108 Maidens of Destiny - Chapter 78

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Chapter 78

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Chapter 78: Magic Sealing Sword

He disappeared?!!

The Daoist Cool Breeze and Ancestor Baili arrived in the blink of an eye at the place the ugly man disappeared. Laying down Divine Intent, astonishingly, that ugly man’s figure was already gone without a trace. The two’s faces were dumbstruck. That ugly man unexpectedly disappeared without a trace under the lock of these two great cultivators’ Divine Intents.

“Cool Breeze, are you making fun of this ancestor?” Ancestor Baili gnashed his teeth, his eyes spouting out fire. Vanishing an ugly man just like that was his doing, otherwise, how could a Nebula Stage Cultivator have this powerful of a method.

The Daoist Cool Breeze’s calm look tightened, solemnly saying: “Ancestor Baili, this old Daoist and you have been friends for many years. Do you still not understand this Daoist? A Nebula Cultivator is so worthy that this old Daoist would fool you?”

“Hmph, that is indeed difficult to say. Recently, this ancestor is indeed very clear on your methods at the Clear Void Treasure Hall.” Ancestor Baili was livid but eased his tone. He also knew that this undoubtedly was a slap in the face.

The Daoist Cool Breeze’s eyes flashed a trace of malice. The two Supercluster Great Cultivators’ Divine Intents rose, frightening the people in a radius of more than ten li so much that they could not breathe. The Daoist Cool Breeze knew they could not draw attention, so he changed to a smiling expression, and raised his escape technique and projected his voice: “This Daoist sees that that ugly man definitely has obtained some fortunate circumstance, possessing some treasure that can conceal his presence. He must be hiding in the vicinity, so you must do your best.”

“What, now, you won’t help this ancestor?”

The Daoist Cool Breeze lightly smile: “This Daoist only naturally cannot wade in these muddy waters.”

“Cool Breeze, then what about this ancestor’s Relic Blade Sand!” If it was not for his knowing he could not defeat him, Ancestor Baili would have undertaken a great battle.

“Whether it be one liang of Relic Blade Sand or one million liang, this Daoist is not lacking in it. For the sake of our friendship, how about I sell you nine hundred thousand liang?”

“Hmph, this ancestor does not believe a Nebula Cultivator can hide in some place. This ancestor will find him even if Bian City must be turned upside-down!!” Ancestor Baili shouted, his imposing manner like a crashing tide, his Supercluster Cultivator Divine Intent just like a wave sweeping everything away. Every person and Star Cultivator shortly after being touched by the Divine Intent were seemingly like rats that Buddha grabbed by the tail, their whole bodies trembling, unable to take a single step.

“When you have changed your plan, come chat again at the Treasure Hall. That time, there definitely will be a bottle of Macaque Immortal Wine, however, allow this old Daoist to warn you. This is Bian City, be careful of provoking the Emperor of Liang!”

Having finished leaving behind this speech, the Daoist Cool Breeze the subsequently disappeared.

Ancestor Baili stared. He was quite afraid of the Great Liang Dynasty’s Emperor of Liang, Huizong. His breath drastically curbed, and he still did not dare to relax his Divine Intent. Where could that ugly man, that utterly hideous face, hide to.

Yueyang1 Teahouse upper floor.

Su Xing just happened to be sitting on the third floor, drinking Mount Wuyi Great Red Robe tea2, his lips and teeth fragrant with tea, his expression refreshed and bright, a man free and unfettered. He shot a glance at the Ancestor Baili passing by downstairs. Seeing him fly into a rage, Su Xing secretly felt pleased. The “Oneness of Heaven and Man” truly was incredible; even if it was a Supercluster Cultivator, he still could not be sensed.

It seemed he had guessed correctly. The Daoist Cool Breeze and Ancestor Baili colluded together. Fortunately, he deceived the Daoist Cool Breeze to fight for time to revert from the Change Appearance Pill and use the Oneness of Heaven and Man, otherwise, the moment he left, he would have been locked onto and had a hard time escaping.

“It’s hard to imagine that Liangshan’s number one Daoist is this despicable.” Ling Yingmei said coldly.

“He’s stayed at the Treasure Hall for a long time, it’d be hard to avoid having some of these thoughts.” Su Xing said.

Drinking tea for a short while, only when Ancestor Baili left Bian City flustered and exasperated did Su Xing unhurriedly walk out of the teahouse; he had no free time for the auction, again returning to the market square to carry out his own agenda. No matter if it was the Daoist Cool Breeze or Ancestor Baili, neither would think that the Su Xing who disappeared in front of their eyes would dare return once more.

