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Chapter 116: Three Pieces Of Silver Equipment

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After hearing Lu Chen's words, the first elder was not displeased at all. On the contrary, he was very satisfied.

If anyone else heard that Lu Chen was a citizen of the Dragon Country and wanted to be rewarded for doing something for the Dragon Country, they would definitely think that Lu Chen was asking for too much. He had no patriotism and was only interested in profit.

However, as a top-notch master and a high-ranking member of the Dragon Country, the first elder had a strategic vision.

Although everyone was equal in this world, the strong always had special privileges.

Lu Chen dared to propose conditions. Firstly, it meant that he had enough confidence to go through with the plan. At least, he had enough confidence to protect these people from the Dragon Team to go into the Mass Grave.

His strength itself was incomparable, and this point of value was also enough.

Moreover, although Lu Chen was a citizen of the Dragon Country and was in the Dragon Team, he was completely different from the other members.

The other members of the Dragon Team were carefully nurtured by the country, and they had paid a huge price.

However, Lu Chen had been forced into the group by the country to monitor him.

The Dragon Country did not help him in any way. Even the matter of eliminating the Xiao family was done with Lu Chen as the vanguard. To be precise, the most important person in the entire process was Lu Chen.

If it were not for Lu Chen, the country would not have rashly attacked such a colossus family.

After all, there were still experts from the Xiao clan who had entered the Second World ruins. As a national treasure, the Dragon Country had to consider the overall situation. It was impossible for then to act rashly against the Xiao clan.

If it were not for Lu Chen taking care of Xiao Bai, the Xiao clan might not have been able to be eliminated so smoothly. Now, he would have to bear the responsibility of eliminating the Xiao clan.

It could be said that the Dragon Country owed Lu Chen a huge favor.

Now that Lu Chen had made his own request regarding the matter of leading the team, the first elder would not feel too guilty toward Lu Chen. This was also why the first elder was satisfied with his request.

The first elder laughed and said, "Haha, you brat! I knew you would say this. But don't worry, I've already made preparations for it.

"I'll provide you with three silver treasures and one gold treasure."

When the first elder mentioned the equipment he had prepared for himself, Lu Chen was slightly surprised.

Silver treasures could only be dropped by silver bosses. The chances of obtaining one silver treasure by killing weak monsters were very low. Silver treasures could only be obtained by killing millions or even tens of millions of small monsters.

As for gold equipment, one had to obtain some hidden maps, hidden monsters, and special monsters to obtain them.

Since the first elder had been able to collect these treasures and obtain these items, it meant that these treasures were only a small portion of the first elder's wealth. They were not enough to deal any damage to the Dragon Country.

Moreover, if nothing unexpected happened, these treasures would have been given to the Dragon Country's warriors.

Only the warriors of the Dragon Country could have such high awareness and hand over such a top-tier treasure to the kingdom. Otherwise, if it had been an ordinary player, they would have kept it for themselves long ago.

Of course, it was possible that some of the equipment was also obtained by ordinary players, and they would auction it on the dark net in exchange for money. After all, it was impossible for ordinary players to keep a piece of top-tier equipment without being hunted.

Not to mention, the Second World was extremely difficult for ordinary people. If they were not careful, they would die and return to the Resurrection Point and lose their equipment.

Most importantly, one should never underestimate the charm of top-tier equipment. Unless one's level was very high, it would attract the covetous eyes of countless people.

Therefore, placing it on the dark net was the best choice.

These equipment would be collected by the country through various means and channels on the dark net, becoming the country's reserve.

Although Lu Chen had long understood that the country's reserve was far beyond his imagination, he would never have thought that the first elder would actually take out a piece of gold-grade equipment as a reward for him.

Could it be that for the Dragon Country, gold-grade equipment could be given away at will?

If the first elder knew what Lu Chen was thinking, he would definitely be laughing. Not just gold-grade equipment, even silver-grade equipment was extremely rare. The gold-grade equipment he will be giving would be enough to make the first elder's heart ache for a very long time.

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However, the first elder knew clearly in his heart that if one gold-grade equipment and three silver-grade equipment were added together, it would be worth it even if it is just one step closer to keeping Lu Chen by the Dragon Country's side.

This was especially so for the members of the Xiao family who had been locked up by the country. Because of the existence of Xiao Bai and the people who had entered the ruins, it would be impossible for them to be dealt with casually.

It was very likely that Lu Chen would have to deal with all of this in the future.

Now that Lu Chen had made a request, the first elder was absolutely confident that Lu Chen would definitely be interested in the equipment that he had prepared.

"The first silver-tier treasure is called the Swift Boots. When you wear it, your movement speed will be doubled, and at any critical moment, you will be able to increase your speed by twentyfold. 

"The distance you can maintain can reach up to one hundred meters. I think you should know the importance of this critical moment in a battle."

The first elder deliberately put on a casual tone. However, when he heard the reward, Lu Chen's heart was slightly delighted.

In the world of martial arts, speed was the only thing that could not be broken. Even in the online gaming world, this was an eternal law. The importance of the Swift Boots was not only to be one step ahead of the enemy when facing them, but to strike first and put the enemy down as soon as possible.

More importantly, if there was a critical situation at the critical moment, they could also quickly retreat. This kind of treasure was definitely a top-notch weapon that could combine both offense and defense in a battle.

Although Lu Chen did not say anything, the first elder on the other end of the phone could definitely imagine how shocked Lu Chen was at this moment.

When the first elder thought of Lu Chen's shocked look, he secretly laughed in his heart. He happily continued to explain the other equipment to him.

"The second piece of silver-tier equipment. To be exact, it's not silver-tier. In fact, it's not even considered to be an original product of the Second World.

"There was an expert from the Beauty Country who farmed gold equipment.

"After that, the Beauty Country paid a huge price to obtain the research rights for this equipment."

When Lu Chen heard this, although he did not comment on it, he silently compared it to the soldiers of the Dragon Country.

The soldiers of the Dragon Country had discovered so much top-tier equipment, but they did not take it for themselves. Instead, they handed it over to the country with a collective consciousness.

Because they knew that without the training and help of the country, they would not have achieved what they had today.

However, Beauty Country was completely different. In their eyes, individual heroism was far more than collectivism. Those top-tier treasures were just obtained, there was no need to hand them over to the country.

Even if the country wanted to study them, they would have to pay a high price.

The first elder continued, "The Beauty Country gathered countless top-notch researchers to conduct day and night research on this gold-tier flying equipment, and finally, they have created an Exoskeleton Wingsuit!"
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