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Chapter 125: Lu Chen's Dilemma!

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Wu Tian looked at Tang Xiaoqing in front of him and his blood boiled. The situation was fine just now, why did this have to happen to him?

It seemed that it was obviously impossible to force things into his hands now. However, his mind spun quickly, and it did not take long for another plan to come to fruition, and he began to sow discord.

"Tang Xiaoqing, everyone in this ancient martial arts aristocratic family knows what your family is after.

"Even if you know this kid, I'm afraid you won't be able to stop your family's plan.

"Why don't you and I persuade this kid, Lu Chen, together? When the time comes, we can still fight for more benefits from him.

"Otherwise, if our family really forcefully snatched him away, this kid wouldn't be able to withstand it.

"No matter how powerful your Tang family is, will you be able to stop all our ancient martial arts aristocratic families from coveting him?

"Unless Tang Ling appears, who else can resolve this matter?

"Moreover, will your Tang family's grand elder always be by his side?"

Lu Chen somewhat understood what he meant.

This Tang Xiaoqing had appeared in front of him because of the White Fog City incident. However, he believed that Tang Xiaoqing would definitely not do anything bad to him. Moreover, she had deliberately appeared when Wu Tian was here. It must have been to protect him.

He could feel that the strength of the woman in front of him was simply unfathomable.

Although on the surface, his strength and Wu Tian's were both acquired realm experts, for some reason, Tang Xiaoqing always gave him a very mysterious feeling.

If the feeling that an ordinary person gave him was superficial, then the feeling that Wu Tian gave him was that the spiritual energy in his body was very condensed, and his strength was abnormally huge.

However, for Tang Xiaoqing, besides having the same feeling as Wu Tian, she also gave off a feeling as if she was gazing into an abyss. It was a very strange thing to try to explain to others. If Lu Chen were to sum it up, he would say that it was as if she was facing a black hole, being bottomless and unfathomable.

Even when Lu Chen's strength was low, he had never felt this kind of feeling from anyone.

Wu Tian then added, "Our Wu family must get our hands on this Golden Dragon."

Hearing this, Tang Xiaoqing, who had been smiling and chatting with everyone, suddenly turned to look at Wu Tian. Her expression became abnormally cold, and she said softly, "It's none of my business."

This sentence made Wu Tian almost choke to death. His face was red with anger, but he still suppressed his anger and replied, "But your Tang family also wants to take White Fog City. Shouldn't you think about your family?"

The coldness in Tang Xiaoqing's demeanor became even more obvious. It was almost as if she wanted to stare him down until he turned into ice. Once again, she said emotionlessly, "It's none of your business."

This time, even Lu Chen's jaw dropped in shock.

When did the little girl become this tough?

Was this still that delicate and weak little girl from back then?

Did she still need him to protect the little girl who followed behind him all day long?

Now, he had actually understood the true meaning of life.

After all, 80 percent of the troubles in the world could be solved by either telling people it is none of my business, or it is none of their business.


Wu Tian felt his blood boiling, and in the end, he directly spat onto the floor out of anger.

This day is becoming more and more depressing!

He was too angry, and he could not be reasoned with. He was not even in the right state to fight property.

When had he ever suffered such grievance?

One had to know that although his status in the Wu family was not that high, he was still one of the direct descendants of the Wu family.

This Tang Xiaoqing had simply gone too far.

Tang Xiaoqing's strength was much higher than his. Moreover, she was the pearl of the Tang family, a true Tang ancient martial arts aristocratic family member.

She was the youngest daughter of the Tang family.

It was said that a few years ago, the Tang family even sent an expert to the school to beat up a group of children to vent Tang Xiaoqing's anger.

Although it was not publicly announced, it had always been a rumor.

If it was him now, even if Tang Xiaoqing killed him here, no one would avenge him. The Wu family would not fall out with the Tang family just because of him.

On the contrary, with the degree of protection the Tang family had, it was possible that they would even accuse the Wu family to demand an explanation. At that time, his death would be in vain.

"Good, good, very good!"

Wu Tian said three good words in a row, "Since you think so, let's meet again in the future. I don't believe that you can protect this kid for his entire life!

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"One day, he will die by my hands.

"I don't know what you, Tang Xiaoqing, are thinking. If you want to protect this kid, I think you're overestimating yourself.

"Your Tang family will definitely not give up on White Fog City. When that time comes, without the protection of White Fog City, I want to see how this kid can protect himself with all his equipment.

"Lu Chen, take good care of the Golden Dragon for me. Sooner or later, he will be mine!

"The wind will blow and the sun will rise once again. It may take a while, but it will happen!"

After saying that, he left the manor with his entourage dejectedly.

Tang Xiaoqing shot a cold glance from behind. "Oh, he left? Why was he talking nonsense?"

Coincidentally, Wu Tian heard this and almost tripped on his steps!

However, he still had the support of his entourage, so he quickly staggered out.

Although Wu Tian did ont manage to complete any of his official tasks, he was really good at making vicious remarks.

He clearly did not manage to complete any of his official tasks, yet he still managed to display the demeanor of a king.

Even Lu Chen could not help but sigh. What an interesting man.

After Wu Tian left, the members of the Gu family were also very tactful and quickly left.

Gu Yiming cupped his hands and exchanged a few pleasantries before leaving the manor.

Even Little Golden Dragon, Lan Weiwei, and Rollie had tactfully hidden away. Lan Weiwei even winked at Lu Chen before leaving.

Only Lu Chen and Tang Xiaoqing were left standing at the manor's entrance.

At this moment, Tang Xiaoqing's cold and aloof image, which she had only displayed in front of Wu Tian, disappeared in an instant.

The expression on her face, which was like an ice-cold beauty, completely melted. She pounced on Lu Chen and shouted excitedly, "Chenchen, I can finally see you again!"

Lu Chen stretched out his hands helplessly. For a moment, he did not know whether to hug Tang Xiaoqing tightly or to stand like a log.

It was not that he did not want to hug her back, nor was it that he was embarrassed. Instead, he could feel that somewhere around the manor, there was a faint killing intent aimed at him.

It was obvious that this person was most likely Tang Xiaoqing's protector.

Of course. Lu Chen understood that this person hiding in the dark was definitely not a love rival.

Otherwise, he probably would have been killed on sight…

The other party's strength was clearly much stronger than his.

At the same time, Lu Chen also thought that since Tang Xiaoqing had a protector around, then Wu Tian must also have a protector himself.

After all, with his strength and being only about 30 years old, he was probably a person with authority in the Wu family.

However, now, Wu Tian knew better than to even breathe in the same direction as the Tang family!
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