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Chapter 121: The Recruitment!

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Wu Tian and the others wanted to see the Golden Dragon the moment they barged into the room. It was obvious that they had come with ill intentions.

As soon as Wu Tian's words came out, the manor's main security guard who had followed them up was slightly relieved. It turned out that they had only wanted to take a look. That would be easy to talk about, right?

However, Gu Yiming clearly knew that the other party did not hesitate to reveal their identity as an ancient martial arts aristocratic family at all. It was clear that they were not here to only take a look.

It was likely that the other party had come to take Little Golden Dragon away.

Gu Yiming thought to himself that expecting Lu Chen to not let Little Golden Dragon out. Instead, he would directly order him to leave.

However, what surprised him was that Lu Chen did not directly chase the other party away. Instead, he whistled towards the house in the manor.

In the next moment, a little snake with three eyes flashed with a golden light. It obediently climbed out of the house and climbed onto Lu Chen's arm.

Lu Chen understood that the other party was coming at him aggressively. How could he not let them see Little Golden Dragon?

If he did not even dare to let everyone see Little Golden Dragon's appearance… that would just show everyone that he was afraid of the other party!

At that time, the other party was bound to push their luck in forcing him into a tight situation.

At that moment, Little Golden Dragon could clearly assess the situation. Wu Tian and the others were clearly coming at him aggressively with bad intentions.

Little Golden Dragon did not act kindly. It directly stuck out its tongue and continuously hissed. In the eyes of outsiders, it looked fierce and menacing.

When Little Golden Dragon appeared, Wu Tian's eyes instantly lit up.

He had indeed seen the appearance of Little Golden Dragon when it was shrinking in the live broadcast. However, seeing it in the video was one thing, but seeing it in reality was another.

Now, it looked like this little Golden Dragon was a rare top-tier rare beast, regardless of the thickness of its scales, the brightness, and the state of its entire body.

Even his family's guardian Divine Beast, the Flood Dragon, which had lived for tens of thousands of years, was far from being as pure as this Little Golden Dragon in front of him.

At this moment, Wu Tian was even more determined to take this Little Golden Dragon away.

He had a simple and honest smile on his face, but there was indeed a hint of craftiness in his eyes. "My friend, how about this? Name your price, and I'll buy this Golden Dragon off you."

Lu Chen's face was expressionless and full of indifference. His mouth was neither hostile or kind as he spat out three words, "Not for sale."

Even the Golden Dragon on his arm had a human-like expression, full of disdain when Wu Tian asked.

Little Golden Dragon could indeed see that the other party's power was slightly stronger. Whether it was attack or defense, he was much stronger than other humans of the same level.

Moreover, no matter how powerful Wu Tian was, could he evolve the Golden Dragon's bloodline? Could he improve its strength? It would be a huge loss for the Golden Dragon to follow him.

How could Wu Tian know what Little Golden Dragon was thinking? He only felt that this little Golden Dragon looked much stronger than when he was on the live broadcast.

However, he did not see the true reason for the Golden Dragon's increase in strength. It was the result of Lu Chen using the Taming God's skill to increase Little Golden Dragon's strength.

Although he was rejected by Lu Chen, Wu Tian was not angry at all because in his eyes, Little Golden Dragon was already his.

"Don't be in a hurry to reject it. I'd be willing to give you a lot of money. What I want to give you is not just any ordinary money. Instead, it'll be a treasure that can truly increase your cultivation.

"According to what I know, you should be an acquired realm level expert now, right? 

"It won't be long before you're ready to enter the golden stages.

"However, it's not that easy to enter the golden stage. If you don't have the assistance of the Thunder Core, with your current state, you won't be able to form the Golden Core.

"I believe that with your talent, you can completely become stronger through your own continuous efforts in the Second World, and even gradually surpass me in strength.

"But once you return to the main world, you will at most be an acquired realm master with limited health and limited physical strength.

"There is no way to advance to the later stages, and it will be impossible to increase your strength.

"The current main world is not as rich in spiritual energy as it was a few hundred years ago.

"At that time, as long as one's cultivation reached the level of being tempered, they would be able to condense the cores after being tempered by the Heavenly Thunder.

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"But now, due to the thin spiritual energy, the places in the world where you could cultivate your powers have long gone.

"Even the Thunder Core that was stored thousands of years ago has slowly depleted.

"If you don't have the aid of medicinal pills, you would never be able to reach the golden stage. This also means that you wouldn't have the ability to protect yourself in front of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the main world in the future.

"Perhaps you didn't know that you are not only famous in the Second World, but also between the ancient martial arts aristocratic families.

"You might have had some ability in the past, but it was not enough for the ancient martial arts aristocratic families to take notice of you.

"However, the being the City Lord of White Fog City and owning a Golden Dragon were two hot existences. You're not the center of attention.

"I may be the first person to come now, but there will be countless people coming after you later.

"If you know what's good for you, then hand over the Golden Dragon. I'll give you a Thunder Core so that you can cultivate your powers. At the same time, the Golden Dragon can grow with me.

"This is the best outcome for all of us."

Regarding the matter of the golden stage, it was also Lu Chen's first time hearing about it. He did not expect there to be such a step.

However, it was absolutely impossible for him to hand over Little Golden Dragon.

He said slowly, "Whether or not I can enter the golden stage is my business. You won't have to worry about it. In addition, it's not certain who Little Golden Dragon will grow faster next to. Don't try to disregard my capabilities."

Wu Tian was a little displeased when he saw that Lu Chen did not think highly of him. After all, he was the one looking down on Lu Chen in the first place.

It was just a stroke of luck for him to become an acquired level City Lord. Wu Tian did not consider that skill, it was all luck.

As long as he was not in White Fog City, Lu Chen was not a match for him at all. The only one who could be considered a match for him was the Golden Dragon.

However, considering the existence of the Golden Dragon, Wu Tian still forcefully suppressed his anger and said, "Everyone has their own path to take.

"You don't need the chance to form a Golden Core, but you shouldn't stop the Golden Dragon from taking a path that is more well suited for it to grow.

"It should make its own decision. You and I can't force the Golden Dragon. You are just the city lord of White Fog City.

"I, Wu Tian, may not be able to resist your battle strength in the city, but as an elder of my Wu family, I do not care if you are the City Lord of White Fog City. I will not hesitate in retaliating.

"Therefore, I advise you to obediently hand over the Golden Dragon. I'm sure they will be willing to go back to the Wu family with me. After all, My Wu family has the dragon bone of a Flood Dragon.

"This is definitely something that can greatly increase the strength of theGolden Dragon!"

At this point, Wu Tian's face was full of confidence. He looked at Little Golden Dragon with a smile and said, "Little Golden Dragon, you should know how important the bone of a Flood Dragon is, right?"
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