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Chapter 100: Pyramid Country, Pioneer's Of The Second World!

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The third in charge chief's expression changed several times when was reprimanded by the first elder. In the end, he suppressed the thought of getting his silver equipment back.

It had to be said that even he, who stood at the top of the Dragon Team, felt a little pressured when facing the Dragon Country's first elder.

In order to ease the awkwardness, the chief quickly changed the topic. "If White Fog City can give the City Lord such a huge boost, then I'm afraid the city that Xiao Bai just obtained will have the same effect.

"It's said that the city over there is even bigger than White Fog City, and there are even some NPCs inside already."

As soon as these words were said, they quickly diverted everyone's attention, and everyone frowned. Due to the emergence of the Second World, even these old players, who were at least 50 years old, began to learn from some of the main world's online games.

This helped them greatly in understanding the rules of the Second World.

As players who set rules in the main world, if they wanted to maintain their position in the world, the first thing they had to do was to adapt to new changes.

Now, they were very clear that as a city, having high attack, defense, population, and the number of various craftsmen would have a great impact on the attributes of the city.

If Xiao Bai's city had a large number of NPCs already, this undoubtedly meant that once Xiao Bai's city was taken over, it would have a very high combat strength.

If Lu Chen was unable to make up for this gap, they were afraid that he would fall behind.

It was precisely because of Xiao Bai's existence, as well as the fact that those who had entered the arcane realm had yet to return, that the higher ups of the Dragon Country ountry had not truly dealt with the members of the Xiao Clan.

There were too many things at stake here.

No one knew when the Xiao's were going to return from the arcane realm, so there was no need to think too much about it. Moreover, there were other experts of the Dragon Country who had entered the arcane realm to restrict their passages.

In that case, the only person who could restrict Xiao Bai in the main world was Lu Chen right now.

Even the first elder found it difficult to do anything.

This was because the first elder had entered the Second World a long time ago, and his level was barely above level 20. Although he was already at the peak of battle strength in the Second World, he was a bit inferior to a heaven's favored son like Lu Chen.

If Xiao Bai had just displayed his strength, the first elder would have been able to easily take him down. However, if it was now, the first elder was not confident. 

Once Xiao Bai could also control the city to strengthen himself, then even the first elder would die without a doubt.

The fate of the Dragon Country now depended on Lu Chen alone.

The third in charge chief also took a deep breath at this time. "The crisis we're facing isn't just limited to Xiao Bai. As far as I know, other than the ancient fortresses in the west, there are also fortresses in other regions that are ready to accept challenges at any time.

"In addition, when I visited the middle east, I accidentally discovered that their pyramid is very likely the secret entrance to the second world.

"Their country's mummies and pharaohs were the spirits of the dead guarding the entrance, preventing the powerhouses from the other world from coming to our main world.

"It could also allow some players from that country, who needed experience to enter the Second World, increase their strength."

The first elder nodded slightly in agreement. "That's right. This isn't old news. Their ancient documents have recorded such things.

"However, because it was too bizarre, no one believed it. They treated it as a myth or a story used to strengthen the king's power.

"But I have to say, I once saw a pharaoh on their side a few decades ago.

"There are indeed many things they've done. They have many abilities that we martial artists do not have. They are also things that current science can not explain."

He took a deep breath and widened his eyes.

As a high-ranking official of the country, he often went to various countries to establish diplomatic relations, but he did not know much about supernatural beings or martial artists.

Now that he heard the first elder's explanation, he could not help but suck in a breath of cold air. If that was the case... Then there were probably a lot of powerhouses in the middle eastern side.

At the same time, he was also a little puzzled. "I remember that the pharaoh of the Pyramid Country had disappeared a long time ago. Based on what we know, the last one was Cleopatra. Since then, there has been no more!"

The first elder smiled slightly. "At that time, there were four great ancient civilizations in our world. If the civilization of our Dragon Country could survive, how could the other few perish so easily?

"The pharaohs of the Pyramid Country did not disappear. It was just that they had come into contact with the Second World earlier, so they had a better understanding of this Second World.

"Therefore, they no longer aimed their desires in the original world.

"The powerhouses who remained in Egypt were like Xiao Bai and I, who had not explored the ruins.

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"If one day we discover their powerful presence there, there should be no accidents.

"Besides, I have a suspicion.

"The number of mummies in the pyramids may not be as little as we think.

"Those mummies are most likely bodies left in our main world, and their consciousness has long become a Second World existence.

"Once their consciousness descends into this world again, they'll probably be very powerful."

These were all secrets that had long been spread among the warriors, but they had never been made public to the meain world.

It was precisely because these contents were too mystical and easy to cause panic.

Now that the Second World has descended, these things should also be made public.

Even so, this news still caused quite a shock to the high-level officials of the Dragon Country.

Was it possible that the country, which had been thought to have declined and disappeared long ago, had now become so powerful that it was unknown?

So, were the other two ancient countries that had disappeared among the four great ancient civilizations in the same situation? If so, how powerful could they be now?

Not only was everyone in the Dragon Country paying attention to Lu Chen's battle, even the various factions in the world were watching as well.

In the Western Castle, Xiao Bai had just stood up from his game pod when he turned on the stream. A holographic projection from the stream gave him a feeling as if he was there with Lu Chen. This allowed him to have a deeper understanding of the might of the Three-eyed Golden Dragon in front of him.

"Is this the gold boss?"

At this moment, he looked at Lu Chen's information panel once again, the corners of his mouth curled into a scornful smile. "Lu Chen, during the time that I was away, did you only improve by a little? It seems that there's no need for us to fight.

"After a while, your White Fog City will be harvested by me.

"Perhaps, even the Golden Dragon could defeat you before I do!"

"Don't bite, please don't bite. This is a phone, not a bamboo shoot!!"

In the live stream, Liu Yang was wearing the newly picked up silver equipment as he took back the phone that had been stolen from Rollie and continued to broadcast the event.

Originally, the Three-eyed Golden Dragon had looked down on low-level creatures like Lu Chen.

However, when Lu Chen received the City Lord's buff, it could no longer hold it in.

The towering head pulled back, and like an arrow leaving the bow, it opened its bloody mouth and charged straight at Lu Chen!
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