Su Xing prepared to again manufacture some Thunder Fire Bullets. The twenty Thunder Fire Bullets from before let him have a sample of sweet success naturally made him want to avail himself this opportunity to make a few more Thunder Fire Bullets. Walking round the market square, besides buying Thunder Fire Sand, Vajra Sand,3, Thorny Blue Sand,4, Crimson Essence Sand5 all were bought in great quantities. It was just that the price of the latter left Su Xing speechless; a single liang cost tens of thousands.

However, he wondered if it was possible to manufacture other bullets?

Su Xing found a rather reputable refinement shop. Its boss was a muscular uncle, and his cultivation was at Nebula Middle Stage. After explaining his purpose in coming was to manufacture a hundred Thunder Fire Bullets, the middle aged uncle was startled, “A hundred Thunder Fire Bullets, fellow, are you thinking clearly?”

“What, do you mean you can’t fabricate these?”

“A hundred Thunder Fire Bullets is not a problem, ten days should be about it, but a hundred Thunder Fire Bullets is far less convenient than talismans.” The middle aged uncle was very straightforward. A hundred Thunder Fire Bullets was, regardless of its uses, still far behind in killing potential compared to a Splashing Fire Talisman. Even with the Pearl Fire Talisman6 and the like, the latter could make a hundred fireballs, the scale of which probably did not exceed a hundred thousand liang of gold; a hundred Thunder Fire Bullets was greater by five times.7

“I’m not good with talismans, so I’m not particularly fond of them.” Su Xing smiled.

The uncle nodded. While he had seen many Star Cultivators with eccentric hobbies, he had never seen one that was not proficient with them. “The prices, respectively, are 100 liang of gold for a Thunder Fire Bullet. That’s ten thousand liang for a hundred. Seeing as you are refining so many, I’ll calculate a discount for you, nine thousand liang.”  

“I’ll use two bottles of Qi Recovery Potion to pay.” Su Xing said.

“Alright.” The boss nodded, signing a contract to refine Thunder Fire Bullets.

“Oh, right, boss. Besides Thunder Fire Bullets, do you know if you can manufacture other lead bullets according to the request I just made?” Su Xing’s thoughts moved, suddenly asking.

His counterpart crudely laughed: “Why doesn’t this guest see what kind of lead bullet he wants produced? The slightly different ‘Exploding Fire Bullet,’8 the slightly better ‘Blood Edge Projectile,’9 ‘Heavenly Thunder Projectile,’10 ‘Soul Piercing Bullet’11 can all be produced by this servant, as well as the ‘Dark Ice Mirror’12fabricated from the even better Thousand Year Dark Ice Sand.13 The ‘Vajra Roar’14 made by the Crimson Mountain Vajra,15 or the ‘East Wind Cleave’16 made from Putuo Violet Green Sand,17 this servant, however, is unable to produce these. Only a Weapon Refinement Sect Master can do so.”

What Su Xing head made him speechless. Unexpectedly, how could there be so many varieties of bullets. Seeing that he was very experienced, Su Xing then asked: “Do you sell this sort of materials here?”

“Since Fellow is so interested, I’ll send you one.” Because weapon refinement was a type of extremely hard work, weapon refinement and metal forging were not at all popular. Seeing Su Xing take an interest, he very generously gifted Su Xing a copy of “Ascend a Mountain and Dive for Pearls,”18 a few weapon refinement and metal forging and related materials introduction.

Su Xing expressed his gratitude, and sent an additional bottle of Qi Recovery Potion.

“Fellow is making so many Thunder Fire Bullets, you must travel Liangshan often, these are for self-defense use? This rude one feels this is quite the opportunity for Fellow. There’s a Supreme Grade self-defense artifact, I wonder if Fellow has an interest?”


The boss closed the door, drawing Su Xing to an inner room. The wall of this room was filled completely with every sort of weapon hung upon it. Some were enhanced by powerful talismans, magic circles, and engravings that they could be considered just like artifacts. Weapon refinement masters naturally could manufacture artifacts, and Su Xing expected that this many was actually rare.

The middle-aged man grabbed a thin sword down from the wall. The sword blade was extremely exquisite, just like running water. Its upper quarter had more than a dozen gorgeous talisman scripts, and the strange thing was that this thin sword was did not have an edge,19 but spiritual energy overflowed from within the sword. Vaguely turning into a shadow, it was quite out of the ordinary.

Su Xing could not help but praise it from the bottom of his heart.

“Heh, heh. This sword is one that Wu is pleased with himself about.” The middle-aged man gently stroked the sword blade, matchlessly proud of himself.

“This one beneath you is Su Xing. May I ask for senior’s name?”

