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Chapter 119: Ancient Martial Arts Aristocratic Families!

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At the mention of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, the originally playful expression on the first elder's face completely disappeared. Instead, it was replaced with a solemn expression.

"Everyone in the world knows that our Dragon Country is the largest of the ten great aristocratic families. They jointly control this country.

"However, are these ten great aristocratic families really the strongest?

"Actually, that's not the case.

"Above the ten great families, there are many ancient martial arts aristocratic families, and these families don't care about the affairs of the world.

"To be exact, they don't care about competing for power and benefits in the world. Everything in the world is as insignificant as a grain of salt to them.

"What they pursue is supreme strength, as well as the ability to reach the heavens, as well as eternal life."

Eternal life! 

Lu Chen had received too much information today. When he heard about eternal life, he was surprisingly not shocked. Instead, he was somewhat used to it.

However, he opened his mouth and asked, "Eternal life? Can you really achieve that?"

"There's no such thing as real eternal life, kid."

The first elder denied it flatly, "The so-called eternal life is just to extend one's lifespan. Among all the people in those types of families, the longest lifespan is only a few hundred years."

Lu Chen asked, "Then how long has the longest lived in history?"

"We're unsure about that."

The first elder said indifferently, "History says that Pengzu lived to eight hundred years old, but that is far from the limit of the existence of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families.

"At present, among all the people I know who have practiced ancient martial arts, the oldest has already reached a thousand years old."

Lu Chen had certainly heard of Pengzu, but in the textbook, Penzu was a figure from 2,000 years ago.

Moreover, according to the conjectures of some modern archaeologists and historians, Pengzu's so-called 800 years of life was actually due to the difference in the methods of ancient and modern historical chronology. If converted into the current method of calculating the years, Pengzu actually only lived for more than 100 years.

However, from the tone of the first elder, it could be deduced that Pengzu was the real deal. He had lived for 800 years.

However, he realized that there seemed to be some problems with what the first elder had just said. Among the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, the oldest had only lived about 100 years. Then, in history, if the oldest was 800 years old… Who was the 1,000-year-old?

Could that person be from the ancient martial arts aristocratic families?

When Lu Chen raised this question, the first elder meaningfully acknowledged his thought process, "That's right. Not everyone is from those kinds of families. In this world, there are still some unaffiliated cultivators."

Lu Chen's eyes slightly widened. Unaffiliated cultivators that could allow their lifespan to exceed the ancient martial arts aristocratic family's existence that had a thousand-year legacy?! How much luck did one need to achieve that?!

Where exactly was that person right now?

Even the ancient martial arts aristocratic family might have entered the Second World ruins long ago. This kind rogue cultivator must have entered the Second World ruins earlier than others.

The first elder continued, "Remember, if you encounter people from ancient martial arts aristocratic families, do not clash with them.

"Although they might not be able to defeat you in the Second World, if you come to the main world, they will have many ways to suppress you.

"Moreover, some people had already entered the Second World long ago. Some of them increased their strength in the ruins, while others became closed beta players before the game was officially announced.

"If you really provoke these people, even with your status as the City Lord of White Fog City, it would be difficult for you to withstand them."

Lu Chen nodded slightly. He was not someone who wanted to make enemies wherever he went.

The reason why he had a conflict with the Xiao family previously was because the other party had provoked him first.

Lu Chen did not want to become everyone's public enemy.

However, although Lu Chen had promised him well, he knew in his heart that if there were some ignorant people who took the initiative to provoke him, then he would not mind letting the other party's ancient martial arts aristocratic family disappear just like the Xiao family.

However, at this time, he also understood that if he did not want to be bullied, then he had to become the strongest person there is.

The only reason why others bullied him was because he was too weak!

Although the first elder did not say anything, he seemed to have understood Lu Chen's thoughts on the other end of the phone and continued to persuade him to not fight back.

"Don't think that the ancient martial arts aristocratic family is an existence like the Xiao family and can be destroyed just like that.

"The strongest people in the Xiao family are only experts like Xiao Bai. However, if you go to an ancient martial arts aristocratic family, some of the ordinary disciples and family members are all in the acquired realm. The true core members are at least in the acquired realm."

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"They are even of the Golden stages in the realms."

These words really surprised Lu Chen.

This was the first time he heard the term Gold stages.

Lu Chen asked curiously, "If that's the case, why didn't these experts enter the ruins of the Second World to explore it themselves?

"I heard that the various aristocratic families had sent quite a number of people to enter the Second World, and the strongest among them was only at the spiritual stage."

Once these words were said, the first elder was somewhat displeased.

What did he mean by only at the spiritual stage?

Now, even spiritual masters had to be described as only being that?

However, he really could not say anything. After all, Lu Chen's leveling speed was incredible!

The first elder's tone was filled with underlying meaning as he said, "Kid, there are some things that you shouldn't believe just because you hear it.

"On the surface, those with names were indeed at the acquired stage at the highest. However, many people sneaked in when no one was paying attention.

"Who had entered the ruins when the ruins were first discovered? No one could say for sure. After all, these ancient martial arts aristocratic families were the ones who discovered the ruins first.

"Moreover, a long time ago, there were people who entered and then came out.

"These people were also the first to discover that once they entered the Second World, they would become ordinary people, which was the so-called level 1 newbies in online games.

"Their strength continues to increase, and by now, it could be very high. Moreover, they were recognized by the Second World.

"Even if you were the City Lord, you might not be a match for them.

"As for a few years ago, the experts from the various aristocratic families and the Dragon Country entered the Second World and saw historical remains."

Speaking up to this point, the first elder suddenly changed the topic. "Alright, kid, I've said enough for today.

"You've already been in the Second World for a long time. You should come back to the main world and have a good rest.

"Then, prepare to bring the members of the Dragon Team to the Mass Grave to train."

After saying that, the two of them hung up.

Lu Chen also exited the Second World at the first possible moment.

After returning to the main world, a deep sense of exhaustion welled up in Lu Chen's body.

Before this, he had been fighting non-stop, he had not felt the exhaustion in the game.

In a high-tension situation, Lu Chen's adrenaline was soaring, and he was constantly in a tense state. His fatigue had long been suppressed by his body's functions.. Until now.
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