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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: The Master’s Completely Useless Advice.

My plan to rent a room or house from the Gerald Group did not go well.

The day is almost over as the sun is preparing to set.

It might be very difficult to find a place to stay before the end of the day.

Werner: “What should I do….even if I go to an inn right now….” …..I’ll be walking quite the distance.

The Mages Academy is actually closer to the Royal Palace within the Capital.

Around me are the luxury mansions of the Higher-Class Nobles.

Even if there are store head quarters for large merchant associations that are the preferred vendors of the Palace and Upper-Class Nobles, there are almost no inns in this area.

A cheap inn would be completely out of the question.

In order to arrive at a cheap inn, I’ll have to walk a couple of hours on the road in the middle of the winter night.

Werner: “’s gotten colder.”

The sun set, and unfortunately, it started to snow.

Just hours ago, I was doing research inside a warm room when I was called out and kicked out of the Academy.

I am not wearing enough layers to walk inside a snowy night.

Werner: “I thought there was something inside here….”

The faculty went through and tore up the majority of my clothes, but there were some clothes that were saved.

I look through my bag and pull out a very thick robe.

Werner: “It was a miracle that they didn’t do anything to it. No…….I guess that wasn’t the case.”

This robe was given to me by my Master, Professor Kay, a long time ago.

My Master hand-made this robe from the bare materials, and it’s a very sturdy and warm robe.

Blades cannot cut through it, and even if it’s pulled by a bull, it won’t tear.

Werner: “I’m sure they tried to rip it up but just couldn’t.”

And the reason why they didn’t steal it was because from a glance, it’s a very boring and pitiful looking robe.

And if they kept something they stole from me, if I was to file a report, it could turn into evidence.

I silently thanked my Master as I put on the robe.

Werner: “Hm? What’s this?” There was something inside the pocket. It wasn’t something I remember putting there.

As I take it into my hand, I found a small cylindrical casing.

And it even has a Recognition Interruption Spell on it as well.

If you are not a Mage, even the Faculty would not have noticed it.

Werner: “........only Master would do something like this…..”

I think I wore this robe about one year ago.

I’m sure that after that, he found a way to sneak this case inside it.

Since my Master was going in and out of my room freely, it would have been easy for him to do.

Werner: “Huh… what’s inside the case…….” The case was hollow inside and it had a letter and a small ball inside.

[My dearest Strout,

If you are in trouble, pour your magic energy inside this ball and throw it high into the air.]

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