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Chapter 12

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The Second World set out from the Novice Village, passing through a grassland for beginners to level up. After that, there would be countless paths that were all shrouded in white fog, and all of them headed towards White Fog City.

However, after two days of exploration, countless players announced the information of these paths.

The left-most path was the Wolf Valley. The most common wild monsters were all mostly level 8. These types of wild monsters had high attack speed and high damage.

If one was not careful, they could be instantly killed.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the Wolf Valley was a silver boss — the White Wolf King.

After passing through the Wolf Valley, one could reach the outskirts of White Fog City.

However, the prerequisite was to kill the White Wolf King of the Wolf Valley. It was only then could one pass through.

The second path was to Bear Ridge.

It was also full of level 8 monsters. However, this type of wild monster had high HP and defense, making it extremely difficult to deal with.

Similarly, deep within Bear Ridge, there was a silver Black Bear King. 

After that, there were other paths that had the Snake Pond, Bat Cave, Mass Grave, and Tiger Mountain.

There was a silver-tier boss camped in each path.

This caused countless players to complain endlessly.

Without their class advancement, how could they possibly defeat such a terrifying silver-tier boss?

It was absolutely impossible for one player to pass these monsters and arrive at White Fog City safely.

No matter how big the guild was, they were destined to be stuck here with these monsters. According to the information released on the official website, the class advancement requirement was level 10.

However, there was no way that someone who was only level 10 could wipe out all the monsters along the way and arrive at White Fog City safely!

The information on the official website showed that after arriving in White Fog City, the strength of the players would undergo a qualitative change.

In regards to that information, the three scrolls in Lu Chen’s hands became even more precious. 

At this moment, outside of Wolf Valley, countless players had gathered. This was because there was news that the number one guild in South City, White Alliance, was going to surround and kill Morning Mist here!

Moreover, someone had seen with his own eyes that Morning Mist had already stepped into Wolf Valley and was walking towards the White Fog City.

“Damn, there’s finally a major power group making a move on that dude. This time, I think this so-called Sword God skill is going to be overturned.”

“Hehe, you’re dreaming bro. We’re talking about the rabbit-killing demon here. He has the title of Sword God and Bow Sword on him. Even just now, he single-handedly challenged the first boss in the entire server. Do you think he’s that weak?”

“You have to know that this is the largest guild in the south, the White Alliance. Plus, they have countless experts!”

“They were the ones who killed the second bronze boss in the entire server. They were just a few minutes slower than Morning Mist!”

“What a joke. How many people in their guild were fighting one boss? Morning Mist fought the boss one-on-one!”

“Hehe, so what if the White Alliance Guild needed more people to win? This time, there are more than 1,000 players. If they fight him with this amount, I bet that Morning Mist will definitely not survive!”

Countless players were looking forward to Lu Chen’s appearance. After all, such a good show could not be seen every day.

Meanwhile, around the Wolf Valley, the major forces of the Dragon Country were lurking in the dark. There were even quite a number of people who were familiar with each other and recognized each other.

“I didn’t expect the Xu family to come either. Why are you interested in this Morning Mist dude?”

A handsome young man holding a slender white sword said to the group of people in front of him.

The group of people in front of him was mainly comprised of tall and slender women with an aura of a delicate flower. They were surrounded by a few people.

One woman took a glance at the young man and was secretly shocked.

This person actually had a silver-grade weapon in his hands. He only had been in the game for two days. Other than the one that Lu Chen had obtained, this was only the second silver-grade equipment to be seen.

“Morning Mist seems to have endless potential. Even you, the eldest young master of Peaceful Town, have come. How can my Xu family not join in on the fun?”

The young master of Peaceful Town smiled but did not say anything.

On the other side, at the White Alliance Guild’s ambush, a man dressed in a black robe said with a serious gaze.

“Xiao Chuan, is your White Alliance Guild really going to make a move?”

In front of that man stood a young man dressed in white. His face was filled with arrogance.

“I don’t see Morning Mist in my sight at all. The Night Union plans on protecting him, you know that?”

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The man in black shook his head and said, “I just think that Morning Mist is a force to not be reckoned with. It’s much better to not be his enemy if he joins the Union.”

Xiao Chuan, the leader of the White Alliance Guild, simply waved his hand and said, “I admit that this Morning Mist is strong.

“Of course, I will give him the chance to join our White Alliance Guild.

“But the premise is that he must bow down to us and know his place.

“I don’t want there to be a wild horse that can’t be tamed here.”

The man in black shook his head and said, “Your personality is much too strong. One day, you will suffer a great loss.”

Xiao Chuan smiled coldly and said, “In this world, the strong are always respected, right? Even if he has a golden title, do you think I’ll be afraid of him?”

As soon as Xiao Chuan finished speaking, two golden words appeared above his head — Overlord!

A terrifying aura circulated above his head. This very action from Xiao Chuan made the black-clothed man stock in his tracks. After a long while, he said deeply, “I only hope that you know your limits and take care of yourself.”

As he finished speaking, the black-clothed man’s figure strangely disappeared in front of him.

Not too far away in the forest, a woman with a strong figure was sitting on a tall tree branch. Her voluptuous curves pressed against the branches, making her extremely alluring. She was wearing emerald-green leather armor, giving off a solemn killing intent.

At the same time, on the surrounding tree trunks, there were four other people wearing the same leather armor as well.

“Liu Yuan, is this kid really not afraid of death? If he dies once in this world, the consequences will be very serious.”

A man’s voice traveled through the dense forest and reached the woman’s ears.

“Shut up. Call me by my number when you’re on a mission.”

The woman was Liu Yuan. She had been feeling resentful ever since she was rejected by Lu Chen.

However, when she heard that Lu Chen was in danger, she still gathered the members of the Dragon Country team for backup.

After all, Lu Chen was someone that the higher-ups paid special attention to. If Lu Chen was in danger, they would help him out.

“Alright, alright, alright, 0927. By the way, the boss wanted you to investigate the situation, right? Did you get any information?”

The man’s voice sounded again. Liu Yuan’s face turned black from the question. She was angry whenever this matter was brought up.

“Shut up! Since you’re so concerned, how about you teach me how to conduct the mission?”

The voice smiled embarrassedly and said, “I’m not as charming as you are.”

“Shut up! The next time I see laughing at work, I’ll make sure you’ll never get to be a father ever again!”

After she said that, the man zipped his mouth shut. Liu Yuan finally had a smile on her face, satisfied with the response.

This man really deserved to be taught a lesson!

Suddenly, her eyes focused and she saw the figure of a man in the distance.

She immediately sent a message to her people, [Attention all departments, the target has appeared!]
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