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Chapter 114: Time To Get Rid Of Them

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[Is this the strength of White Fog City? This is insane!]

[Morning Mist is awesome. I want to be his fan!]

[I'm in White Fog City now. Where can I buy these skill scrolls? I want to buy them!]

[Something's wrong. Morning Mist has never taken out this item before. It seems that these skill scrolls were obviously fished out from the bottom of the Snake Pond!]

[It's over. The gap between the rich and the poor has widened. We will never be able to catch up to Morning Mist in this lifetime.]

Lu Chen gave Liu Yang a look. Liu Yang immediately understood and directly pushed the focus of the phone camera towards the dozens of skill scrolls on the ground.

This made all the viewers in the livestream room feel as if they could get their hands on them easily.

[I can't, I can't, I have to buy it, I have to buy it, I have to buy it! Is it too late for me to sell my house and buy it now?]

[I see it, there's a Fireball spell, d*mn! A freaking Fireball spell!]

[There's also a Holy Light spell! I want to change my job to a Light Mage, I want that!]

[There's also a cultivation technique in there! All kinds of cultivation techniques to strengthen one's physique, those are used by people who want to improve on their physique!]

[Not only that, I think there are sword techniques, blade techniques, and fist manuals inside!]

Seeing that the effects had been achieved, Lu Chen no longer kept them in suspense, he directly said to Liu Yang, "Take these skill scrolls to White Fog City. Someone will take care of them. Tell them to have the craftsmen do their best to copy these skill scrolls. Set a normal price for them to be sold to the public.]

As soon as these words were said, the livestream room immediately went into an uproar. This would benefit the public.

[He is such a good person. Such a man would live a peaceful life!]

[Before, I was still hesitating whether I should enter White Fog City. Now that I see the scrolls, I have to go even if I have to sell everything I own!]

[You're all fools if you don't want to get into the city now, you know that right? If you don't change your class, your combat power will be greatly reduced!]

[I have to change my class for these skill books! I originally wanted to exchange the gold coins here for money and take them to the main world to have fun. Now it seems that I can't do this!]

[Everyone, pay attention. I think the main world and the Second World seem to be a little similar now. I suggest for you to not excessively spend your money. In the future, they might be of great use in the Second World.]

Although the high-level officials of the Dragon Country had been keeping the news under wraps, there were always some smart people who would discover the problems in the Second World being transferred to the real world and even feel that the Second World might be merging.

The Dragon Country did not even try to reject the idea because everyone would know about this sooner or later. The earlier they knew, the better the overall strength of the Dragon Country would be.

In the Western Castle, Xiao Bai watched the scene of Lu Chen reaping a bountiful harvest. He snorted coldly and threw a punch at the television in front of him.

The speed of his fist directly compressed the air in front of him. Then, the television exploded into pieces across space.

Xiao Bai gritted his teeth so hard that it made creaking sounds.

He knew that Lu Chen would definitely be able to defeat this gold boss. They were both City Lords now, he knew how powerful being a City Lord could be.

However, he never thought that the other party would actually be able to take the Golden Dragon as a pet and obtain so many benefits at the same time.

Lu Chen was even scheming, he used just a few dozen skill scrolls to capture over a million viewers to come to White Fog City.

One must know that the greatest influence of a city's strength was its population. Whoever could have more city residents would have a stronger city.

However, Xiao Bai was not afraid at the moment because the quality of the city he obtained was far better than Lu Chen's.

This was because when Xiao Bai faced the challenge of the Guardian General that he was in, his strength was far stronger than what Lu Chen had shown back then.

Therefore, the Guardian General had specially upgraded and strengthened the city before he left. Therefore, in terms of the strength of the city, Xiao Bai was enough to crush Lu Chen.

If it were not for the old fellows in the Western Castle who did not agree with him bringing the city to fight, he would have come to the Dragon country himself to fight Lu Chen to the death.

"D*mn it. If I can't get rid of those old fellows, this Lu Chen will continue to grow.

"This group of old fools. They don't know how big a threat Lu Chen is.

"Perhaps they are thinking that after Lu Chen kills me, they can support other puppets to ascend to the throne and become the City Lord of Giant Lizard City.

"If Lu Chen was really defeated, would they think I'd give them a chance? How naive.

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"It seems that in order for this city to truly be used by me, there are some people that I have to get rid of."

Xiao Bai's expression was uncertain at first, then, he finally revealed a fierce expression.

In Frost Country, many people were watching Lu Chen's new loot in the livestream room.

It was one thing for Lu Chen to defeat the Golden Dragon, but it was another for him to take it as a pet. Not only did he increase the strength of his pet, but he even obtained so many scrolls. This made them so jealous that their teeth were grinding against each other.

[Those skill scrolls clearly belong to our country. Look at the words on them. Aren't they similar to our country's ancient characters?]

[Stealing is shameful. Morning Mist, please return our country's things to us.]

[I specialize in studying ancient civilizations in the Frost country. In our ancient legends, there is indeed a snake with three eyes, so this Golden Dragon is very likely to be our guardian. Please return it to us!]

[Please don't touch the harvest in the Snake Pond. Our country will have people specialized in retrieving it.]

The people of the Frost Country in the livestream room refreshed everyone's worldview.

How could the others tolerate this?

[This is too shameless. What else belongs to Frost Country?]

[Just say that our entire Dragon Country belongs to your country and be done with it!]

[Why didn't you say anything before Morning Mist defeated it? Why didn't you come? Why are you pretending it belongs to you only now?]

[That's right. A few days ago, you guys had a livestream. You guys defeated a silver boss, and a lot of people died.]

[If you guys had told Morning Mist to stay still before he defeated this gold boss, I would have respected your decisions!]

]Now that the Golden Dragon has been tamed, don't you feel ashamed to say something like this?]

The Koreans did not seem to feel embarrassed at all. They insisted that the entire Snake Pond belonged to them.

There were even some shameless people who asked Lu Chen to hand over the method to tame the Golden Dragon..

Of course, these people were immediately blocked by Liu Yang.

Lu Chen then said to Liu Yang in front of millions of viewers, "Take these skill scrolls and send them to White Fog City."

Liu Yang was a little shocked.

After all, these skill scrolls were priceless.

Lu Chen had given him this task because he trusted him.

More importantly, he did not even have that much confidence in himself. What if he was robbed of such a valuable item?
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