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Chapter 110: The Mysterious Master Of Second World!

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This was definitely a great harvest for Lu Chen. Now that he had three pets, he could also improve their bloodlines.

Right as Lu Chen was feeling pleased with himself. The Golden Dragon that was lying on the ground suddenly shrunk to only 30 centimeters long.

It was shining with a golden light and looked small and cute.

The miniature Golden Dragon slithered to Lu Chen's feet with a fawning expression. It stretched out its petite and cute head and gently rubbed against Lu Chen's feet. Then, it climbed up along the leg of Lu Chen's pants and climbed into Lu Chen's palm.

This made countless girls behind the livestream room melt.

[Wow, it's so cute! It's so beautiful!]

[How could such a ferocious giant mutant become so small and cute? This is such a big contrast!]

[Morning Mist, can you let this little dragon breed more so we each can have one? I'll give you 100 million dollars for it!]

[What a joke! This is a gold-tier boss! The one it gives birth to must be at least a silver-tier boss, and it also has the bloodline of an Ancient Mutant. You want to buy it with 100 million? I'll give you 1,000 million!]

[Are you kidding me?! What's the point of giving so much money? Right now, the Second World's shops only allow players to buy silver-tier equipment with money.]

[Morning Mist, if you're willing, give me this Golden Dragon. I'm willing to give you some epic equipment!]

[Holy sh*t! Epic equipment?! Where did this person come from? That's crazy!]

[Where did this high-ranking official come from to give epic equipment? As far as I know, even the White Alliance didn't have such amazing things.]

[That's right, that's right. Not to mention the Xiao family, even the Gu family and the Xu family don't have any epic equipment. Who's the person that said that?]

[Hehe, you people are really short-sighted. Who is the Gu family and Xu Family? Who is the Xiao family? I am an existence that you will never be able to look up to. Not just one epic piece of equipment, but we can even take out two or three of them.]

[It's obvious that these two are not the same person. However, both of them seem really arrogant. They actually said that they can take out more than one epic equipment.]

Lu Chen would definitely not change his equipment. His White Fog City equipment set was at least an epic equipment. Meanwhile, this gold-tier boss was definitely more valuable than anything anyone would offer.

However, their offers made the players somewhat suspicious. Could it be that there were still many unknown powerhouses in the Second World?

Were these powerhouses originally in the Second World, or did they grow especially fast after entering the game with everyone else?

Who were these people? Why had there not been any news about them before?

Countless mysteries revolved around these people's short speeches. Their speeches had caused a ripple effect on the calm and still water. Everyone was questioning their existence.

The three-eyed Golden Dragon comes first to Lu Chen because it was indeed very powerful. This strength was far beyond his imagination.

Secondly, because it had trained for hundreds of years, only then did its level and combat ability improve a little.

However, as soon as it became Lu Chen's pet, it immediately increased it's attributes by 10%. This level of growth would take at least thousands of years to improve, but Lu Chen only used one minute to do it!

In an instant, its approval of Lu Chen increased rapidly.

Unfortunately, it did not have an ability to turn into a human form. Otherwise, it would probably be pulling Lu Chen and acting coquettishly.

Although its lifespan had already reached thousands of years, as a snake that was about to become a dragon, it was still considered a child.

Lu Chen looked at the Golden Dragon in front of him and was also very fond of it. "I hope that you can transform into a dragon as soon as possible in the future. From now on, I'll just call you Little Golden Dragon."

When the Little Golden Dragon heard the new name that Lu Chen had given, it instantly fell in love.

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After all, becoming a dragon was its greatest wish, and it was also the greatest wish of all the snakes in the world.

In the distance, Lan Weiwei also transformed into her human form once again. She leaned over and stretched out her hand, aggressively patting the Little Golden Dragon on the head.

Lan Weiwei was taking revenge for the previous battle. Although she could not defeat it, she still had to take revenge for the Little Golden Dragon's current state.

Of course, Lan Weiwei only gave the Little Golden Dragon a welcome slap. Not only did the Little Golden Dragon not dodge, it turned its head and continued to rub against Lan Weiwei's palm. It was quite cute.

Only Rollie, who was looking at the Little Golden Dragon from afar, rolled his eyes. Why did everyone else have such a nice name but himself? Feeling sad, he could only hold the bamboo shoot in his hand and walk further away, leaving behind a fat and lonely figure...

Fortunately, Liu Yang comforted him, and after a while, Rollie returned to his playful nature.

The Little Golden Dragon was intimate with Lu Chen for a while, and then he began to shake his head.

Lu Chen was a little confused.

The Little Golden Dragon shook its head and pointed in a certain direction.

Seeing that Lu Chen did not understand, the Little Golden Dragon was a little anxious. It quickly climbed down Lu Chen's pants and pulled Lu Chen's pants toward the center of the Snake Pond.

The Little Golden Dragon was only 30 centimeters long and did not look big, but it was strong enough to drag Lu Chen forward.

The Little Golden Dragon kept dragging Lu Chen into the Snake Pond. When they reached the edge of the Snake Pond, it even signaled Lan Weiwei to remove the Frost Domain.

The Little Golden Dragon had just joined their team, so Lan Weiwei was still worried. She glanced at Lu Chen.

Although Lu Chen did not understand what the Little Golden Dragon was saying, he knew that the other party did not mean any harm.

Moreover, he had signed a pet contract, so the Little Golden Dragon would never disobey his orders.

Lu Chen nodded at Lan Weiwei, indicating for her to remove the ice seal in the Snake Pond.

In the next moment, a blue halo covering an area of 1,000 meters instantly returned to Lan Weiwei's body.

The Snake Pond, which had been frozen solid, turned into water again, and no traces of the fight could be seen anymore.

The Little Golden Dragon was a little envious of the scene. At the same time, it sighed in his heart. If the other party had not used this skill, he might have been able to escape.

Of course, this was just what it thought. The Snake Pond had already merged with Lu Chen's White Fog City. No matter how deep the Little Golden Dragon escaped, it would still be within the White Fog City's borders.

However, the Little Golden Dragon did not regret it at all. In fact, it even felt like it made the wisest decision of all!
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