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Chapter 113: Mission Mass Grave!

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Then, he looked up at the hundreds of soldiers in front of him. His eyes betrayed a trace of reluctance. Then, he averted his gaze, not daring to look at them again.

In the end, the chief third in charge got up and left. When he reached the door, he seemed to have suddenly remembered something. He turned his head slightly and spoke to the rest of them in the room.

"Then… let's do as the first elder says. However, I don't want unnecessary sacrifices to occur in Dragon Country.

"First elder, you must give me the best equipment for these soldiers.

"There's no need to ask for approval, just take the money and use it directly."

The other senior leaders of the Dragon Country followed the footsteps of the chief and left the conference room. For a while, the entire conference room was filled with the warriors of the Dragon Country.

The warriors looked at each other, not knowing what had happened.

The first elder cleared his throat slightly, then looked at all the warriors with a serious expression. "I think you should know about Li Xiaotian's Dragon Slayer Team. Their goal was to go to the Snake Pond to defeat the silver boss.

"But that was not their final goal.

"The Snake Pond was only the first step of their training.

"According to their original plan, they wanted to kill the silver boss of the Snake Pond, upgrade their equipment, and then go to another place to improve their strength.

"When that happens, they were even going to bring all of you along.

"Destroying the Snake Pond was originally part of their plan. If it weren't for the appearance of a gold boss like the Golden Dragon, the Snake Pond would have been destroyed long ago. "Moreover, there wouldn't have been any casualties.

"The place that you guys are going to next is a place where you will have a slim chance of survival!

"If any of you guys want to quit now, you can tell me. I know that it's not easy for you guys to reach your current level.

"But I have to say, if you guys go to that place, your strength will definitely improve by leaps and bounds!"

All the members of the Dragon Slayer Team looked at each other. 

They were not prepared for this at all. They had never heard of what the first elder was talking about.

Only the members of the Dragon Slayer Team looked at each other with a hint of worry in their eyes. Although the warriors did not know what the first elder was talking about, they were all well-trained top-notch warriors who had participated in the battle for many years. They would never back down knowing what was going to be in store for them.

After a few seconds of doubt, they looked at the first elder with determination again. There was no fear or cowardice in their eyes.

The first elder looked at them and revealed a satisfied expression. "Alright, then I'll cut to the chase. The place you're going to next is the Mass Grave!"

As soon as he said this, the entire place was in an uproar.

There were six silver territories around White Fog City.

Among these six, the strongest were the Ancient Ash Wolf King and the Ancient Fire Tiger.

Of course, the Golden Dragon in the Snake Pond was not included. After all, it was not supposed to be there.

If one counted the Little Golden Dragon, it would definitely be the strongest of these territories.

There was only one exception, and that was the Mass Grave.

According to the Dragon Country's statistics, the number of players that went to the Mass Grave was the lowest, but the death rate was definitely the highest.

Some people even claimed that they had discovered existences as powerful as silver bosses even on the outskirts of the Mass Grave.

Moreover, according to different players, they had not seen the same silver lord twice. This also meant that the bizarre existences in the Mass Grave were far stronger than the other five domains.

After a long period of time, the Mass Grave had become a forbidden area for players.

However, there were also many players who had picked up extremely powerful equipment inside. Some players had even picked up legendary equipment, becoming the strongest batch of players.

Even so, everyone knew that these opportunities were hard to come by. If anyone went in, they would definitely die.

Even those who got lucky in the Mass Grave kept a tight lid on the situation inside. From this, one could see that the danger inside was beyond people's imagination.

What was ridiculous was that the first elder of the Dragon Team dared to give such an order. It definitely took a lot of courage to say this.

The first elder was extremely satisfied when he saw that none of the Warriors had a hint of cowardice in their eyes. He raised his hands high and continued.

"Originally, we planned to let the Dragon Slayer Team return from the Snake Pond and lead everyone into the Mass Grave.

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"With the five of them leading the way, the dangers involved would be much less.

"However, as you can see, the existence of the Golden Dragon has caused the entire Dragon Slayer Team to be annihilated. So I temporarily transferred the Soul Slayer squad back from abroad to carry out their mission here. They will lead the charge in the Mass Graves for you!

"You are all heroes of the Dragon Country. I will be here to look forward to your triumphant return."

Hearing the words Soul Slayer Team, the eyes of all the warriors suddenly lit up. If they were determined to serve their country with their lives, then at this moment, they really lit up with hope.

This was because the Soul Slayer Team was one of the few existences in the Dragon Team that could be compared to the Dragon Slayer Team.

More importantly, the Soul Slayer Team often carried out missions in the country, dealing with extreme emergencies in a dangerous environment.

This was similar to the situation in the Snake Pond. Only the final destination would have a boss.

The Soul Slayer squad fought in foreign war-torn places all year round, where danger was everywhere.

They would not know when someone would fire at them with a heavy weapon, so they had to have constant vigilance.

Their alertness and sensitivity to danger were far greater than anyone else's.

The situation in the Mass Graves happened to coincide with their usual environment. With their leadership, their chances of survival would be greatly increased.

Although the Dragon Slayer Team and the Soul Slayer Team were rivals, they were constantly competing with each other in the open and in the dark. They were unwilling to admit that the other party was stronger than them.

However, under the circumstances that they were going to the Mass Grave, even the members of the Dragon Slayer Team had to admit that the Soul Slayer squad was more fit to lead them.

In the livestream. Finally, some sharp-eyed viewers noticed that Lu Chen was not wearing a diving suit when he left the Snake Pond.

[What's going on? Why wasn't Morning Mist wearing a diving suit when he came out?]

[Could it be that he can hold his breath forever?]

[That's unlikely. If he can hold his breath, why did he wear a diving suit when he entered the Snake Pond?]

[Morning Mist seems to have a lot of secrets.]

[If Morning Mist didn't have this many tricks up his sleeve, he wouldn't have survived until now.]

[The f*ck! What was that thing that Morning Mist threw on the ground like a piece of trash?]

[That seems to be a skill scroll?]

[No way, no way. Morning Mist actually has dozens of skill scrolls that he just threw like trash?]

[Why did he throw it away? Don't break it.. It makes my heart ache just looking at it.]
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