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Chapter 101: What Was He Trying To Do?

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When the Golden Dragon's swooped down, the audience was not worried at all. They were all excited.

Everyone could see the attributes of this Golden Dragon. Just one attack was enough to damage 250,000 points. No one could withstand it.

Even if Lan Weiwei activated her true form and had 300,000 HP, she would not be able to withstand the second attack.

However, Lu Chen was different!

Even though his HP was only over 60,000, he could not withstand a single attack from his opponent.

However, Lu Chen's HP was now shared with White Fog City. This was definitely a force to be reckoned with!

As long as Lu Chen kept on activating his Shield God title, he would be invincible.

Even though the Golden Dragon's attack power was as high as 250,000 points, after Lu Chen's Shield God title, only 25,000 points could be landed on Lu Chen.

However, when Lu Chen put on the White Fog City lord set, all the attacks received in the city were now reduced by 99%.

In other words, only 250 attack points landed on Lu Chen. The rest were accumulated on White Fog City.

Moreover, under the effect of being in White Fog City, Lu Chen could instantly recover to full health every second. This attack was the same as blowing air onto him.

As expected, Lu Chen did not dodge. He did not even activate his Sword God title to take the initiative to attack. Instead, a golden light flashed above his head, and the Shield God title appeared in front of him.

In an instant, a huge round shield enveloped Lu Chen. The shield had only been activated for less than a second when the Golden Dragon's tail suddenly swung over.

The Golden Dragon's body was simply too huge. No matter where Lu chen went, he would be blocked.

It flattened everything that stood in its way and struck Lu Chen's shield.

The Golden Dragon's body crashed into Lu Chen's shield with the force of a tsunami. A metallic clanging sound could be heard even from miles away.

Even though the shield had weakened, this attack still forced Lu Chen to retreat dozens of meters.

A gold tier boss was simply too powerful. This was the first time Lu Chen had been forced to retreat after activating Shield God.

Moreover, the attack of the Golden Dragon seemed to have a tremor effect. His arm was still numb from the shock.

Lu Chen shook his already numb hand and sighed in amazement.

The Golden Dragon, which had just launched an attack, looked down at Lu Chen after sending him flying dozens of meters away. Its eyes actually revealed a trace of contempt like a human's.

It knew that 250,000 attack power could definitely cause great damage to Lu Chen.

Although it did not know how the other party had created a city to surround it, it did not panic at all. At this moment, its scarlet tongue was sticking out of its mouth. It was certain that even if Lu Chen could use that strange shield to block 90% of its attack, 25,000 HP was enough to attack again.

After a few times, it would still die.


Initially, the Golden Dragon was still feeling smug when it saw the red numbers. However, the next scene caused the boss to go numb.

The tongue that had been trembling and hissing suddenly stopped. It could not even tremble in mid-air, nor could it retract its tongue.

This was f*cking illogical!

How could this be!

What the f*ck was happening!

The opponent has a bonus of 70,000 HP. What's the use of inflicting 250 damage?!

The opponent needed a recovery potion to recover from such a shock!

Just as the Golden Dragon was beginning to suspect that the opponent was alive, a notification sounded in the sky.

[Ding! White Fog City's City Lord has been detected to have received damage. HP reduced. HP recovery effect activated!]

In the next moment, Lu Chen's HP was fully recovered!

This caused the Golden Dragon's brain to go completely blank.

It had used all of its strength to attack the City Lord, but it had only managed to take away one grain of his HP. In the end, not only had the City Lord recovered, but the boss had lost HP from it.

How was anyone supposed to play this game with him in it?

Then, he immediately understood that this must have something to do with the city.

Finally, he looked at the sky above White Fog City. As expected, in the vast white fog, there was a message board. It was information about White Fog City.

[White Fog City]

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[City Level: Bronze]

[Population: 24,305]

[Available Positions: Magister, Holy Light, Paladin...]

[Assets: 3,054,680]

[City Defense: 1,303,921]

[Magic Defense: 1,203,921]

[City HP: 1,100,2936]

[City Garrison: 15,000]

[City Array: None]

The Golden Dragon seemed to have understood something. Its raised head did not even move. It just swung its tail, and a sonic boom sounded in the air. It hit the shield in front of Lu Chen again.


Another drop of HP appeared above Lu Chen's head.

Once again, his HP was immediately fully restored.

However, the Golden Dragon noticed that the HP of White Fog City had decreased!

Although it had lost 10,000 HP, the defense of the entire city was also decreasing. In total, it had just 25,000 HP left.

In other words, other than the reduction of the Shield God's defense on Lu Chen's body, all of his attacks had clearly landed on White Fog City!

However, if he really wanted to reduce the defense and HP of White Fog City to zero, it would be too difficult. However, what surprised him was that Lu Chen did not seem to have any intention of launching an attack. Instead, he only activated the title of Shield God.

The millions of players that watched Lu Chen fight the Golden Dragon in anticipation. THe only one that was puzzled was Xiao Bai, the number one enemy far away in the Western Castle.

He had done a lot of research on Lu Chen. This person could definitely be called a warrior.

When Lu Chen was still very weak, he dared to challenge the Ancient Ash Wolf directly and even challenged the Ancient Ash Wolf King together with the Ancient Ash Wolf.

When Lu Chen was just an ordinary person, he dared to fight against the White Alliance, which was a huge existence in the entire Dragon Country. One against ten thousand, he killed his own direct descendant more than a hundred times at the Resurrection Point.

Back then in the Xiao family's manor, he had displayed the strength of the spiritual realm expert, which was far beyond Lu Chen's realm.

The other party still took the initiative to attack, not at all cowardly. He took out the Sword God title and fiercely hacked, not even using the Shield God title once.

His kind of courage could be said to be the most ferocious one in the whole of Dragon Country!

However, now that he had the title of the City Lord with him, it could be said that he was almost invincible in White Fog City.

Therefore, why did he act like a coward instead, using the Shield God title instead of the Sword God title.

Xiao Bai knew that if he followed Lu Chen's previous momentum and used the Sword God title to fight, this Golden Dragon would probably be killed by him in half a day's time.

Especially if he used the assassination skill, Secret Whisper, the boss would probably die even faster.

At this moment, Xiao Bai actually had a headache. What kind of underhanded move was this guy holding? What was he trying to do?!
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