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Chapter 123: The Angered Wu Tian!

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They all stared at Wu Tian's face, but he did not seem to have any signs of hesitation. It was as if he had made this decision long ago.

All of the Wu family's followers immediately understood that this decision must have been discussed with the elders of the family before Wu Tian arrived here.

For a moment, all the attendants felt their scalps go numb and their backs go cold. The Wu family was really ruthless.

Wu Tian could see what they were thinking from their faces, but his expression did not change in the slightest.

If a family wanted to rise, there would definitely be bloodshed and sacrifices. Not to mention a Guardian Divine Beast, even he, or even the patriarch, would have to stand up when it was time for sacrifices.

Wu Tian stared at Little Golden Dragon, thinking that it should be tempted now.

The bone of a Flood Dragon that had lived for thousands of years, and the corpse of a true dragon would be given to the Golden Dragon just like that. This was something that all snake-type creatures wanted very much.

However, Little Golden Dragon's expression made him extremely furious!

This was because Little Golden Dragon's originally disdainful expression had now turned into a gaze that looked at him like he was a fool!

It was as if the Golden Dragon was asking Wu Tian if he was either st*pid or d*mb.

Wu Tian was so angry that he directly cursed at them, "You're just a tiny beast that has just transformed into a tiny dragon. 

"Don't you dare refuse such a good offer. If it wasn't for the fact that all the elders of our family are in seclusion, you would have gone back with me today. Even if you didn't want to, we would've taken you by force!"

It would have been better if he did not say this. Once he said it, Little Golden Dragon rolled his eyes once again and that nearly tipped the anger scale for Wu Tian.

Little Golden Dragon was not a fool. Who would be willing to go to the Wu family anyways?

Today, Wu Tian said that he was willing to kill his very own Guardian Divine Beast. If another true dragon appeared in the future, would the Wu family hesitate in killing the Golden Dragon?

Moreover, Little Golden Dragon knew which was more important.

Little Golden Dragon had seen it with its own eyes. Lu Chen had purified the Dragon Scales that he could hardly absorb into a highly pure bloodline essence.

There were even other types of demon beast corpses that Lu Chen had used to help Rollie and Lan Weiwei raise their bloodline levels. After all, those things were not creatures with the same bloodline as Lan Weiwei and Rollie. Staying with Lu Chen would definitely bring the Golden Dragon more benefits.

Compared to Lu Chen's immortal level ability, what was the use of a mere Flood Dragon bone that had yet to transform into a true dragon?

Even if he added a Guardian Divine Beast as a form of incentive, what use would it be? Compared to Lu Chen, it was trash. Moreover, Lu Chen's extraction of bloodline was not as simple as extracting the bloodline of a living creature. Little Golden Dragon could clearly feel the purity of the bloodline extracted from the Dragon Scales, it was even far beyond the purity of what it could initially provide.

When Little Golden Dragon was very young, it was fortunate enough to meet a legendary Horned Dragon once. That was also the only encounter it ever had. At that time, it felt the suppression of the purity of the bloodline from the Horned Dragon, it was not even as high-level as the one that Lu Chen had extracted back then.

Lu Chen definitely had a god-like ability.

Following such a person could not be compared to following the Wu family.

However, even though Little Golden Dragon trusted Lu Chen this much. It might even have underestimated Lu Chen's ability.

Not to mention the remains of creatures, even some treasures could be converted into bloodline power by Lu Chen. It was just that the quality of spiritual energy would not be as high.

It might sound ridiculous, but Lu Chen had indeed done it for Lan Weiwei and Rollie.

As long as Little Golden Dragon was with Lu Chen, it would be equivalent to having at least a Horned Dragon's bloodline ready for it to devour anytime and anywhere, right?

If Little Golden Dragon knew that Lu Chen had this ability, it would not have fought as hard as it did.

At this moment, Wu Tian was about to explode.

As a member of an ancient family, when had he ever been humiliated like this?

He had come to recruit an Ancient Mutant into his home. Not only did he get rejected from Lu Chen, he was even despised by the Golden Dragon.

He angrily roared back, "Little Golden Dragon, do you really think that you're untouchable? Do you really think that just because you are powerful, our Wu family doesn't have the strength to destroy you?"

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Wu Tian did not come empty-handed. Little Golden Dragon's strength was obvious to everyone. Therefore, he also brought his own treasures as a backup.

They were specially designed to counter creatures like the Golden Dragon.

Lu Chen gave the Gu family members a look for them to run away, and then he and his pets prepared for battle.

Lu Chen, Lan Weiwei, and Little Golden Dragon looked as if they were facing a great enemy. Even Rollie, who was usually joking around, had a serious look on his face at this moment.

If it was anyone else, Lu Chen would not have to be this nervous. He could easily kill the other party just by relying on his attack power as the Sword God.

However, as a member of an ancient martial arts aristocratic family, he would have to be extra careful. Moreover, White Fog City had already been summoned once and was temporarily in a dormant state. There was no way to summon that a second time.

In addition, Lan Weiwei's strength was still in a recovering state. Therefore, the only one who could fight with him now was Little Golden Dragon.

One had to know that Wu Tian had a few acquired realm experts by his side. This lineup was absolutely too powerful.

Wu Tian took out a small porcelain bottle from his pocket. The thing in this porcelain bottle was soft dragon powder.

This soft dragon powder was a secret recipe exclusive to the Wu family since ancient times.

Once this soft dragon powder is released, all snake-like creatures would be weakened and their combat strength would drop. Their condition would continue to drop for at least two hours.

Not to mention Flood Dragons, even if a true dragon came, they would still be weakened by this!

Therefore, the place where the Wu family was located was a mountain range filled with pythons. That was why the Wu family was able to survive for a long time.

Bringing along the soft dragon powder was a strategy that he had thought of before coming here. After all, it would not be so easy to change the owner of a pet.

With the help of the soft dragon powder, Little Golden Dragon was no longer a concern. Lu Chen would not be able to summon White Fog City a second time!

However, at this moment, a female voice suddenly came from afar. The voice was not loud but everyone was able to hear it.

"Hey, isn't this Wu Tian? The Wu family is really amazing.

"They couldn't survive as an ancient martial arts aristocratic family in the Second World. Now, they've already fallen to the point where they came to the real world to bully an ordinary person and snatch his pet away?

"They really bring shame to the other martial arts aristocratic family's statuses!"

Once these words were said, even the arrogant and angered Wu Tian stopped what he was doing. His expression suddenly froze.

Then, he looked at the person who came, and his expression was very cold, but there was a hint of fear in his voice as he said, "Tang Xiaoqing, are you here to make fun of me? Our Wu family is only here to take the Golden Dragon. We didn't take White Fog City that you are eyeing for. We each take what we want, and we don't interfere with each other's businesses.. If you are here to take the White Fog City, then I suggest we work together for now."
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