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Chapter 105: Had Lu Chen Gone Too Far?

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The Golden Dragon's move was brilliant.

As expected, Lu Chen did not receive HP from his pet and allowed himself to die.

At this moment, the audience exploded!

[F*ck, could it be that Morning Mist has gone too far?]

[His f*cking HP bar is already at zero. What should we do?]

[It can't be, it can't be, the number one expert of the Second World died just like that?]

[The Golden Dragon is terrifying!]

[This is simply a hellish level of difficulty that even we can defeat! Who else can kill this boss if not him?!]


In the high-level meeting room of the Dragon Country.

A group of high-level leaders were sitting in the meeting room and watching Lu Chen's battle carefully.

The conference room was more than five times bigger than the previous one.

Besides the leaders who were sitting in the front, there were hundreds of top warriors standing behind them.

Some of these warriors had been watching right from the start, but most of them were called out of the game pod at the last minute to watch and learn from Lu Chen's battle in the conference room.

Lu Chen's battle was not only extremely powerful and fierce, but it was also full of tricks and skill. It was definitely worth it for all of them to imitate such steps.

Although they could watch the live broadcast on their phones and television, there was the first elder of the Dragon Group here to explain it personally. This was absolutely incomparable.

Stroking his beard, his gaze was deep. "I think everyone knows the name of the man in front of us.

"If there's anyone who doesn't know, you can leave this place.

"You may not know me, but you definitely must have known about Lu Chen, because he's a man who stands at the top of the Second World!

"According to the information we currently have, his title is Sword God, Shield God, Bow God, and he's also proficient in assassination. It seems that he also has superb medical skills.

"And you've all seen the equipment on him. The lowest level is silver, and there are even epic and legendary levels.

"It's no exaggeration to say that all of you combined aren't even enough to defeat him with one hand."

The first elder's words were very hurtful, but no one dared to refute it. Because it was absolutely true.

Even the five-man team under the first elder of the Dragon Team, who had just been woken up, was huddled in a corner, shivering, afraid that they would attract the first elder's attention and be scolded. However, the more they feared, the more they would be scolded.

The first elder's sharp gaze quickly swept across the entire scene and fixed on these five people.

"Li Xiaotian, your team is called the Dragon Slaying Team, but this time, you're just a useless dragon, and you've all been defeated. It's too embarrassing to even look at you!"

Li Xiaotian lowered his head and kept silent. He just wanted to find a place to hide. However, he also muttered in his heart, 'You were the one that gave us that st*pid title!'

However, this matter of naming them had been long given. Who would have thought that one day they would really meet these legendary creatures?

However, he only ridiculed them in his heart. He dared not to say it out loud. If he said it out loud, he would definitely be scolded again.

Seeing that they did not answer back, the first elder continued to lecture, "I know that all of you here are veterans who have been on the battlefield for years, and even decades.

"Now that you see a brat who is inexperienced and has surpassed all of you by so much you will definitely feel uncomfortable.

"However, all of you have witnessed his fighting strength. Even my Elite Dragon Slaying Squad could not withstand a single move from the Golden Dragon.

"Lu Chen, on the other hand, faced the Golden Dragon with an endless barrage of attacks. 

"He even looks practically at ease."

At this moment, there was finally a warrior who felt unconvinced, he opened his mouth and said, "First elder, I admit that Lu Chen is stronger than us, but I don't think he's at ease. His HP is about to be depleted. 

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"I don't believe that the Ancient Panda's bloodline is so powerful that it can protect him every single time!

"According to the current situation…

"The Golden Dragon will be able to kill Lu Chen after a few more hits."

Although the other warriors did not say anything, their eyes revealed a hint of dissatisfaction.

It was obvious that they agreed with the warrior's words.

No matter how they looked at it, Lu Chen was in imminent danger.

The first elder did not answer directly. Instead, he said, "Li Xiaotian, you can answer this question for me."

When the members of the Dragon Slaying Squad heard that they had been called out, their hearts skipped a beat. They had already felt very embarrassed when they had failed the mission, but now that they had been called out repeatedly, they immediately felt ashamed.

However, now that they had been called out by the first elder, they had no other choice but to cough under everyone's watchful eyes. "Everyone, my current level is level 28."

The moment Li Xiao Tian introduced himself, everyone was shocked.

The warriors in front of him were all at least level 10 and above. Some of them were even close to level 20. They were already the cream of the crop among humans.

However, the members of the Dragon Slaying Squad were actually able to reach level 28. How did they do it?

Li Xiaotian was very satisfied with everyone's reaction. The shame he felt had somewhat recovered.

"It can be said that my previous level was about the same as Lu Chen's before we defeated the Fire Tiger's.

"Moreover, our group has always acted together. In order to get rid of that silver boss, we had made a lot of preparations and spent a lot of effort to do it.

"I used to think that Lu Chen might not be stronger than us, but now, I feel that Lu Chen is definitely the strongest in existence.

"In addition, Lu Chen is definitely not going to die. When he defeated the Ancient Fire Tiger, Lan Weiwei's condition was already on the verge of death. If only a day had passed.. it would probably be very difficult for Lan Weiwei's HP to recover to full health.

"However, what he did was just as miraculous. After defeating the Ancient Fire Tiger, Liu Yang's livestream room had already opened up, and Lan Weiwei's HP had already returned to full health.

"This meant that Lu Chen might have healing skills as well!

"In addition, let's look back at the time when Lu Chen subdued Lan Weiwei. Although the video at that time was extremely blurry, we could see that one time, Lu Chen's health bar had also dropped to zero.

"However, for some reason, it was as if he had been resurrected and was still full of health!

"Finally, two of the buffs in White Fog City's information had already turned gray.

"I don't think this is a limitation of White Fog City. I'm more inclined to think that this is a backup plan left behind by Lu Chen. He's prepared to give the Golden Dragon a blow at the most critical moment should he need to.

"However, his plan is to completely subdue the Golden Dragon!"

After Li Xiaotian finished speaking, everyone had a clearer understanding of Li Xiaotian's strength.. At the same time, everyone once again had a new view of Lu Chen. This man's strength was definitely something else!
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