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Chapter 10

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Lu Chen looked at the boss in front of him and pondered. According to his current stats, he would not even be able to break the Wild Boar King’s defenses.

If his 360 HP was depleted, he would be finished!

Generally speaking, the boss in the game could never be killed by just one person. At least five or six people, or even hundreds of thousands of people, would be needed to work together to kill the boss!

In the early stages of the game, monsters like these were existences that should not be carelessly provoked!

No matter how beneficial it was to be stronger in number, one could not make up for the difference in attributes!

However, was Lu Chen going to give up?

That was clearly not Lu Chen’s style!

It was not like Lu Chen had never faced such a monster before. In the Hares Cave, he had faced countless of ferocious rabbits for a thousand years!

Those wild rabbits that were constantly getting stronger as they respawned had also turned into huge monsters.

He had enough battle experience!

“Bow God!”

Lu Chen waved his hand, and an initial wooden bow appeared in his hand. Then, two large golden words flashed above his head.

The arrow was locked and loaded, ready to fire. Then, it was aimed at the Wild Boar King.


The arrow directly entered the Wild Boar King’s huge body!

A red number floated up!


The Bow God’s skill, Armor Breaker, dispelled 90% of the armor. Now, Lu Chen could deal direct damage to the Wild Boar King.


The Wild Boar King, which was the size of a tiny mountain, was obviously enraged by this arrow attack. The intense pain made it go crazy as it quickly locked onto the intruder!

With ferocious intent, it crashed towards Lu Chen like a madman!

The huge Wild Boar King’s pace kept building as it charged at Lu Chen. It did not give Lu Chen a chance to draw his bow and shoot a second arrow. At this moment, Lu Chen instantly changed his form!

Suddenly, a shadow above enveloped him!

In an instant, his body was swallowed into the void!

“Dark Shura!”

This was the title that appeared after the mastery of hidden weapons was perfected. In the thousand years he spent in the cave, other than using knives, swords, bows, and other weapons, Lu Chen was also good at using hidden weapons such as stones!

The Wild Boar King brashly hit nothing, and Lu Chen’s body disappeared into thin air.

The system’s notification came into his mind.

[Dark Shura: Your understanding of darkness has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a hidden weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow with your level!]

[Shadow State: When you transform into a shadow, your body will be hidden into the void. Ordinary attacks can not deal any damage to you. When you encounter special damage, you will be immune to it.]

[Shadow Kill: When you use a long-range hidden weapon, your attack can surpass the opponent’s armor. This attack will not deactivate the Shadow State!]

[One Hit Kill: When you use a close-range hidden weapon, Shadow State will be deactivated. Attacks will surpass the opponent’s armor. Critical strikes, dodges, and shield blocks from opponents will be ignored. Deals 300% true damage!]

Lu Chen’s entire body was hidden in the void. His entire body was covered in black fog, and only his eyes were emitting a terrifying killing intent!

When he disappeared, the Wild Boar King was in a furious state outside. This was because the Wild Boar King thought that it was about to kill Lu Chen, but it was unsuccesful! 

“Shadow Kill!”

Lu Chen directly shot out a flying knife from his hand. The attack accurately pierced into the Wild Boar King’s eyeball!


A red number floated up!


The Wild Boar King’s eyeball had been shattered instantly and it let out an explosive roar. With a stomp, it shattered the ground beneath it. It then tried to frantically search for the enemy that had ambushed it!

Under the fruitless search, the enraged Wild Boar King’s aura began to surge wildly. Suddenly, some sort of terrifying power converged beneath its feet.

This was definitely not a good sign.

Lu Chen was shocked. He had guessed that the Wild Boar King was going to use a skill to force him out of the void.

His Shadow State was immune to normal attacks. However, being immune to a single attack might mean he would be immune to the effects of this skill!

If he was touched by the Wild Boar King’s Earth Stomp at a close distance, he would be stunned for three seconds, which was enough for him to die several times over at the hands of the Boar King!

With that thought, Lu Chen hurriedly retreated further away. However, he was still one step too late!

The Wild Boar King’s two front limbs stomped onto the ground. The air currents surged, and a terrifying shock wave directly spread towards Lu Chen.

The intense dizziness instantly caused Lu Chen to lose consciousness. With that, his figure was instantly exposed more than 400 meters away from the Wild Boar King!

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Lu Chen felt that his body could not move at all. He could only look at the Wild Boar King as it slowly turned around to seek the opponent.

Finally, the Wild Boar King locked its gaze onto Lu Chen not too far away!

The gaze it held was filled with endless anger. It wanted to crush this despicable human into a speck of dust!

Its sharp fangs began to gather some kind of energy. Under the earthquake, Lu Chen could only watch as the Wild Boar King charged towards him!

The Wild Boar King was about to use Death Slam, locking onto Lu Chen as the victim!

Lu Chen’s scalp went numb. If he was hit by this, his HP would definitely return to zero. He was extremely nervous.

‘I can make it, I can make it, I can make it!’ he repeated in his mind.

As Lu Chen had appeared from the void, the Wild Boar King had spent a long time searching for him, and he had also put enough distance between himself and the Wild Boar King for that search to last longer.

After three seconds, he might have a chance to make it!

Even if he was locked on, he had to think of a way to take this attack head-on!

The Wild Boar King was getting closer and closer, and just as its sharp fangs were about to reach Lu Chen’s face. The feeling of being stuck finally dissipated!

“Shield God!”

A dazzling white light enveloped Lu Chen. Then, a small white shield appeared on Lu Chen’s arm. In that instant, it expanded around his body to protect him!

[Shield God: Your understanding of the shield has reached an unfathomable level. When you use any shield, you will receive a special effect. This effect will grow along with your level!]

[Indestructible: When you receive damage, you will be immune to 90% of the damage.]

[Shield Backlash: Return 90% of the damage you received back to the enemy.]


The Wild Boar King slammed into the light shield in front of Lu Chen. The huge backlash almost made Lu Chen spit out a mouthful of blood. It was as if his internal organs had shifted from the impact.

A line of red numbers floated above his head.


His health bar was almost depleted. At the same time, a red number also floated above the Wild Boar King’s head.


Lu Chen’s eyes narrowed. The boss’s health bar was on the verge of death! Without any time to rest, Lu Chen once again went into the void and directly disappeared into the darkness!

The weapon in his hand also transformed into a dagger!

After losing its target, the Wild Boar King was at a loss for a moment. At this moment, Lu Chen’s figure charged out from the darkness!

The dagger directly slashed across the Wild Boar King’s head!

“One Hit Kill!”

A red number floated up…



The Wild Boar King’s HP bar was bottomed out, and it finally fell!

On the ground, equipment and gold coins were shimmering on the ground. At the same time, a huge banner appeared on the broadcast of Second World!

[Congratulations to player Morning Mist for killing an elite-level boss. This player has now obtained the title — First Kill Boss.. The player has been rewarded 1,000 reputation points!]
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