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Chapter 111: Snake Pond's Harvest!

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Although the Golden Dragon is an ancient mutant, it had a unique advantage over ordinary creatures.

However, this was also a disadvantage.

After all, it was a mutant, and it had three eyes on its head.

If an ordinary snake wanted to turn into a dragon, they only needed to go through the tribulation step by step.

However, if it wanted to turn into a dragon, even though it could tremendously grow in the beginning, it would be extremely difficult in the later stages.

It had to refine the eye on his forehead in order to succeed. Otherwise, it would only be a demon dragon and not a true dragon.

It knew how difficult it would be.

If the Golden Dragon was not careful, it would die and disappear into ashes.

The reason why it did not attack Rollie earlier was that the other party had extremely strong luck.

If it killed Lu Chen, the Golden Dragon would think of a way to keep Rollie to have an abundance of luck.

During the battle, the Golden Dragon even thought that Lu Chen was constantly taking advantage of Rollie's heaven-sent good luck. Otherwise, he would have died long ago.

However, now, it saw things differently.

Rollie was an Ancient Panda protected by a heavenly blessing. How could that little fellow be easily subdued by a random person?

It was clearly Rollie's luck that allowed him to become Lu Chen's pet!

That was why the Golden Dragon felt that if it followed Lu Chen, the probability of it evolving into a dragon would increase greatly!

If the Little Golden Dragon had refused to become Lu Chen's pet, it would have refused to do so.

Right now, it was already thinking about how to compete with the other two pets to display its greatest value.

Seeing that the Snake Pond had turned into a pool of water again, the Golden Dragon directly dived into the water. Then, it poked his head out to signal for Lu Chen to follow closely.

Lu Chen thought for a moment and waved at Liu Yang.

Liu Yang walked over and very consciously gave him a diving suit that suited Lu Chen's figure.

After Lu Chen put it on, he immediately jumped into the water.

Immediately after, Lu Chen's powerful physical fitness and combat standards were revealed.

Back then, Hou Zi, who was a member of the Dragon Team, had swam for nearly an hour. Lu Chen, on the other hand, had only spent less than 20 minutes to get into the place where Hou Zi was, that was where the silver boss had been.

If Hou Zi had been here to witness it, he would have been dumbfounded. The place where the silver boss had been was not the deepest part of the Snake Pond.

Without the silver boss covering the place, one could see that it was dozens more meters deeper.

Lu Chen swam through the hole. It took him nearly half an hour to reach the deepest part of the Snake Pond.

This was the Golden Dragon's territory, the deepest part of the Snake Pond.

After swimming in the dark for nearly an hour, Lu Chen could not tell when he entered the Golden Dragon's territory!

Here, countless gold coins were piled up into a small mountain, shining with a dazzling light.

At the highest point of the pile of gold was a huge luminous pearl, and it emitted a light that illuminated the entire cave!

On top of that, there were not only countless gold coins, but also countless kinds of rare treasures.

The impact this brought to Lu Chen was far more shocking than the scene in the silver warehouse when he first arrived at White Fog City.

This was the bottom of the Snake Pond. No one would come here. Where did the treasures come from?

It was unlikely that the two bosses had looted these items from the players outside because the current players were all very poor.

Suddenly, Lu Chen thought of a possibility… The Little Golden Dragon had lived here for thousands of years. If it had been collecting these items for thousands of years, then it was not impossible!

However, this also meant that there were definitely older players in the Second World!

Moreover, the strength of these older players would definitely be high.

If they were just ordinary players, they would definitely not come to a place like the Snake Pond, which was deep down under. One had to know that the Little Golden Dragon had already been a gold boss over a thousand years ago. 

Those who dared to come here were all experts!

Even if they could not defeat Lu Chen, they were still experts who could rival the Dragon Slayer Team. In addition, Lu Chen had long since guessed that there used to be people residing in White Fog City. However, they were just not there now. This meant that the city was a ruined city.

Who were the people who had come to this ruined city?

The low-level refugees?!

The low-level criminals?!

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The possibilities were endless!

How high was the overall combat strength of the Second World's original players? And how many experts had come here?

If they were all like him, people from the original world. Did they harbor strong enmity?

Once the Second World and the original world truly merged, would the original world collapse?

This series of thoughts flashed through Lu Chen's mind like a movie.

It made him extremely terrified.

At this moment, Lu Chen suddenly realized that there was an ancient scroll buried in the gold coins.

He curiously walked forward and took out the scroll. When he opened it, he saw that it was a skill.

[Water Avoidance: By cultivating this skill, one could be like a fish. Players can freely swim in the water without needing air to breathe.]

When Lu Chen saw this skill, he was delighted.

"I want to learn this!"

In the next second, the scroll disappeared. Following that, a light green light surrounded Lu Chen. Three seconds later, the light disappeared.

Lu Chen tried to remove the oxygen mask that was stuck to his mouth and slowly breathed.

At this moment, he actually felt as if he was on land. He was able to absorb the oxygen in the water and convert it to breathable air for his lungs!

He even felt that his breathing at this moment was even more comfortable than in the air, as though he had been a fish all along!

It was too strange!

This skill was absolutely practical!

If the Little Golden Dragon had hidden at the bottom of the Snake Pond and Lu Chen wanted to defeat him, the only way was to use the White Fog City Lord's special effect to directly teleport to the bottom of the Snake Pond to eliminate him.

However, once the other party was not in White Fog City, this method would lose its effectiveness.

Fortunately everything was different now. No matter how deep the other party swam in, he could freely fight underwater!

He carefully looked at the surroundings of the gold piled mountain. There were at least five to six skill scrolls in his field of vision.

Lu Chen opened them one by one. As he expected, the skill scrolls here were all the most basic skill scrolls.

This proved that none of the players who came here were experts. However, these things could be of value to some other people.

He continued to search for more skill books.

The remaining skills were not worth the time for Lu Chen, so he did not learn them.

Now, another question arose. How should he take away all these things?

The Golden Dragon who was being triumphant at the side seemed to know what Lu Chen meant and slipped into the mountain of gold.

After about five or six seconds, a little golden head popped out again, and there was a ring in his mouth!

Lu Chen's eyes lit up. It was an Interspatial Ring!
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