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Chapter 11

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With the appearance of the broadcast, all the players in Second World were shocked.

“What the f*ck, it’s only the second day, and a boss has already been killed? How??”

“The sh*t, who’s the monster that did that?”

“A single person can take on boss alone, is this a private server?”

“I’m so envious. A boss can drop so many good things. A guild’s share of the loot would not be given to him alone.”

“Reputation? What’s the use of this?”

Countless players were stupefied. It was common knowledge that the bosses in Second World were extremely dangerous.

In the past two days, countless first-rate guilds have been wiped out.

However, now, the boss they tried so hard to defeat had actually been single-handedly killed by Morning Mist?

All of the guild leaders had solemn expressions on their faces. As the leaders of a guild, they knew how terrifying the bosses in this world were.

According to the intelligence report, this Morning Mist player was only level 5. 

How did he manage to kill a boss all on his own?

At the foot of Stone Mountain, Lu Chen was surrounded by white light. The music of leveling up sounded three times in a row!

Killing a boss this time had given him a huge amount of EXP. He had leveled up three times in a row!

[Your level has been raised to level 8!]

[12 free attribute points can now be allocated.]

Lu Chen did not hesitate. As usual, he allocated all his attribute points to strength. Looking at the items on the ground, Lu Chen’s face lit up with joy. He immediately put them all into his backpack.

[You have received 10 gold coins.]

[You have received a Decaying Ring bronze-grade.]

[You have received a Broadsword.]

[You have received a Tusk Necklace.]

[You have obtained a Wild Boar King’s leather.]

[You have obtained a skill scroll — Earth Stomp.]

Looking at the dazzling array of items, Lu Chen was extremely pleased. This was a great harvest!

A bronze boss had dropped 10 gold coins for him. That was 100,000 dollars!

That was only the early stages of the boss. There were even three pieces of equipment. One had to know that right now, other than the silver-grade armor on Lu Chen’s body, the other equipment columns were all empty!

In the online game world, the attributes of equipment were beneficial to players!

[Decaying Ring (bronze)]

[Level Requirement: 3]

[Vitality: +10]

[Strength: +8]

[Agility: +8]

[Intelligence: +10]

[All attributes: +5]

Lu Chen took a look at its attributes. A piece of bronze equipment was not that good. It seemed that special effects could only be obtained from silver-grade equipment. However, it was still not bad for a single piece of equipment to be able to match the increase in his attributes by several levels.

Lu Chen continued to check the other items.

[Broadsword (bronze)]

[Level Requirement: 3]

[Vitality: +5]

[Strength: +10]

[Agility: +3]

[Intelligence: +3]

[Attack Power: +150]

[Tusk Necklace (bronze)]

[Level Requirement: 3]

[Vitality: +8]

[Strength: +6]

[Agility: +3]

[Intelligence: +10]

[HP: +100]

[MP: +100]

Lu Chen did not hesitate to equip these three items. With that, his attributes immediately received a huge increase. 

Then, he looked at the skill scroll in his backpack. This was the second time he had received a scroll.

The first time was in the Novice Village. The old village chief had given him three teleportation scrolls.

They were all epic-grade items, but they were one-time consumables. However, this time was different. This scroll was actually a skill-type!

In the early stages of the game, it was basically impossible for players to obtain skills before they arrived at White Fog City to change their class.

Only bosses would drop such skill scrolls.

Lu Chen took a look at the description of this skill scroll.

[Earth Stomp (bronze-grade skill): Uses violent brute force to stomp on enemies within a 500-meter radius, dealing 500 damage and stunning them for one second! Consumes 100 MP per use.]

[Cooldown: 60 minutes]

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[Player can use reputation points to level up the skill!]

Obviously, this was the Wild Boar King’s skill. Such an AOE control skill was practically a monster clearing skill, and it even allowed players to have control over it!

As for reputation points, it could be used to level up his skills! Moreover, he had a feeling that this thing might have other uses in the future. Therefore, Lu Chen did not hesitate and directly chose to learn the skill.

In an instant, a trample mark appeared on the skill pane. On his own panel, there was another silver title.

[First Kill Boss]

[Title: Unique]

[You are the first person in the entire server to kill the boss alone, the system will grant you this honor.]

[The title’s attributes will take effect under any state.]

[Vitality: +50]

[Strength: +50]

[Agility: +50]

[Intelligence: +50]

[Passive: Your damage to elite bosses will be permanently increased by 50%!]


Lu Chen was shocked. He had never thought that being the first to kill a boss would have so many attribute bonuses!

It directly gave him 50 points to four of his attributes!

What kind of concept was this!

With the bonus from this title alone, he would be able to increase his attributes by more than 10 to 20 levels!

More importantly, there was a passive effect of this title that could deal 50% more damage to elite monsters.

This additional passive bonus was a big deal!

In the future, the difficulty of Lu Chen’s solo battle with bosses would become much lower. He could not wait any longer and opened his own attribute panel!

This time, killing a boss had given him a qualitative improvement!

[Name: Morning Mist]

[Level: 8]

[Class: Hero (You may now change classes to War God)]

[Titles: Sword God (hidden), Shield God (hidden), Axe God (hidden), Blade God (hidden), All-rounded Master (hidden)]

[Vitality: 111]

[Strength: 124]

[Agility: 82]

[Intelligence: 106]

[HP: 1,210]

[MP: 1,160]

[Attack: 1,390]

[Defense: 15]

[Magic Defense: 15]

[Reputation: 1,000]

[Skill: Earth Stomp]

[Attack Speed: 8.4]

The luxurious stats on his interface blinded Lu Chen’s eyes!

Under such improvements, Lu Chen was sure that if he were to encounter the Wild Boar King again, his opponent would have died in one single attack!

His current attributes were equivalent to other people’s attribute panels if they were level 20!

Lu Chen looked at the items in his backpack, and his heart was filled with joy.. It seemed that fighting bosses were the fastest way to increase his strength!
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