Abe the Wizard - Chapter 114

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Chapter 114

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Chapter 114: Forging Some Swords

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100 pounds was nothing for Abel. To him, this colossal hammer was as light as a child’s toy. As he swung it around his arm, he began to focus his power of the Will on the piece of iron ore.

After the locals left for many, many years, the sound of metal clashing against each other finally appeared in the Rogue’s Encampment once more. As the clashing noise echoed through the night, the sound of the nearby river and trees combined to produce a symphony. The Rogue’s Encampment was alive again, so it seemed.

The burning temperature of the ground fire was too high. In his repeated attempts, Abel slowly mastered the best way to use the ground fire, and with the better tools, he managed to treat the metal base for about 125 times. 125 was a number that far exceeded his best record, and that’s the result he’s got even when he made some mistakes at the start.

While forging the second base, Abel concentrated a bit more and attempted to make every one of his hammer strike to be perfect. He did it successfully. To prove that he did, he made a 130 skill base within one go.

As ordinary as the materials Abel used were, after treating them with Charsi’s hammer and the legendary inferno flame, they started gaining properties that could only be seen in top-tier materials. So this was how Charsi was able to make countless blue, gold, and dark gold equipment with just ordinary materials.

Unfortunately, Abel couldn’t find Charsi’s dark gold hammer. If he did, he might just be able to make a bright gold weapon. If Charsi could do it, there was no reason that he couldn’t

After forging five bases in a row, Abel commenced forging his big sword. With all the five bases he made, he was planning to use them all to make exploding big swords.

With a speed that was never so fast before, Abel successfully crafted all five of his big swords. That was how good the inferno flame was. Make no mistake, and the dwarves knew the art of forging better than any other race. They might have spent thousands of years learning how to forge, but without access to the inferno flame they’ve had in their homes, it might be very hard for them to produce some of the best blacksmiths in history.

When five great swords were taken out of the cooling bucket on the side, Abel found something special about it. Because of how abundant the mana here was, and how unique the river water he used to cool down to metal was, the swords he made were clearly in a higher rank than all the other swords he’s made in the other world.

In order to prove this, Abel threw one of the big swords into the Horadric Cube.

Big Sword [Common]

One-handed damage: 5-10

Durability: 50 out of 50

The data displayed by the Horadric Cube had just proved Abel right. The equipment forged in the Rogue’s Encampment was much stronger than the equipment forged outside. In terms of both durability and damage, the exploding big sword had much better stats than any of Abel’s previous works. It was a 130 skill sword, after all.

The next step was to draw the runes. Abel brought the five swords to the white tent. He wanted to draw the runes there because he could use the drawing table there. Abel put the swords out of the portal bag, took ‘Akara’s rune pen, ‘and took out the fire magic rune ink. After everything was ready, he began drawing the first rune he was going to draw inside the Rogue’s Encampment.

‘Akara’s Rune Pen’ was a dark gold rune pen. Abel didn’t know about its effect before. The only thing Abel knew was that the effect of this ‘Akara’s Rune Pen’ was to automatically correct errors. Of course, by “correction,” it’s not like he could just draw a rune with a few random strokes. What this meant was that, for every mistake he’s made with his strokes, the pen would show him that he made a mistake. After that, it would attempt to guide him the right way to draw the rune.

Of course, Abel wasn’t trying to create a genuine magic weapon. For the sake of creating an exploding big sword, he had to deliberately make a lot of mistakes when he was drawing the runes. Automatic correction might sound sweet to a lot of runemakers, but that’s not what Abel’s looking for here.

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Abel’s had a lot of experience with drawing the wrong patterns in his runes. With that being said, he could draw a lot more circuits into the rune before he inserted the red gem. And just when the big magic sword was about to break, he dropped it inside the private storage box he’s had inside the Horadric Cube.

It worked. The exploding big sword was placed safely inside the storage box. Because of how much capacity the private storage box had (4 times to that of the Horadric Cube, so 48 slots in total), there was enough space for him to store 16 exploding big swords in total.

Sixteen exploding big swords. Abel thought about the two elite knights who were trying to protect the prince. If four exploding big swords could cause them to be severely injured, he might just need a few more to kill them (along with the prince) without actually having to fight at all.

Abel made three more exploding big swords. After he was done, he threw them all into his private storage box. For the fifth sword, he was going to make a super exploding big sword. For something like this, he would use the 130 skill sword that had far better quality than any other one he’s built before.

Despite trying to make a “failed” version of a magic weapon, the automatic correction effect of the “Akara’s rune pen” still did something to help. For every mistake that Abel hadn’t found before, the pen would point them out for him to deliberately make more mistakes.

It seemed that ‘Akara’s Rune Pen’ was helping him to write the rune more perfectly. There was another problem, though. Abel was trying to make a super exploding big sword. The rune he was drawing was from a fire spell rune, and the gem that it was using was a perfect Redstone. The explosion only happened when the sword’s structure could not withhold the massive amount of mana transferred by the gemstone.

So how big would an explosion be after the rune was improved by the “Akara’s rune pen?” Abel remembered the cliff in the Ansa Valley. The explosion that time had caused a twenty-meter cliff to break.

Some cold sweat flowed down from Abel’s forehead. If he threw this sword at someone, not an ounce of his ash would remain at all. Actually, the sword was meant for a desperado attack, anyways. The more destructive it was, the better it would be.

Abel took a perfect ruby from the portal bag. He then carefully placed it inside the groove of the sword. The faster he was able to put the exploding sword inside his private storage box before it explodes, the more time he would have to pray before he died.

Why pray, and not run away? Well, if he was to use the super exploding big sword, he would have no chance to run at all. He might be able to run if he were to throw it down a cliff, but running away would be impossible if he used it on flat ground.

After guiding his mana into the rune, Abel felt a small crackling sound from the sword. He immediately threw the super exploding sword into the personal storage box, and while he was fast enough, there was still quite some cold sweat flowing down from his head.

Abel took a deep breath. As a gust of wind blew past him, he quickly calmed himself down. He hadn’t felt so endangered for a very long time. Such intensive experience could help him to boost up his power of the Will. If it wasn’t for how dangerous the exploding big sword was, he might just take it out again to training his reflex speed.


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