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Chapter 115: Mission Mass Grave, Lu Chen's Approval

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The items that Liu Yang obtained were not only priceless, they could not even be bought with money. Not to mention the envy of the other foreign players who were watching the stream, even the ordinary players of the Dragon Country would be envious.

Lu Chen saw his worry and said with a smile, "Don't worry, no one will dare to steal my things. If someone steals them, I will make sure that they will be respawned a hundred times at the Resurrection Point!"

Originally, some people still harbored evil thoughts in the livestream. However, when Lu Chen said these words, they suddenly felt a chill on the back of their necks!

This was because they could tell that Lu Chen was not lying. This was something that Lu Chen could do, and he had done it before.

The last time it happened, the direct descendant of the Xiao family, and even the future leader, Xiao Chuan, had threatened Lu Chen to attack his family. Lu Chen had really been waiting at the Resurrection Point and killed him a hundred times.

Xiao Chuan did not dare to go online anymore, and because of this, he had been feeling weak. This also meant that he had lost the opportunity to lead the White Alliance to rise, and he had lost his position in the Xiao family.

If the Xiao family could still endure this, then so be it. Facing the disaster of the destruction of the Dragon Country, this was something that no one could bear.

Even a behemoth like the Xiao family had vanished into thin air. Who among the ordinary people would dare to bear the misfortune of Lu Chen?

In particular, everything that Lu Chen did was in line with the interests of the Dragon Country and the interests of millions of players. If someone really went to deal with Lu Chen, the country probably would not have to do anything, those millions or even tens of millions of players would be at the Resurrection Point, waiting for the thief.

Liu Yang made his way knowing that he is protected. Then, Lu Chen received a call.

It was from the first elder of the Dragon Team. "Kid, you did well just now. If I were to farm that gold-tier boss in real life, it would be very difficult for me to finish it off in a short period of time."

Lu Chen smiled faintly. "I used a trick. If it wasn't for the title City Lord of White Fog City, it might not have been so easy."

On the other end of the phone, the first elder raised his eyebrows slightly.

Lu Chen's words were very particular. Lu Chen only said that it would not be so easy to defeat the Little Golden Dragon, but he did not say that he defeated it.

This meant that the first elder was far from seeing through Lu Chen's methods. He definitely had other trump cards.

When he thought of this, the first elder could not help but narrow his eyes slightly.

This Lu Chen, who had once shocked them countless times, was practically the strongest player in the Second World. Just how many more tricks did he have hidden behind his back?

If he really displayed them, just how powerful could he be?

"Kid, the Dragon Country needs someone as powerful as you to appear.

"I understand the meaning of your livestreams. Only by properly displaying your strength will more people be willing to follow you and listen to your orders.

"You must also remember that people must learn to hide their strength and also have a trick up their sleeve.

"You've done a good job till this point, but I still have to remind you that other people will only respect and fear you when they can't figure out your strength.

"When you reveal your true self, no matter how strong you are, your shortcomings will be discovered by new people.

"However, don't be afraid. The Dragon Country has your back!

"If you have any problems that you can't solve, feel free to contact me!"

Lu Chen felt a surge of warmth in his heart when he heard the first elder's words.

At the same time, he was also a little surprised. According to what he knew, there were not many experts in the Dragon Team anymore. The only one who could be considered as an expert was probably the first elder.

However, the first elder's current strength should be similar to his own. What kind of confidence did he have to dare to say this?

Lu Chen was also clear that the vast history of the Dragon Country was 5,000 years. The foundation of this 1,000 year old ancient country was indeed not to be underestimated.

In these 5,000 years, the Dragon Country had not only accumulated resources and money, but also many unknown forces.

Although he had been the one who had destroyed the Xiao family, Lu Chen believed that there must be some trump cards that had not been used in the Dragon Country.

Especially a few hours ago, the team leader of the Dragon Team, Liu Changping, had mentioned to him that the other ancient civilizations discussed in the high-level meeting of the Dragon Country had already entered the Second World long ago.

Lu Chen absolutely did not believe that the Dragon Country, which had maintained its culture for the longest time and was once the largest country in the world in terms of size and strength, would really lag so far behind in the exploration of the Second World.

One had to know that since ancient times, the Dragon Country had been a powerful country that was worshiped by all nations.

Whether it was the easterners or the westerners, they all came to the Dragon Country to worship them.

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Therefore, how could such a powerful existence have fallen so much during the last few hundred years.

Perhaps it was a time node. Something must have happened during that time period to cause the country's strength to rapidly decline!

Moreover, the first elder might not know all of this. Even if he knew, this was probably the highest-level secret of the Dragon Country.

If he wanted to understand all of this, he still needed to slowly explore it himself.

At this time, the words of the first elder once again disturbed Lu Chen's thoughts. "Kid, I have an idea. I wonder if you are willing to listen to it?"

"If you have something to say I will listen."

"You should be clear about the Mass Grave in the silver-rank territory, right? I want to let the warriors of the Dragon Country go in and farm monsters, but I'm afraid their strength is far from enough."

Lu Chen was a little puzzled. "Oh? As far as I know, the warriors of the Dragon Country are all top-notch talents that are one in a thousand. "Anyone who can enter the Dragon Team is one in ten thousand in the army.

"Their military quality, especially in team battles, should be no problem. Even a silver-tier boss can be killed. First elder do you think that there's a gold-tier boss in the Mass Grave?"

"I'm not sure, but I think there must be one.

"According to the information we've gathered, there are at least 10 silver-tier equipment and silver-tier monsters in the Mass Grave.

"The real question is, who is controlling all of them?

"How terrifying can such an existence be to control so many silver monsters?

"You should know that even the Golden Dragon in your hand only has one silver-tier female snake as its subordinate.

"The Mass Grave has been nurtured for countless years, and all sorts of strange monsters have already appeared.

"If there weren't gold bosses in the Mass Grave, I'm sure that there would have been all sorts of riots.

"Although the level structure of the Mass Grave isn't as orderly as the other five territories…

"I believe that there are very likely to be some unique existences in it.

"And these things are very likely to cause heavy casualties among the warriors of the Dragon Country, and it could cause the strength of the entire Dragon Country to drop. This is something I don't want to see."

Lu Chen nodded slightly. Indeed, the Dragon Country was using him as a shield. He did not want any accidents to happen to the Dragon Country. It was his home ground.

Moreover, the silver equipment in the Mass Grave was no longer of any use to him.

If he was only farming monsters, there was no point in farming silver monsters anymore. He might as well find some goons to help him clear a path.

After pondering for a moment, Lu Chen directly asked, "I'll do it, but what would I gain from this?"
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