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Chapter 118: Divine Creatures Might Have Existed Before!

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There were also legends about creatures like elves in the main world. That was something that only appeared in Norse mythology.

They were often depicted as creatures with slightly long pointy ears, holding bows and arrows. They have blonde hair and blue eyes, and a taller and slimmer figure compared to humans.

The little elf who had just hatched from the Elf Egg was short, but only a dozen centimeters tall. He was very small and cute, and looked unusually holy.

In the legends, their surroundings always emitted a pale golden light. It was an especially beautiful sight. It was a symbol of purity and justice.

Lu Chen could not help but have a deeper understanding of the Dragon Country's style and heritage.

He did not believe that this Elf Egg had been spawned from the Second World game.

Back when Lan Weiwei was only an Ancient Ash Wolf, she was once an egg. However, when she finally became a human, her level was far inferior to this Elf Egg.

At the same time, Lu Chen also somewhat laughed at Xiao Bai's overestimation of his own abilities. Back then, Xiao Bai thought that he could rely on the strength of a spiritual master to become the ruler of the Dragon Country.

However, now, it seemed that a vast country that spanned thousands of years across this continent could not be easily toppled by one person and one family!

At the same time, when the Elf Egg appeared, Lu Chen also thought that if the elves in Norse mythology existed, then it meant that the legends would be linked together… Was the snake that could encircle the entire planet, Jemengard, also a real existence?

One had to know that Jemengard was an extremely long existence that could encircle the entire planet.

If such an existence really existed, then what living creature in the world could contend with his power?

Where was Jemengard hiding?

If one were to think further, if all the myths were not fabricated, then the gods in ancient China, as well as all kinds of rare and exotic beasts, and all kinds of unusual creatures in the mountain and sea scriptures… could be real too?

If it was a few months ago, Lu Chen might have insisted that those were all fake, but now he was not sure.

He even preferred that those creatures had really existed, but now they were hidden. There was also a possibility for higher-ups of the Dragon Country also knowing about these existences as well.

Thinking of this, Lu Chen's eyes suddenly widened. If those rare and exotic beasts really existed, then did it mean that creatures like dragons and these rare and exotic creatures had existed for thousands of years, right?

Then, did these creatures disappear because most of them went to the Second World, or did the Second World itself separate from the main world and just happened to take them with it?

How many dangers were hidden behind his game? He was now the top existence in the entire Second World, but he could only see the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps the truth of the world would be gradually unraveled by him.

As Lu Chen was deep in thought, the first elder coughed lightly, he interrupted his thoughts. "Kid, to be honest, this thing looks like a useless egg in front of me. I've also consulted the Europeans. 

"However, the method of how to hatch and wake up the Elf Egg has long been lost for thousands of years. 

"After all, this is something from the myths.

"If you accept this thing, it is very likely to be an egg forever. At most, it is only a little bigger than an egg and has a little more nutrition inside if you want to have it scrambled."

Hearing the first elder's teasing, Lu Chen could not help but feel a chill in his heart.

The egg turned into a meal in the first elder's mouth. However, when Lu Chen thought about eating it, it made him think he would be eating a person inside.

However, what he did not know was that the first elder's heart was bursting with joy. In the entire world, who else could make Lu Chen suffer, other than him?

Although it was disgusting, how could Lu Chen give up on this Elf Egg that he was about to obtain?

If this thing really cracked, it would be far more important than any other equipment.

One had to know that an elf's initial level was already gold-rank. Then, even if it had just hatched, it would at least be on the same level as the Three-eyed Golden Dragon. When it grows up in the future, would that not be amazing?

Only a fool would not choose to say yes to the egg.

As for the question of hatching the Elf Egg, Lu Chen did not think too much about it. He was the City Lord of White Fog City, and his progress in the Second World far exceeded that of anyone else.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would have no problem finding the secret to hatching this Elf Egg.

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In addition, he also had the help of Rollie, the lucky one. Hatching this Elf Egg was probably only a matter of time.

"First elder, I'll take this Elf Egg. I'll remember your favor."

Lu Chen quickly agreed, afraid that the first elder would go back on his words.

At the same time, he knew very well that he would be bringing many warriors from the Dragon Team. This dungeon probably did not need or deserve this many things from the first elder of the Dragon Team, the other party was obviously going to do him a favor.

And this favor was accepted by Lu Chen with a peace of mind.

"Good, very good!"

The first elder was overjoyed and kept laughing.

Lu Chen's agreement was also within his expectations. He believed that his sincerity and friendly attitude towards the other party was something that Lu Chen could sense too.

Lu Chen immediately spoke again, "I don't know when the Mass Grave mission will start. I plan to clear the Bat Cave first before going to the Mass Grave. I don't know if there's enough time."

"Kid, you don't have to go to the Bat Cave."

"What do you mean? Is it because your Dragon Team is going to clear the Bat Cave?"


The first elder laughed heartily and then denied, "Someone already cleared the Bat Cave."

"What? Who? Which warrior from the Dragon Team did it? Could it be Liu Changping?"

In the Dragon Team, although Liu Changping was the team leader, he was not the strongest.

The special combat squads under the first elder were the strongest.

An existence like Liu Changping was only pushed to the surface because of his strong leadership ability. However, no matter how strong Liu Changping was, perhaps one person would not be able to farm a silver boss. However, if the entire team or a large number of experts were gathered, it would be completely possible.

Unexpectedly, the first elder once again denied, "We did not farm the Bat Cave, but the ancient martial families did."

Ancient martial families…

Lu Chen silently repeated it.

This was the first time he had heard about the ancient martial arts aristocratic families.

In his knowledge, the Gu, Xu, and Xiao families were already at the top of the Dragon Country. What kind of existence were the ancient martial arts aristocratic families?
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