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Chapter 107: Gold Boss, Submit!

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Lan Weiwei's reaction was very timely. Just as the Golden Dragon was about to enter the Snake Pond, she instantly used her Frost Domain to cover it up.

Caught off guard, the Golden Dragon crashed directly into the ice. For a moment, countless pieces of ice were sent flying in all directions.

A two-meter-deep crater was created. After all, Lan Weiwei had the Ancient Ash Wolf King's bloodline and was in the process of evolving.

The Frost Domain she controlled could not only slow down the enemy's speed, but also turn the surrounding water into ice. The strength of this ice was extraordinary.

Even a gold boss like the Golden Dragon was stunned by the impact.

The Golden Dragon was both shocked and angry. It could never have imagined that such a situation would occur in it's very own Snake Pond.

Most importantly, it realized that this powerful skill actually came from the Ancient Ash Wolf King, who had never made a move beforehand.

At this moment, the golden title above Lu Chen's head changed again. The word Medicine God appeared above his head!

In the next moment, a scene that left the Golden Dragon dumbfounded appeared once again. The Ash Wolf King, which was originally only left with low HP, had risen it's bar by 15%!

After the increase, not only did it not show any signs of stopping, but it continued to increase continuously for a full 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds, Lan Weiwei's HP was almost fully replenished once again!

[Continuous Healing: The effect of your healing is outstanding. When you use your skills, you can cast a continuous healing on yourself. The healing time is 30 seconds. The healing effect is to recover 2% to 30% of your HP every second! When you use it on others, the effect will be reduced by half.]

What kind of godly skill was this?!

Even as a gold boss, the Golden Dragon was a little envious.

If only it had this skill as well!

At this moment, the Golden Dragon once again realized how powerful Lu Chen was.

Originally, it had planned to wait for Lu Chen's HP to be very low before using Water Control to drain 30% of the opponent's HP. Then, it could easily kill the opponent.

Now, it seemed that the opponent's HP kept increasing. Not only did he share HP with Lan Weiwei, but he also shared HP with the entire city.

One had to know that White Fog City's HP and defense combined was seven to eight times more than the Golden Dragon.

Coupled with the title of the Medicine God, his Water Control's lifesteal skill had no effect on them at all!

However, now was not the time to think about this. He only wanted to escape now.

However, the water in the Snake Pond had already turned into ice. Its boss could only control the water to attack, but it could not turn the ice back into water. This time, it felt like it was at the end of the road. It was helpless.

If it were any other time, the Golden Dragon would have roared and charged towards Lan Weiwei and Lu Chen again. However, it no longer had the courage to face Lu Chen.

He could only try his best to beat the ice surface of the Snake Pond, trying to get into it. However, Lan Weiwei's Frost Domain covered an area of a thousand meters deep into the Snake Pond. Even though the Golden Dragon's attack power was powerful… it would be impossible for it to return to the bottom of the pond.

Right now, the Golden Dragon had nowhere else to go besides the Snake Pond. The powerful defense of the entire White Fog City made it impossible for it to escape.

At this moment, Lu Chen finally revealed a satisfied smile. The golden title above his head changed once again — Sword God!

[Void Sword: The speed of your sword attack has reached an unfathomable level. There is a 10% chance of triggering this effect. Deals 20% maximum HP damage to the target. When this skill is triggered, you will be in an invincible state.]

Lu Chen raised his greatsword and slashed at the Golden Dragon.


The Golden Dragon's HP instantly decreased by 18%. This attack was high!

The Golden Dragon roared and rolled on the spot.

He had never imagined that such a weak human could actually deal such explosive damage.

If the other party had such a powerful ability, why did he not use it in the beginning?

If it had known that he was so powerful, it would not have fought Lu Chen at all!

This was something that the Golden Dragon was beginning to regret.

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In the beginning, if it had not prepared to ambush the enemies on the surface of the Snake Pond, no one would have noticed it.

The Golden Dragon would have been able to survive. However, now, it would be very difficult.

No matter what attack the Golden Dragon shot out, Lu Chen dodged everything.

Lu Chen's basic attack was 78,860, with a maximum attack speed of 29. After the enhancement of the Sword God title, his maximum attack power was enough to reach 18,000,000 points!

This kind of attack power was enough to take away this Golden Dragon with a single strike!

Lu Chen knew that the maximum attack speed the boss could endure was simply not this high.

If he had not received the boost from the White Fog City Lord title, his maximum attack speed per second would not be that high.

Of course, Lu Chen would not use such a high critical strike. After all, he wanted to subdue the Golden Dragon, not destroy it senseless.

Therefore, he controlled his attack power and raised the sword again.

If the Golden Dragon could sense the danger from theVoid Sword skill just now, then at this moment, he could completely sense the aura of death.

He could clearly feel that this sword had locked onto his aura. He could not dodge it no matter what.

A huge sword light shot out from Lu Chen's hand and headed straight for the Golden Dragon's head!

A painful roar came from the Golden Dragon's mouth. The Golden Dragon, which was originally 100 meters tall, suddenly collapsed.


This sword directly cut off the Golden Dragon's 2,490,000 HP. The opponent only had 1 hp left!

This was ruthless!

With such HP, any person who could break through his defense would be able to kill him!

At this moment, the Golden Dragon's control over Lu Chen had reached its limit, and its psychological defense had finally completely collapsed.

The Golden Dragon no longer struggled. The originally high head was lying flat on the ground, as if the Golden Dragon had submitted to Lu Chen!

Seeing this scene, the entire livestream was once again in an uproar!

[What the h*ll, what did I just see? This is a gold boss, a freaking gold boss! It actually submitted to Morning Mist already?!]

[I'm already level 18. I've killed so many monsters, but I've never seen anyone submit to me. Morning Mist is awesome!]

[What happened with that sword attack just now. That was amazing! 2,490,000 HP gone, just like that?! How did Morning Mist do it?]

[To Morning Mist, obviously it would be easy.. All he needed to do was slash his sword and call it a day.]
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