A World Worth Protecting - Chapter 1273

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Chapter 1273: 1273

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Chapter 1273: Chapter 1273 Immortal Talisman!

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There were some people who had their eyes open, but in their eyes, there were still too many cognitive obstacles and fog in the world. They could not see clearly, could not see through, and could not sense where the sparks of life were. Perhaps it was because of their own circumstances.., or perhaps it was because of the entanglement of the environment and fetters.

This type of people were mostly in the world. It could not be said that they were unhappy, but they were not carefree. They might not know, or perhaps they also knew that life was a cultivation in which time was the spiritual energy. However, they still needed to continue to gain enlightenment, Epiphany.., and enlightenment.

However, there were still some people who walked through life and gradually reached another realm. They had clearly closed their eyes, but the entire world could be perceived more clearly in their consciousness. They could touch and see more accurately, they could see through, and they were even more beautiful, more colorful, and filled with sparks of life.

There were also many such people.

Wang Baole was once the former, and now, he was the latter. He had reached the pinnacle on the path of the latter. He didn’t achieve enlightenment, but he understood his own nature.


Memories of his life surfaced in his mind, and figures flashed across his mind. He walked in the starry sky, closed his eyes, and spoke softly.

“Life is indeed a journey of cultivation… cultivation of the heart, cultivation of the nature, and cultivation of the self.”

As he mumbled, Wang Baole smiled. His smile was pure, honest, and peaceful. When the three types of smile fused together, as his long hair fluttered in the wind as he walked, it gathered on his body… and made him look free and easy.

Step by step, he walked slowly towards the place where his senior brother had left his legacy.

His eyes remained closed. He didn’t need to open them, nor could he.

He didn’t know what level of cultivation he should be at now. Perhaps he was at the perfected Galactic realm, or perhaps he had advanced a little further. He was at the so-called universe realm, or perhaps… he was at an unknown level.

Before him, only his senior brother had reached this level in the stone stele world.

He wasn’t very clear about his own cultivation, but Wang Baole was clear about one thing. He knew that once he opened his eyes, his suppressed cultivation would explode instantly. The peak of such an explosion.., was something that the stone stele world couldn’t withstand.

“Wait a little longer,”Wang Baole seemed to say to himself as well as to nothingness. As his footsteps landed, his figure seemed to be erased in the next instant, disappearing into the starry sky.

When he reappeared, he was already at the end of the side door holy region. It was a remote starry sky. There were very few stars, and only countless meteorites floated past like a river. Under the pull of gravity or some strange force.., they did not spread out or leave in a large area. Instead, they formed a huge ring of stones that could not be distinguished from the end.

If one were to look from a high position, one could vaguely see that the meteorites here were actually from the same origin. In other words… they were originally one entity.

It was as if a huge star or an incomparably huge meteorite had existed here a few years ago. However, due to unknown reasons, it had collapsed, forming the scene before them.

If it had been anyone else, they wouldn’t have been able to sense anything unusual within the meteorite, even if they had used their divine senses to the maximum. It was the same even for those at the universe realm.

It was as if this place was very ordinary. Over the years, there had been cultivators who had stepped into the meteorite ring, but none of them had managed to find anything. This gradually made the place seem less mysterious.

However… at that moment, Wang Baole could sense that everything here was different. It was still a meteorite ring, and there was nothing of value hidden within or outside of it! However… There was an undetectable trace of immortal charm here!

The Immortal Charm was too faint. It was so faint that even a universe-grade cultivator wouldn’t be able to sense it here. It was so faint that even the former Wei Yangzi wouldn’t be able to sense it. Wang baole, who hadn’t understood himself before, even had the inheritance of an immortal.., he wouldn’t be able to gain anything from this place, just like the others.

It was only at this moment, after understanding himself and transforming the Dao Aura into the immortal aura, that Wang Baole was able to sense the difference in this place through his senses.

“Senior brother is indeed… a great talent.”After sensing for a while, Wang Baole murmured softly.

There was indeed nothing substantial hidden here. There was no need for that. The meteorite ring before him was already the most valuable item.

That was because… a few years ago, what existed here was not a planet or a huge meteorite, but… a rune!

The rune shattered, forming a group of meteorites. Every meteorite here was actually a part of that rune, and as it moved, the position of the meteorites had long since deviated, as if a picture had been shattered, they became countless fragments that were scattered before their eyes, becoming a jigsaw puzzle.

If someone could put it back together, the runes would reappear in the world. However… without knowing what the original runes looked like, it was almost… impossible for someone to put it together.

If one could sense the immortal charm that was so faint that it was almost imperceptible, they would be able to find the original appearance of the runes from this perception… with all these restrictions, the only person who could obtain Chen Qingzi’s inheritance here.., only… an immortal of the same origin!

After sensing everything, Wang Baole was silent for a moment. He slowly raised his right hand and waved it gently at the meteorite ring in front of him. With that wave, the faint immortal charm that permeated the area instantly gathered, after it fused with Wang Baole’s right hand and was completely gathered by him, a runic symbol gradually appeared in his mind.

The moment the runic symbol appeared in his mind, ripples appeared in the surrounding starry skies. There was also an invisible fire that turned into an endless wave of heat. It appeared out of thin air in all directions, causing the area to become slightly distorted, it was very blurry.

The Suppressive Force also spread out.

A moment later, Wang Baole raised his right hand and clenched it into a fist. He punched at the meteorite ring in front of him across the air. Immediately, the meteorite ring shook violently. It was broken apart and spread out in all directions.

As they scattered in all directions, Wang Baole spread out his divine thoughts and enveloped every meteorite. Then, he controlled it and began… restoring it according to the symbols that had formed in his mind!

As the countless meteorites moved and the symbols were slowly being restored, the rumbling and whistling sounds that had been formed from the pulling of the symbols spread throughout the entire side-sect holy region. There were even ripples that spread out, causing everyone in the side-sect holy region to be shocked, the hearts of all living beings in the collateral saint domain were shaken.

The Patriarch of the seven spirits sect’s expression changed, and his mind was in turmoil. Even with his universe-grade cultivation base, he felt a strong sense of fear in his heart.

It wasn’t just him, but the Patriarch of the Moon Star sect as well. Even though his cultivation base had once been monstrous, his heart was still trembling.

Whether it was his heart or his trembling, it wasn’t because of hostility. It was instinct. It was as if he had become a mortal, facing a god that was about to awaken!

A God could not be looked at directly!

A God could not be blasphemed!

A God could not be resisted!

Greetings to all of you…

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