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Chapter 106: Flee Golden Dragon, Flee!

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Even though Lu Chen's strength had been acknowledged by everyone, there were still people who expressed their puzzlement.

"Captain, if what you said was true and Lu Chen is intentionally suppressing his strength to deal with the Golden Dragon, then why didn't he display his combat strength from the very beginning and directly suppress the other party?"

Li Xiaotian was no longer as embarrassed as before. He regained his demeanor and slightly narrowed his eyes. He cautiously looked at Lu Chen in the video and said,

"If I'm not wrong, what Lu Chen is trying to achieve is through some psychological tactics.

"Someone had said this in the livestream before.

"Here, I'll tell you in more detail. Lu Chen wants to get the Golden Dragon to build up confidence again and again, and then repeatedly destroy its confidence.

"This kind of feeling may be hard for you to understand. In the three kingdoms period, in order to make the barbarian race submit, Zhuge Liang made them fight harder and harder, finally, he let the other party understand Zhuge Liang's strength and kindness for them to truly submit.

"And now, Lu Chen wanted to use this method to completely destroy the other party's psychological defense line. If the Golden Dragon had 100% trust in its own strength before, then it would be defeated by Lu Chen now. The Golden Dragon would definitely only feel anger and unwillingness in its heart.

"But now, there is fear and panic in the Golden Dragon's eyes. If it wanted to subdue now, the possibility of success would be far greater than at the beginning.

"But now was not enough.

"Because even though the Golden Dragon had lost the courage to fight, it still believes that there is still a chance for it to escape.

"If this continues... Even if Lu Chen could defeat him, the other party's heart would often think of escaping.

"Even if it did turn into his pet, if its master's loyalty is not enough, it would probably devour its master or throw it away. That would not be worth the loss.

"Therefore, Lu Chen's real thought should be to first establish his undefeatable image, and then let the Golden Dragon know that there is nowhere to run.

"Finally, Lu Chen would use his powerful strength and overwhelming aura to attack the other party until they are left with little or no more fight in their soul!

"At this time, the Golden Dragon would voluntarily submit to Lu Chen. After all, as an ancient creature, his survival instinct has never been weaker than a human's.

"Moreover, under such circumstances, it will be very difficult for the mutant to escape, because it has already lost the courage to do so. As for devouring the master, it would know it is impossible."

Li Xiaotian's words were reasonable and easy to understand. Not only did it make all the soldiers present nod their heads, but even the first elder beside him was also satisfied.

However, he still opened his mouth to refute, "Li Xiaotian, what you said was right, but there is one thing that is wrong."

Li Xiaotian quickly cupped his hands and lowered his head to ask, "Please enlighten me!"

First Elder stroked his beard and said slowly, "Your current level is not level twenty-eight, but a level one."

At this moment, the air was completely silent, and a loud slap had appeared in Li Xiaotian's face. In an instant, his face turned completely red.

This slap to the face was too ruthless. He felt that he could not take it anymore.

Seeing the other party's embarrassment, the first elder actually smiled with some evil intent.

"Alright, you can leave now. Later, I will ask the logistics department to provide you with a batch of basic equipment. With those equipment, you must work hard to raise your own strength.

"If possible, I hope that you can defeat those bat monsters!

"As for the Mass Grave, the name of this place sounds extraordinary. I suggest that all of you go around it instead of in it."

The bats that the first elder mentioned was one of the territories of the silver bosses.

Attacking the Bat Cave would probably not be easier than attacking the Snake Pond. After all, the other party had air control, and humans were very passive when attacking from the ground.

If they wanted to attack that place, they would have to raise everyone's level to at least level 20.

They just did not know if Lu Chen would give them that much time.

There were two sides to the story.

Lu Chen's battle situation seemed to be getting worse.

At this moment, Lan Weiwei was already out of HP. Lu Chen had already suffered two consecutive devastating attacks. He had relied on Rollie's good luck and his special shield skills. However, he was not so lucky in the following attacks.

After all, even Rollie himself could not be immune to every attack.

Another three consecutive attacks in a second, each of which dealt real damage!

This damned human should be dead this time, right?

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The Golden Dragon panted out long breaths as it stared at Lu Chen.

However, its intuition told it that something was not right.

The other party would definitely not die so easily.

However, that was impossible. It had already attacked him so many times, and he had used all sorts of methods to avoid it previously. This time, his health bar was reset to zero again. How could he still be alive?

However, reality proved that the Golden Dragon's feeling was correct.

When Lu Chen's health bar was reduced to zero, he was resurrected with full health in the next second!


[Undead: Your understanding of death has reached an unfathomable level. When you die in battle, there is a 50% chance of resurrection. You can be resurrected up to three times in a row. Your skills will increase as the player's level increases!]

The f*ck!

If the previous attacks had failed to kill Lu Chen, then this time, it had absolutely destroyed the Golden Dragon's confidence.

Was this still a human? Was this human a cockroach that could not be killed?

It was one thing to be resurrected before, but now, there was actually a special resurrection skill that could resurrect him up to three times in a row!

He had been fighting for a whole day, and had not officially died!

If it continued fighting, it would probably die of exhaustion. Fear spread in the Golden Dragon's heart, and at this moment, it finally reached its limit!

The dignity of a gold boss and the dignity of an ancient mutant were all thrown to the back of its mind!

Facing this man, it no longer needed to be shameless, and saving its life was the only thought in its mind!

Thinking of this, it did not even give itself the time to roar. It only rushed straight into the Snake Pond.

The Snake Pond was its territory. No matter how strong Lu Chen was, he could not be bested in the water!

The audience in the livestream were stunned. What the f*ck!

What an awesome level 40 gold boss. Did the boss only react like this because it was fighting Lu Chen?

This mutant was amazing! It could bend and break others, and leave as it pleased.

It could be as fierce as it wanted to be, and knew when to leave.

Lu Chen finally smiled when he saw the Golden Dragon's confidence had finally been destroyed.

'You want to run? Dream on!'

Lu Chen threw a glance at Lan Weiwei, and she immediately understood.

"Frost Domain!"

Bouts of ice instantly covered the entire Snake Pond!
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