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Chapter 117: Exoskeleton Wingsuit!

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After the first elder brought up the concept of the Exoskeleton Wingsuit, he continued, "The Exoskeleton Wingsuit would not allow you to fly freely in the air…

"However, with this Exoskeleton Wingsuit, you can glide in the air. On the other hand, humans can rely on their amazing jumping ability to jump into the air and glide to battle.

"Moreover, it's equipped with some high-tech propulsion technology, so it could fly and stay in the air for a short period of time. Acceleration is also possible with this suit.

"The most important thing is that ordinary equipment from the main world could not be brought into the Second World, but this Exoskeleton Wingsuit is completely different.

"It could be freely brought into the Second World. It was said that it was because the Beauty Country had obtained a special rare crystal.

"That's why there are only ten Exoskeleton Wingsuits in the entire world. Our Dragon Country also spent an extremely high price to obtain one of them."

This equipment was too important. With it, it could be said that they had gained the right to control the air.

Lu Chen's eyes flickered slightly. Although this equipment was not a top-tier gold-tier equipment, it was still very useful.

The greatest weakness of humans was that they could not fight in the water or fly in the air. Therefore, when humans were in the sea, their strength would be greatly reduced.

However, Lu Chen had already found a solution in Little Golden Dragon's cave.

However, there was no effective way to attack other creatures in the air.

In the real world, humans could use cannons and airplanes to attack. However, in the online game world, once a monster could fly, other than players like archers, no one else could do anything. They could only passively take a beating.

Even archers had a high casualty rate. After all, not everyone had the title of Bow God like Lu Chen. Not everyone could hit every target.

However, now that he might have the Exoskeleton Wingsuit, he could be invincible now.

Even if he was attacked by flying monsters, he would not be afraid.

This was also one of the reasons why Lu Chen did not go to the Bat Cave.

If he had this item, he would be able to fight with the Ancient Ash Wolf King and the Little Golden Dragon. It would be like adding wings to a pig!

The first elder continued, "The third item is a Disguise Mask. The only effect of this mask is to change a person's appearance. It can even change a person's figure to a certain extent.

"This kind of mask was collected by the Dragon Team from an elder when they besieged the Xiao family. 

"Logically speaking, you should have rights to this mask in the first place."

It had to be said that this Disguise Mask could be really important to Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was now too famous. He was a top player in the world and also the City Lord of White Fog City.

In the Dragon Country, only he could let players change their class.

Moreover, in the region that the people of the Dragon Country could enter, only White Fog City could accept trade.

Because at present, the various game regions were not connected to each other, only in the real world could players enter other countries to enter the cities outside of White Fog City.

In particular, Lu Chen's all kinds of battle achievements, defeating the strong with the weak, and even killing the strong with instant kills were shared everywhere.

This extraordinary battle record made countless people worship him. His appearance was now also remembered by everyone. No matter where he went, others would look at him with admiration, fanaticism, and envy.

As his popularity increased, his reputation value also underwent a huge change.

This was very important to Lu Chen. He needed to use his fame to increase his reputation value and use it to expand his city.

Moreover, Lu Chen believed that the importance of reputation was not just to allow more people to enter the city and increase the city's level and parameters.

If he guessed correctly, it would definitely involve the Battle of Faith in the future.

This also had some drawbacks. It was too ostentatious and made him into an easy target. There was no way to do something that could only be done by concealing one's identity.

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Moreover, after such a long time, whether it was Lu Chen's identity in the main world or his identity in the Second World, everyone could now recognize him at first glance.

Ordinary players could also go to other countries in the main world and then travel to other Second World territories.

However, it was absolutely impossible for Lu Chen. He was like a mobile missile. Wherever he went, he was the greatest threat.

No country or power dared to let Lu Chen enter their Second World territory.

If Lu Chen went crazy, it might cause a riot, and no one could stop him.

Even if Lu Chen continued to farm monsters... if he continued to farm monsters, he might as well destroy them.

If the monsters were gone, what would happen to the normal players' growth?

However, if Lu Chen had a Disguise Mask, no matter if he went abroad in the main world or traveled around in the Second World, it would not cause too much of a problem. It would be very convenient for him to move around.

In fact, the importance of this item was even greater than the Swift Boots and Exoskeleton Wingsuit from before.

At this moment, Lu Chen's heart was no longer calm.

Even though he had seen high-level equipment before, he knew in his heart that the three pieces of silver-tier equipment before him were definitely top-tier among the support equipment.

The first elder had definitely chosen them for him with care.

This was because normal silver-tier attack equipment was not that important to him. His combat power was enough to close the gap between the two equipment.

He was grateful for the first elder's kindness. He would definitely think of a way to repay him in the future.

At the same time, he was a little surprised. If the three pieces of equipment before him were only silver-tier equipment, then how powerful would the last piece of gold-tier equipment given to him be?

Even the experienced and knowledgeable Lu Chen finally raised his curiosity at this moment.

Finally, the first elder spoke slowly, "Although the fourth piece of equipment is gold-tier equipment, none of us can use it, even you."

The old man was a little embarrassed when he said this. Because no one can use this third piece of equipment.

"Even if I don't give it to you, I won't have any use for it. If you don't want it, you can go to the national treasury and choose any other gold-tier equipment."

As soon as the first elder said this, Lu Chen's curiosity grew. What kind of equipment could make the first elder feel this helpless.

The first elder paused for a moment before continuing, "This last piece of gold-tier equipment is an item, Elf Egg."

Elf Egg!

Hearing the word Elf Egg, Lu Chen was extremely shocked. He had thought that the first elder would give him a very good piece of equipment, but he had never thought that it would be an Elf Egg!
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