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Chapter 122: Wu Family, Burning Bridges!

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No one expected that the Wu family would have the bone of a Flood Dragon.

Wu Tian continued, "Although you are an ancient mutant, you have just turned into a Flood Dragon not too long ago.

"The bone of our Wu family's Flood Dragon has been over ten thousand years old. It was discovered by our Wu family after exploring an ancient ruin.

"Moreover, after our investigation, this bone shows that the past beast had already reached the half-step dragon transformation stage when it was still alive. It contains a lot of pure spiritual energy for you to absorb.

"If you can absorb this energy, then you will be one step closer to breaking through to the next realm!"

After Wu Tian said this, his face was full of confidence as he raised his head and looked at Little Golden Dragon.

He was full of confidence that Little Golden Dragon would definitely not reject his offer. This was because for a snake, to be able to transform into a dragon, every step was extremely difficult. It could be said that there would be a lot of trials and tribulations.

A snake had to go through countless years of cultivation before it could become a Flood Dragon.

A Flood Dragon would go one step further than becoming a dragon.

A Flood Dragon would go one step further to become a Horned Dragon. After the Horned Dragon would be a Rain Dragon, and after the Rain Dragon would be a top-grade Golden Dragon.

In the real world, let alone a Golden Dragon, even a dragon, or even a Flood Dragon, had not appeared for a thousand years. The spiritual energy in the real world was simply too scarce.

Moreover, even if one wanted to transform into a dragon in the Second World, the difficulty of it would be extremely high.

If one advanced, one would live, if one did not advance, one would die.

There was no way out.

Every transformation meant that there was at least a ninety percent chance of death.

One had to know that the Guardian Divine Beast, the Dragon, had lived for thousands of years. It went to the Wu family in order to absorb the energy from the 10,000 year old Flood Dragon's bone.

This Flood Dragon had guarded the Wu family for a thousand years, but it could only absorb a tiny bit of it every year.

After all, once the energy from the Flood Dragon's bone was completely absorbed, the Wu Family's Guardian Divine Beast would probably take the opportunity to leave.

Now, in order to rope in the Golden Dragon, the Wu family was actually willing to take out the entire 10,000 year old bone for Little Golden Dragon to absorb.

This kind of treatment was something that the Wu family never dared to think about.

If that Divine Beast knew about this, it would probably curse and leave.

Moreover, Wu Tian was not the slightest bit worried that Little Golden Dragon would leave after absorbing the energy from his Flood Dragon bone, because they had already found the true dragon's corpse!

As long as they had the true dragon's corpse, they would be able to treat Little Golden Dragon like how they treated their Guardian Divine Beast. Providing it power in succession.

It could be said that the Wu family's plan was closely linked, without a single flaw.

After absorbing the Flood Dragon's bone, he believed that the other party would not be able to resist the temptation of the true dragon's corpse.

As for his Guardian Divine Beast, before he came out, the Wu family had already made an agreement with the Guardian Divine Beast to absorb the true dragon's corpse together with the Golden Dragon.

This would be beneficial to both of them.

The Flood Dragon could see through the Wu family's plan. However, this was what it expected. After all, the Flood Dragon would not be able to absorb any more power from the bone as it already reached its limit anyways. It would be better to let the Golden Dragon absorb the true dragon's corpse.

This way, the Wu family, Little Golden Dragon, and the Guardian Divine Beast would reach a three-win situation.

At least, that was what Wu Tian thought.

Who knew that in the next moment, Little Golden Dragon, who was still hissing, would actually stretch out its tongue to its maximum length. Then, it narrowed its three eyes and hissed in denial.

Then, Little Golden Dragon made another vomiting gesture.

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Anyone who saw this scene thought that it looked almost comical. No one knew who was the first to burst into laughter. Soon enough, everyone was laughing.

Even in the end, a few of the Wu family's attendants began to laugh out loud as well.

In a flash, a loud slap directly landed on the smiling attendant's face!

The attendant staggered and took five to six steps back before he finally stopped.

In an instant, a huge five-finger mark slowly appeared on his face. A few teeth in his mouth flew a few meters away and dropped to the ground.

"What are you all laughing at?!"

Wu Tian cursed angrily and all the attendants immediately put on a stern face.

This time, even the members of the Gu family dared not to laugh anymore, because they clearly knew that Wu Tian's followers were all extremely powerful, far beyond their imagination.

Even when their young master, who was here, dared not to make a move. This meant that the other party was at least an Earth grade or even a Heaven grade expert.

The leader, Wu Tian, was actually able to slap an attendant's face so hard that his face started to swell up.

Who would dare laugh at such skill?

In the end, only two people were left laughing. One was the heartless Lan Weiwei, who had regained her senses, and the other was a little silly, Rollie.

Rollie's laughter was especially exaggerated. The entire panda was glued to the ground, hugging some bamboo shoots and rolling around. This little fellow's four legs were facing the sky, and he kept kicking his legs.

Wu Tian was so angry that his teeth were itching. However, the important deal had yet to be concluded, so he could not turn hostile now.

He could only suppress the fury in his heart once again. He opened his mouth and said to Little Golden Dragon, "Our Wu family's Guardian Divine Beast is also a Flood Dragon. This Flood Dragon has a lifespan of several thousand years. I'm sure it's not much different from yours.

"If you can submit to our Wu family, we can give that Flood Dragon for you to absorb as well, helping you become a dragon as soon as possible!

"In addition, we will find a true dragon's corpse in the near future, and you can also absorb it then!"

After these words were said, Lu Chen and the people of the Gu family did not show any unusual behavior. On the contrary, the faces of the followers of the Wu family revealed extreme panic.

It was not because they could find the true dragon's corpse, but because they never expected Wu Tian to offer his own Guardian Divine Beast to the Golden Dragon.

They knew that the Flood Dragon had stayed in the Wu family for many years, and its strength was extremely high. It had helped the Wu family many times through huge tribulations. If not for the Guardian Divine Beast, the Wu family would have long been annihilated.

Moreover, the Wu family's Guardian Divine Beast was extremely strong. Even Little Golden Dragon would find it difficult to kill it. If the Wu family made this decision, it meant that the experts of the Wu family would have to kill the Guardian Divine Beast!

After all, no one wanted the Wu family to fight a gold-tier beast.

However, the problem was that this Flood Dragon was definitely a savior in the Wu Family! It had made a huge contribution to the Wu family. It's contributions were even greater than that of the current ancestors of the Wu family!
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