“Call me Wu Tie,20 and that’s it!

“Senior Wu, why is this sword not sharpened?” Su Xing asked.

“You watch.” Wu Tie walked several paces away. He suddenly raised a finger, stimulating magic energy. The thin sword turned into several tens of sword shadows that flew towards Su Xing.

Seeing as there was no killing intent, Su Xing did not move, only seeing that sword flying before his eyes immediately transform. The sword shadows diffused, and a black light twinkled in the shadows. Surprisingly, it was as if an array of ten thousand swords had surrounded Su Xing. Su Xing was amazed and felt he had been trapped, unable to move even the slightest bit.

Wu Tie recalled it, and those countless sword shadows in the air overlapped and returned to his palm, then turning into an intact, whole appearance.

“A very strange artifact.” Wu Xinjie gasped in surprise. That sword array actually was not very strong, however, this sword’s effect made the Knowledge Star very surprised.

“This sword cannot kill an enemy. It’s as you saw just now. It can seal a Star Cultivator’s actions, so Wu has chosen the sword’s name to be ‘Magic Sealing Sword.’”

“This artifact’s value is not cheap, is it?” Su Xing said.

“Only naturally, this is a Supreme Grade Nebula Artifact!” Wu Tie proudly said. Then, he felt embarrassed and said: “Of course, it does have defects, but if Fellow Su were to run into a powerful foe, using the Magic Sealing Sword can at least trap the enemy so that you can fight for a chance to escape.”

Su Xing nodded, thoroughly in agreement. The Magic Sealing Sword’s flaws were indeed very great. First of all, this sword’s body quality could not sustain for very long the average Star Energy, and this was a Nebula Artifact’s failing. Next, once this trapped an opponent, if the other party’s Divine Intent was formidable, that meant the enemy had enough time to erase the Magic Sealing Sword’s Divine Sight and carve their own imprint, turning it for their own use.

However, Su Xing still liked this Magic Sealing Sword. In terms of fighting strength, an artifact that could seal the opponent could give rise to many variables.

“Three High Grade Nebula Artifacts, and this Magic Sealing Sword will belong to you, Fellow Su, how about it? In addition, a certain Wu will also send a ‘Weapon Refinement Notes’21 to Fellow. I believe it will be extremely helpful as an introduction.”

“Why would you sell me this?” Su Xing asked.

“There is no why. First of all, Wu likes refining weapons and hates being wrong. This sword, should it be found out by others, I’m afraid it will bring trouble. Next, the Magic Sealing Sword has no uses in Wu’s hands. This sword suits wayfaring, young, elegant youths like Fellow Su Xing. Finally, Fellow Su Xing is one of those rare individuals who aroused interest in refining weapons. Perhaps, the one that can refine and add to this Magic Sealing Sword’s power, can’t say for sure… “ Wu Tie’s “first of all, next, finally” that he said were all simple to understand.

Su Xing could also see the Magic Sealing Sword’s potential, and as far as whether he could refine and add to its power, who knew what the future held. At present, though, Su Xing had aroused a thread of interest in refining weapons.

Thinking about it, there were no disadvantages, so Su Xing agreed, and he just happened to have the two High Grade Artifacts he received from the auction in addition to an Azure Dragon Fan.

“This Azure Dragon Fan is worth more money. Can Fellow exchange this with some others?” Wu Tie said. He was an expert, unexpectedly taking advantage of Su Xing’s convenience.

Su Xing did not have much use for the Azure Dragon Fan currently. Su Xing replied: “If there is surplus money, it would be better for you to help me refine a weapon, how about it?”


“En.” Su Xing took out Silver Blade; it was time for Silver Blade to advance a rank.22

“This firearm is quite peculiar.” Wu Tie smiled, agreeing to do so.

“Master, refine the Relic Blade Sand into Silver Blade. It definitely will be a big help.” Wu Xinjie said.

Su Xing thought about it, and taking out one liang of Relic Blade Sand, he slyly sized up Wu Tie. Seeing he did not reveal a greedy appearance, he then said: “I’ll ask senior for his help with this liang of Relic Blade Sand.”

“Fellow Su Xing, as expected, is a giant among men. Wu’s insight was not wrong. For a few days, this weapon refinement shop will close its doors for Fellow Su Xing’s business.” A certain Wu was somewhat excited. Refining Relic Blade Sand indeed was something many weapon refinement masters all dreamed of doing.

After handing it over, Su Xing then left the weapon refinement shop.

Raising his head, he saw that the time of day was already not late. The next performance should be the Panther Head Lin Chong’s turn to appear on stage.

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