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Chapter 104: Zero Health!

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Watching Lan Weiwei's health, the Golden Dragon roared in delight. The audience in the group also began to joke around.

However, if these people really dared to pick up Lu Chen's equipment, they would be absolutely courting death.

To know that Lu Chen's equipment is absolutely top-of-the-line, many in the Second World would kill each other to have it. Putting everything else aside, no one was sure if Lu Chen would still be the City Lord of White Fog City after he died.

If he really was the City Lord of White Fog City, no matter who picked up Lu Chen's equipment, they would all be instantly killed by the City Lord of White Fog City's super strong attributes.

Even if Lu Chen was no longer the City Lord of White Fog City, the big shots in the country and the experts of the Gu and Xu families would definitely protect Lu Chen's equipment.

At the very least, it would be divided among the top-tier big shots.

However, only the truly top-tier big shots understood that no one would dare to steal Lu Chen's equipment, unless they had a screw loose in their minds.

For Lu Chen to be able to survive until now, the extent that everyone else could not catch up to was definitely due to his uniqueness. Although everyone tacitly agreed not to ask, who could guarantee that Lu Chen would not make a comeback? When that time came, anyone who stole his equipment would be killed by him.

At this moment, almost everyone was paying attention to this huge change. Many people who were fighting monsters even retreated to the safe zone to watch the live broadcast. The number of people in the livestream kept rapidly increasing. In the blink of an eye, it had already exceeded two million people!

Even the gifts given by the citizens in the livestream had already reached millions. One had to know that the higher-ups of the online platform had personally informed them. All the rewards in this livestream would not be split by the platform. All of them would belong to Lu Chen.

The number of followers in the entire livestream was increasing, and the number of fans was also soaring.

According to what Lu Chen had said before, Liu Yang could receive a 10% commission this time. It directly reached hundreds of thousands. This kind of money was definitely an astronomical figure for a middle school student.

However, at this moment, Liu Yang's face did not have a single trace of joy. Because he was hugging Lu Chen's thigh while he faced an unprecedented crisis.

He understood Lu Chen's thoughts. He wanted to subdue this gold-tier ancient mutant in front of him. However, right now, Lu Chen gave him the feeling that he was at wits end.

At this moment, he was even thinking, if Lu Chen really died and Lan Weiwei and Rollie were gone, how should he plan his route and bring Lu Chen's equipment to him when he gets resurrected?

At this moment, the Golden Dragon had already turned its gaze towards Lu Chen and charged forward. It attacked Lu Chen three times again!

Following that, the Golden Dragon stared at Lu Chen's health bar! He actually discovered that Lu Chen's health bar had not changed at all!

What was this situation? Was the Golden Dragon even trying?!

[Shield God: Your understanding of the shield has reached an unfathomable level. When you use any shield, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow along with your level!]

[Shield Spirit: You have a 1% chance to be immune to all damage!]

At this moment, the Shield Spirit actually took effect!

When he saw the Golden Dragon see the skill above Lu Chen's head, it's eyes were wide open.

This human in front of it was too strange. If it were any other person, they would have been beaten to death 800 times by it.

However, the person in front of it not only had an extremely high status and extremely strong defense, but he also had a terrifying pet like the Ancient Ash Wolf King. He even had an endless number of tricks up his sleeves.

It could be said that during the past few hours, the other party had practically stood still and allowed him to fight. He had not even killed the other party.

This made him feel a little frustrated, but at the same time, he also felt a hint of fear towards the man in front of him. However, he also saw clearly that the Shield Spirit of the Shield God only had a 1% chance of triggering. He did not believe that the other party would still be able to touch this chance if he attacked again!

He spent three seconds to mentally prepare itself. Finally, it gathered the courage and charged at Lu Chen again.

Shield Spirit activated!

[Shield Spirit: You have a 1% chance to be immune to all damage!]

The Golden Dragon was stunned. He was already lucky enough to have a 1% chance of touching it once. How could he trigger it twice in a row?!

Suddenly, it raised his head and saw Rollie, who had yet to make any threats.

The charmingly naive Rollie was still waving at him with his furry little hand. However, there was a new title on top of its head.

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Luck Bonus!

[Luck Bonus: With Heaven's blessing, there is a high chance of avoiding disaster, turning a bad situation into a good one, and averting a disaster! Provides a Luck buff for 60 seconds. Has a certain chance to be immune to all negative effects and damage.]

It was actually this unremarkable little guy who activated the skill!

The Golden Dragon was so angry that it roared loudly. The man in front of it was too despicable. He actually had so many methods to dodge its attacks.

What made it feel the most helpless was that it did not really want to provoke this Rolling panda who inherited great luck.

Rollie's skill only had a certain chance of being immune to all negative effects and damage. Increasing its master's luck value did not mean that it would be able to do it every time.

The Golden Dragon understood that as long as it tried a few more times, it would definitely be able to break Rollie's heaven-sent great fortune skill.

However, at this point, the Golden Dragon was really not in the mood. It did not even have the courage to fight against Lu Chen.

Especially after such a long, high frequency and intense battle, it was already somewhat exhausted. With its huge body and the natural attributes of this species, three attacks per second was definitely considered a high frequency attack. This also caused a certain burden on its body.

After every second of relaxation, Lu Chen's HP would be restored to full health under the buff for being the City Lord of White Fog City.

Facing Lu Chen who was still in good condition, he decided to use the last attack. He was going to run away.

Looking at Lu Chen, who was still waving at him from afar, the Golden Dragon was really angry, but it was also very weak in its heart.

Let alone a human, even if it had suffered such a long and high-intensity attack, it would probably die more than once.

What was the situation with this man? Could it really beat him?

This time, its eyes revealed a deep fear. After calming down for more than ten seconds, it made his second attack.




His HP was completely depleted!

This time, his HP was truly depleted!

Looking at Lu Chen's empty HP bar, the Golden Dragon was overjoyed.

Then, he looked at Lan Weiwei in the distance again. Her HP was not enough for Lu Chen to recover. Once Lu Chen exceeded Lan Weiwei's HP, both of them would die.

This was exactly what the Golden Dragon wanted!
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