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Chapter 112: No Mishaps Allowed

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Little Golden Dragon was smart!

Lu Chen rubbed Little Golden dragon's head happily, then took the Interspatial Ring. The ring was bronze in color, and there was a dark blue gemstone inlaid on it. There were specks of stars within, and it was unknown what flickered inside. It looked like a brilliant starry sky, deep and mysterious.

Inside, it felt like one was looking at the milky way from far away.

Lu Chen quickly checked the information on the ring.

[Name: Interspatial Ring]

[Rank: Silver]

[Size: 200m]

[Remark: Able to store inanimate objects (can be upgraded).]

Seeing this, Lu Chen's mood lightened up. The 200 cubic meters of gold coins in front of him should be able to fit in this ring!

Even if there was some surplus, he had long thought of what to do with it. Little Golden Dragon had given him such a big surprise, so he had to properly reward him.

Then, he put the gold coins into his Interspatial Ring. The rest of the rare treasures, such as the bones of various beasts, were left.

Then, Lu Chen's Little Golden Dragon ran over with a puzzled but happy face. The next moment, a title appeared above Lu Chen's head.

[Taming God]

[Bloodline Enhancement: You can sacrifice treasures and equipment you obtain to increase your pet's bloodline. The higher the level of the bloodline, the stronger the pet's attributes and skills will be.]

Then, Lu Chen picked out something that looked like a snake scale from the pile of beast bones.

This scale looked extremely huge. The size of this scale was dozens of meters wide.

It was a Dragon Scale.

A true dragon scale could nourish dragon-type creatures and increase their strength.

Little Golden Dragon tilted its head and looked at Lu Chen. It did not understand why Lu Chen stood beside this scale.

The reason why it evolved so quickly was because of this Dragon Scale.

The next moment, something appeared. Lu Chen waved his hand, and the Dragon Scale that was more than a hundred square meters melted. It was like a liquid, condensing into a ball.

Then, there was something inside that kept peeling off and splitting apart.

That feeling was as if impurities were being removed.

Even so, the ball was the size of a room. Then, this liquid-like scale that flickered with golden light spun rapidly. As it spun, it threw out all kinds of impurities from it. It took half a minute before it stopped.

At this time, the Dragon Scale had turned into the size of a fist.

This was simply too magical to Little Golden Dragon. It had tried countless times to refine this scale before, but no matter what it did, it could not cause any damage to the scale.

However, Lu Chen had condensed it into its purest form in less than ten seconds. The rich nutrients inside had already made the Little Golden Dragon drool.

It was sure that it contained a pure dragon bloodline inside!

However, Lu Chen made Little Golden Dragon wait a while longer.

He turned his head and purified the other treasures. All of them had been purified by the Taming God's Bloodline Enhancement skill. Then, with a bunch of items in his hands, he brought the Little Golden Dragon back to land.

As soon as Lu Chen went ashore, he threw the diving suit to Liu Yang.

The audience had sharp eyes, so they analyzed the diving suit.

[Why does this diving suit look familiar to me?]

[I think I've seen it somewhere before.]

[Oh right, the badge on the chest of the diving suit seems to be the serial number of a party.]

[D*mn, that looks like it's from the Dragon Slayer Team. Isn't that the symbol of the Dragon Team?]

[So, the person who killed the silver boss boss before was a member of the Dragon Team?]

[That's awesome. I'm impressed!]

[Awesome my *ss. Didn't you see the equipment dropped by the Golden Dragon?]

[What equipment? The Golden Dragon was killed by Morning Mist!]

[How tragic! How easy was it for Lu Chen to kill the Little Golden Dragon? I think it must have been as easy as the Dragon Team getting killed!]

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[I don't know if you guys saw it clearly, but there were five pieces of equipment on the ground. In other words, there were probably five of them that got killed.]

[That's right! There are also five backpacks. It seems that the members of the Dragon Team aren't that good either. They're far inferior to Morning Mist.]

[Morning Mist is not a person, he's a god! Think about it, are there any ordinary players who can even kill a gold boss?] 

[No one would!]

[Even if they send 10,000 players over, they'll still be sending their people to death. 50,000 of them would not even be enough to win.]

[Hey! Watch it, the Dragon Team is very strong!]

[That's right. The Dragon Team is very powerful. It's just that Morning Mist is even stronger.]

In the meeting room of the high-level officials of the Dragon Country.

Everyone watched the live stream while comments flashed past.

The meeting room was the opposite of the livestream, it was extremely quiet.

The members of Li Xiaotian's Dragon Slayer Team were shivering and dared not to speak. All the high-level officials of the Dragon Country were sitting in their seats with extremely gloomy faces.

"First elder, I think we're just unlucky..."

"Shut up!"

First elder interrupted a member of the Dragon Slayer Team, "All of you, remember, luck is also a part of strength!

"If you're not convinced, then raise your level, raise your combat strength, and beat up Lu Chen! "Go and farm a monster stronger than his pet!

"Otherwise, shut up!

"I won't allow any of you to be jealous and say something out of spite."

Then, the first elder raised his head and slowly glanced at the senior leaders. He said, "I think it's time to start that plan."

When the other senior leaders, including the chief third in charge, heard the first elder's words, they could not help but be shocked.

The chief third in charge frowned and thought for a full three minutes before asking, "First elder, are you confident in that? Won't there be too many casualties?

"These people are all elites of our Dragon Country. I don't want them to have any mishaps."

The first elder took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression, "They've been living a comfortable life for too long. It's time for them to learn.

"They won't be able to grow quickly without experiencing violent storms.

"It must be known that the other countries have long sent their elite soldiers to the most dangerous places to train.

"Although Lu Chen is the hope of our Dragon Country, people will sometimes fail. If one day Lu Chen really fails, what will our Dragon Country do?

"At that time, who would we turn to? If they don't train now, they will die in the future.

"Therefore, we must cultivate more talents like Lu Chen. In order to achieve this goal, even if there are sacrifices to be made now, it will all be worth it."

The chief third in charge was silent for a long time, but in the end, he agreed with a sigh.
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