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Chapter 124: Classmate Tang Xiaoqing!

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When Lu Chen heard Tang Xiaoqing's voice, he immediately looked in that direction and felt that the voice was somewhat familiar.

She was dressed in a pair of jeans and had a high ponytail on her head. Her delicate and playful facial features were very enticing, and her bright eyes were especially eye-catching.

It was as if he had seen this girl before…

When Wu Tian called out Tang Xiaoqing's name, Lu Chen's eyes widened in disbelief.

How could it be her? Was this not the girl who was often bullied by her classmates in primary school?

When Tang Xiaoqing was in the second grade of primary school, she transferred to another school.

At that time, he only heard from his teacher that Tang Xiaoqing was not a local student. Even Tang Xiaoqing did not know where she came from.

Instead, she stuttered and often said that she came from some mountain.

Therefore, her classmates often laughed at her and bullied for being from the mountain.

At that time, Tang Xiaoqing was thin and small, and she was often bullied.

Many people in the class bullied her, but Lu Chen was different.

He could never stand these bullying behaviors, so he helped Tang Xiaoqing out of trouble.

Because of this, he had his own fair share of fights with the boys.

Everyone knew that when they were young, the boys and girls would always be on opposite sides. As a result, Lu Chen angered the bad boys who bullied Tang Xiaoqing.

In addition, Lu Chen was alone, and he often could not beat the bad boys. Instead, the bad boys bullied him together, often cornering and bullying him as well.

Every time Lu Chen was covered in bruises, Tang Xiaoqing would take the initiative to come over and comfort him.

From then on, Tang Xiaoqing grew to have a good relationship with him.

Moreover, when he was young, Tang Xiaoqing always comforted himself by saying that when there was an opportunity, she would call her brothers at home to take care of these bad guys together.

Tang Xiaoqing also boasted that as long as one of her brothers came, it would be enough.

Even if all these bad guys came together, they would be no match for her brother.

Lu Chen was not a fool. He did not believe these lies!

If she really had those brothers, why haven't they shown up? Lu Che was the only one that suffered from the bullying all day long.

Just like that, the two young children built a good relationship since they were young.

However, for some reason, before they graduated from primary school, Tang Xiaoqing suddenly disappeared without a word.

The teacher only said that she had transferred to another school. As for where she went, no one knew.

Tang Xiaoqing's disappearance was just like when she had arrived. There was no trace of her.

However, the strange thing was that the people who had previously bullied her were all badly beaten the next day when they came to school.

Many people were so scared that they were trembling when they saw Lu Chen's appearance. They kept pleading, "Don't hit me…"

Lu Chen only felt that it was strange.

There were even a few parents who came to his house and said that he had hit their child and asked him to pay for it.

If the teacher had not locked him up to memorize the essay that day, he might have really been blackmailed by these students.

However, after that, no one dared to bully him anymore.

Even when he was in middle school and high school, the legend of him defeating twenty people spread like wildfire in school. No one dared to provoke him ever again.

Back then, Lu Chen became invisible, and he had felt very happy from it. 

Now, Lu Chen finally understood what happened. It was likely that Tang Xiaoqing had been taken away by her family back then.

Thinking back, it was likely that Tang Xiaoqing's older brother had disguised himself and taught those children a good lesson.

Those were just a group of ordinary brats. How could they compare to people from ancient martial arts aristocratic families? They were definitely taught a good lesson.

Now that he thought about it, if he was exposed for using the Tang family's name to go around the school, he would probably die on the spot!

After sme consideration, Lu Chen even wanted to play dumb and not acknowledge Tang Xiaoqing.

However, it was obviously not possible.

Because in the next second, Tang Xiaoqing narrowed her crescent-shaped eyes and smiled sweetly at him. "Hi! Long time no see, Chenchen!"

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When these words were said, everyone's jaws dropped.

This was Lu Chen!

The legendary Morning Mist, such an existence, was being called Chenchen?!

Why was there such a cute name for such a terrifying person?

The originally hostile atmosphere was instantly disintegrated by this name calling.

Even Wu Tian and the others began to panic.

Lu Chen felt even more embarrassed and wanted to dig a hole on the spot.

However, since the other party greeted him, he could not pretend that he did not know her. He directly forced up the corners of his mouth and revealed an embarrassed smile. "Qi…Qingqing, long time no see..."

The moment he called out this name, his entire face flushed pink and his whole body heated up from the embarrassment. Goosebumps even appeared all over his body

Everyone felt that the tension in the air had changed.

The original life-and-death situation had become a place for the couple to flirt.

At a certain moment, Wu Tian even felt that he should not have been here.

Tang Xiaoqing then looked at the pets standing beside Lu Chen. "This young lady should be..."

Lan Weiwei came back to her senses and quickly said, "I'm Lan Weiwei!"

Lu Chen looked at Lan Weiwei in shock. What the f*ck!

Tang Xiaoqing was stunned for a moment. Then, she squinted her eyes and stretched out her hand again. "Hello, Weiwei!"

The Golden Dragon on Lu Chen's body also said in a muffled voice, "Little Golden Dragon..."

Rollie followed suit, but when it reached him, no one could hear what he was saying.

However, Lu Chen, who shared the same thoughts as him, understood that this fellow was definitely saying, "Rollie! I'm Rollie!"

What the f*ck was happening?!

Lu Chen had experienced so many battles and encountered countless death-like situations. Even when he was facing Lan Weiwei or the Ancient Ash Wolf, he had never felt this hopeless.

This was probably the most socially deathly situation he had ever experienced in his life!

At this moment, Wu Tian looked at this group of people for a long time before he finally reacted.

He was actually being ignored!

Although Wu Tian did not know what was happening. At this moment, he could not hold it in anymore. He was originally the strongest existence here, but now he was watching the show like a monkey. He felt disrespected.

Moreover, he could clearly feel from their conversation that Tang Xiaoqing definitely knew Lu Chen. This was going to be even more troublesome.

If Tang Xiaoqing wanted to protect Lu Chen, he did not seem to have any other way. The Tang family was much more powerful than his Wu family.

Plus, Tang Xiaoqing was a naturally born genius between the families.. Although her cultivation seemed to be similar to his, her strength was already much higher than his.
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