing’s nose.

Lin Yingmei’s shy eyes did not know where to look.

Feeling that Wu Xinjie was doing her best, Su Xing never thought of making his beautiful wife disappointed. He pulled Wu Xinjie into an embrace and kissed her.

Lin Yingmei hesitated for a bit, and then she also slipped out of her clothes.

Skin that surpassed snow, milky white underwear that exposed exciting and erect breasts, and a view that could peer at the smooth plumpness peeking out from the sides. Perfectly straight jade legs of the finest quality, like carved jade, completely lacked any blemishes, and the secret scene half-covered by that underwear.

Yang fire rushed straight through Su Xing’s spirit.

Wu Xinjie immediately felt that iron-like hardness against her inner thigh become increasingly scorching, like a completely red sword, so scorching that Wu Xinjie’s flower gates opened, gradually growing moist.

“Young Lord, you are so naughty.” Wu Xinjie’s earside whisper was like silk.

Su Xing’s right hand stroked Wu Xinjie’s jade peaks, and his left hand waved, pulling Lin Yingmei with a rush into his embrace.

“Young Master,” Lin Yingmei’s eyes slightly shivered.

“Little Sister Yingmei is honestly adorable. Young Lord must properly love Little Sister.” Wu Xinjie’s face was red, and she pushed Su Xing to Yingmei.

Yingmei widened those clean and limpid eyes, her expression more nervous than her first time.

His empty left hand passed by Lin Yingmei’s underwear, landing on her supple butt. Lowering his head, their tongues wound together.

One man and two women dropped down and went back and forth, or with one held in the left and one in the right, or with the two beauties leaned over, or with one in front and one in back, or both stacked, and he entering from behind…

The night was awash with shyness, the bright moon suspended high.

Only the gurgling sounds of the river could be heard, as well as the endless pleasure of two girls.


三法印, also the Three Marks of Existence   天孤星花和尚魯智深  As in frustrating people with semantics, or poking more holes into their arguments than there are in swiss cheese.  She wants the D 
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