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Chapter 103: He Was Going To Subdue The Golden Dragon!

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[That's right, that's right. Why are there divine beasts everywhere, but we can't meet them? If only I could get a divine beast as a pet myself.]

[Don't think too much. If we meet such a monster, we'll directly return to the Resurrection Point.]

[Wait, what did you just say? Don't you want a pet like that as well?]

[I remember that the Golden Dragon's name on the interface said that it was an ancient mutant, right?]

[D*mn, I just noticed that as well. Morning Mist isn't going to keep this one as his pet as well… right?]

[Damn, I get it now! Morning Mist is planning to slowly subdue this Golden Dragon and let him realize how powerful he is so that he can submit to him.]

[If you want to subdue it, why don't you just defeat it directly? If you can't beat it up, then beat it up twice!]

[Do you think that the other party is as d*mb as you?! You can't just beat it up and make it follow you around!]

[A top-tier mutant like that would have a very strong self-awareness and would not easily submit.]

[Didn't you see that during the fight, the Three-eyed Golden Dragon was always looking at the information panel of White Fog City? Have you ever seen a boss that would look at the information of its opponent during the battle?]

[Especially during the battle, the Golden Dragon has always been changing its battle style. Moreover, it has never used its strongest skill!]

[This means that its intelligence far surpasses that of an ordinary ancient mutant. If you want to subdue it, you have to be far stronger than it can imagine!]

The audience in the livestream was right. Lu Chen was indeed thinking of this.

Back then, when he subdued Lan Weiwei, he had taken advantage of her weakness. When he subdued Rollie, the Ancient Panda, he had relied on the temptation of delicious food.

If he wanted to subdue this ancient mutant with incredible combat strength, he had to use his true ability to completely crush him.

As the audience was discussing, the Golden Dragon moved again. This time, its speed was twice as fast as before!



After two consecutive attacks, more than half of Lu Chen's HP was instantly taken out.

Lu Chen's HP instantly fell to less than 20,000 points!

[Ding! Detected that White Fog City's city Lord has received damage. HP reduced. HP recovery activated!]

Even though Lu Chen's HP had once again recovered to full health, this made the Golden Dragon very happy that its strategy was working. Right now, it was only missing one last attack.

As long as its attack speed could reach three times quicker than a second, Lu Chen would be dead for sure!

After receiving two consecutive attacks, Lu Chen was sent flying for hundreds of meters and was a little stunned. He did not expect the other party to actually notice this flaw, but the smile on his face became even wider.

Lu Chen was not afraid of the other party's attack, but he was afraid that the other party would not attack!

The fiercer the Golden Dragon attacked, the more imposing it would be. In the future, when he defeated it, the other party would submit to him completely, which would be more advantageous for him to subdue and become his pet.

One had to know that the title of the Taming God required the other party to be willing to be his pet.

However, Lu Chen did not have time to think too much, because the next moment, the Golden Dragon attacked again.

It was another two consecutive attacks. The time it took to attack was shorter.

The Golden Dragon could no longer hide the smug look on its face. The corners of its mouth even curled up slightly!

It charged towards Lu Chen once again!

Three times!

After hearing three bangs, the corners of the Golden Dragon's mouth had already split open to the back of its head!

This time, it succeeded!

This arrogant brat was finally finished off.

He could already imagine Lu Chen's body turning into specks of light and dropping equipment all over the ground.

The Golden Dragon roared into the sky!

"Hey, silly Golden Dragon, what are you doing? Can't you focus on the battle?"

The Golden Dragon's long roar was instantly interrupted!

His huge head slowly lowered and opened its eyes in shock!

Not only did Lu Chen not die, but his HP had once again recovered to full health!

This made the Golden Dragon doubt everything. Could it be that the Golden Dragon was careless and d*mb?

He carefully looked at Lu Chen's HP again.

It was indeed more than 68,000 HP.

Although Lu Chen's White Fog City's City Lord title had two additional attributes — the first having attributes doubled, and the second was that the damage immunity of the White Fog City was 99% — these two attributes seemed to have always been gray, and for some reason, they could not be used.

The Golden Dragon was somewhat unconvinced, and it watched as Lu Chen waved his hand at it again. This provocation made it gather all the strength in its body once again, and it charged forward at lightning speed!

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Another three times!

After this attack, the Golden Dragon stared at the HP above Lu Chen's head.




Lu Chen's 63,030 HP was instantly reduced to zero!

This time, he was dead for sure

The corners of the Golden Dragon's mouth curled up to the back of his head once again!

[Ding! Detected that White Fog City's city Lord has received damage. HP reduced. HP recovery activated!]

The Golden Dragon was shocked!

What was going on?

It had already killed him, how could he be revived?!


Looking at the smug Lu Chen, it started to panic.

It quickly looked around. At this moment, he saw Lan Weiwei in the distance. Her HP had dropped by more than 10,000 points!

It quickly looked at Lan Weiwei's interface and realized that she was Lu Chen's contracted pet. On top of that, they even shared HP!

When it saw this, it immediately thought of something. Its body bent slightly backwards before it finally shot out fiercely!

It hit the target!

It did not know why, but that brat Lu Chen was clearly able to come and rescue her, but his body did not move at all. Even Lan Weiwei did not retaliate. She took the hit head-on and directly escaped.

One had to know that Lan Weiwei's HP would be doubled when she activated her true form.

The Golden Dragon directly took out 250,000 of Lan Weiwei's HP!

Water Control!

Knowing that its speed could not catch up to Lan Weiwei, the Golden Dragon immediately activated its Water Control skill. Once the AOE attack was used, it took away another 20,000 of Lan Weiwei's HP!

This time, even Lan Weiwei was only left with a short health bar.

Following that, the Golden Dragon ignored Lan Weiwei and turned around to charge towards Lu Chen.

The audience in the livestream cried out in surprise.

[D*mn, this Golden Dragon is really smart. He actually killed Morning Mist's pet in an instant!]

[This is the end. Why didn't Lan Weiwei stop it or dodge it? It's clearly so fast.]

[Exactly. Lu Chen didn't go over to help either. Otherwise, he would have been able to reduce 90% of the damage once he activated Shield God's title.]

[This is getting too much for me. He had high aims, but it led to a total failure. Not only did he fail to catch the Golden Dragon as his pet, he even lost his other one.]

[Does anyone want to pick up Morning Mist's equipment with me? Let's form a party together!]
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