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Chapter 102: Lu Chen's Taunt!

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Xiao Bai was not the only one constantly guessing at the Western Castle.

Liu Yang's livestream room was already in an uproar.

[Why is Morning Mist so cowardly? Why isn't he attacking? That's a little embarrassing.]

[That's right! He's like a cowardly turtle. It's not interesting at all to watch him passively take a beating. How can he have the title of a City Lord?]

[This live broadcast is showing him being super passive. Why is it that the higher the level, the more cowardly he becomes?]

[That's right. Is Morning Mist's plan to make the boss die from laughter?]

[Stop making sarcastic remarks. When has Morning Mist ever cowered before? Have you seen him cower before? I believe that this is Morning Mist's tactic.]

[I suspect that Morning Mist has some passive skill? The higher his rage, the higher the damage he can deal?]

[Maybe when Morning Mist has very little HP left, he might be able to kill the Golden Dragon in one hit?]

[That's unlikely. If he had this skill, Morning Mist would have used it when he was fighting Xiao Bai. He wouldn't have waited until now. However, I really don't understand why Morning Mist would do this.]

Even Liu Yang could not understand Lu Chen's actions.

Could it be that Lu Chen had spent so much effort to specially summon White Fog City just to make himself more resistant to being beaten up?

Only Lan Weiwei, who was not far away, looked deeply at Lu Chen. Her eyes revealed a thoughtful look.

Furthermore, Rollie, who had always been focused on eating, drinking, and having fun, seemed to have stopped what he was doing. He extended his chubby and furry little hand and charged towards the Golden Dragon, waving it back and forth as if he was trying to express his goodwill.

Although the Golden Dragon was puzzled, it did not stop what it was doing. It whipped, bit, and attacked Lu Chen many times.


[Ding! White Fog City's City Lord has been detected to have received damage. HP reduced. HP recovery effect activated!]


[Ding! White Fog City's City Lord has been detected to have received damage. HP reduced. HP recovery effect activated!]


[Ding! Detected that White Fog City's city Lord has received damage. HP reduced. HP recovery activated!]

The Golden Dragon continuously attacked, as if it did not know what fatigue was. Lu Chen, on the other hand, continued to activate his Shield God's effect. He did not retaliate at all.

A few hours passed, but the Golden Dragon did not stop attacking.

The defense of White Fog City was different from the armor on a person's body. The defense of the city would gradually decrease with the attack of the enemy, similar to the amount of HP.

At this moment, both the HP and defense of White Fog City had been reduced to half of their original amount.

The Golden Dragon panted slightly. The player in front of it was really too durable.

The audience in the livestream were also extremely shocked. This Golden Dragon did not seem to have exhausted its stamina at all. How could it continue fighting for a few hours? One had to know that in these few hours, it had already taken away tens of millions of HP.

What made everyone even more speechless was that for such a long time, not only did Lu Chen not counterattack, he did not even dodge. He just took on the attacks of the Golden Dragon time and time again.

[This Golden Dragon has been fighting for so long.]

[Back then, when the Ancient Ash Wolf, Lan Weiwei, was subdued by the Morning Mist, it was not so difficult. Most of the time, he was waiting for the opportunity to strike.]

[But did you guys see this Golden Dragon? His breathing has become heavy.]

[That's right. His originally indestructible body seemed to be trembling. I think he's very tired.]

[Everyone, look at this Golden Dragon. His eyes are actually moving around like a human. It seems like he's thinking about something.]

[Haha, Morning Mist is really too difficult to defeat. This Golden Dragon should be thinking of another way.]

At this moment, Lu Chen was still displaying his Shield God title, maintaining a defensive state. Although he looked like a turtle in his shell, his gaze was incomparably firm, and even somewhat provocative.

Then, he stretched out a hand and waved at the Golden Dragon. It was as if he was saying, if you are not satisfied, come again!

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At this moment, in the livestream, the audience was laughing like crazy.

[Wow! Could this be the legendary noob who loves to play?]

[Morning Mist will never be a coward. He will never be a coward in this life. At the very least, he must hide behind his shield and provoke!]

[I must say that this is the best form of mockery!]

Seeing that the audience's passion had been aroused, Liu Yang also quickly made a comment and kept the ball rolling. "Come, come, everyone, all of you, brush up on your gifts.

"Let's give some support to Morning Mist and let the Golden Dragon understand that our Morning Mist army can not be defeated!"

The Morning Mist army was what Liu Yang called the audience in his livestream.

Lu Chen, who heard Liu Yang baiting the audience to donate money, was somewhat speechless.

The Golden Dragon did not watch the live broadcast. What was the use of collecting on gifts?

However, Liu Yang's bait was effective. In just ten seconds, hundreds of thousands of gifts poured in, and all kinds of rockets, carnivals, and sports cars began to flood in!

The Golden Dragon was still coiled around its body. Even so, its tall head was still over a hundred meters tall.

At this moment, although it did not understand what the weak human in the distance was saying with a machine, it understood that it was being mocked as well.

Then, it looked at Lu Chen, who had been hiding behind the shield and did not fight back, but kept provoking him. It was so angry that it roared loudly.

There were even a few times when he wanted to kill Liu Yang, who was currently live streaming, but Lu Chen would still rush over to protect him.

The Golden Dragon could clearly see that this human was fighting against him. THe Golden Dragon knew that Lu Chen was quicker, but chose not to attack.

However, after such a long battle, it also discovered a problem.

It would reduce the opponent's HP by more than one third every time, but the opponent would need a one second delay to recover their HP.

This also meant that if it could hit Lu Chen for three consecutive times within one second, he would be killed!

Then, the audience saw the Golden Dragon once again reveal a sinister and cunning smile like a human!

This kind of smile appearing on a Golden Dragon really made everyone feel very strange!

However, everyone was also shocked by this Golden Dragon.

[I remember that Liu Yang said that a few hundred years ago, there was a silver boss in the Snake Pond who tried to transcend the heavenly tribulation and ascend!I now seriously suspect that the Golden Dragon back then definitely succeeded in transcending the heavenly tribulation, and that very Golden Dragon is the one Morning Mist is fighting!]

[I agree. I feel that the Golden Dragon in front of him is becoming a f*cking spirit god!]

[That's right. When the Golden Dragon fought against Morning Mist, I thought that this Golden Dragon's IQ might be even higher than mine…]
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