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Chapter 126: Reminiscing!

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Even as an ancient martial arts aristocratic family, Wu Tian believed that he was definitely a peerless genius.

However, in front of Tang Xiaoqing who was not even 20 years old, such a peerless genius was actually made him scared sh*tless.

Even in the end, he only spoke harshly to Lu Chen and dared not say anything nasty to Tang Xiaoqing.

Wu Tian was so angry that his whole body was so tense.

Lu Chen did not expect the little girl who only knew how to hide behind others and cry to have an extraordinary identity.

Lu Chen could only stretch out a hand and pat her body awkwardly. "Alright, alright. Now that they've all left, you can tell me why your Tang family wants White Fog City."

After she said this, Tang Xiaoqing reluctantly released her hand.

Back then, she had left without saying goodbye. Tang Xiaoqing had even caused a ruckus in the Tang family for a while. All these years, she still thought about her only friend that protected her back then.

Tang Xiaoqing really missed Lu Chen.

Now that she heard Lu Chen say this, she hurriedly released her hand. Just as she was about to open her mouth to explain, she suddenly stopped.

Then, she pouted. "About that… Previously, when you were the City Lord of White Fog City, the various ancient martial arts aristocratic families had been thinking about how to obtain it. Our Tang family also wants it, so I'm here as a representative."

Tang Xiaoqing said it lightly, but Lu Chen was not a fool. There were many problems involved.

Since so many ancient martial arts aristocratic families wanted it, why should the Tang family get it?

Wu Tian came and arrogantly insisted on taking Little Golden Dragon away. However, he dared not to even mention taking White Fog City away.

All of this showed that the Tang family had more power than the Wu family!

Moreover, he knew that Tang Xiaoqing had a close relationship with him, yet she was still here.

Lu Chen thought for a moment and asked, "How many ancient martial arts aristocratic families are there?"

Tang Xiaoqing thought for a moment and pointed at her lips. "One Qin, two Tang, three Liu, four Yang, five Li, six Wu, and there's also Sima!"

Lu Chen's eyelids twitched. The Tang family was actually ranked second.

No wonder this little girl in front of him was bold and did not care about the Wu family.

However, this time, it also gave Lu Chen a horrifying reminder.

The Wu Family, which was ranked sixth, already had such a powerful expert.

Then, the people from the other families should not be underestimated either.

As the first elder had said, these ancient martial arts aristocratic families were not people that he could provoke.

Originally, Lu Chen had felt that after becoming the City Lord of White Fog City, he could do whatever he wanted in the world.

Now that he looked at it, not only were there many forces overseas eyeing him covetously, even the ancient martial arts aristocratic families in the country were also keeping tabs on him.

His strength had to be raised quickly.

Lu Chen looked at Tang Xiaoqing. "Then did you come this time to make me give up the being the City Lord of White Fog City?"

Tang Xiaoqing was so frightened that she hurriedly waved her hand and immediately clarified, "I'm not! I didn't say that! Don't spout nonsense!

"It was my father who told me to bring you back to talk about the matters of White Fog City. I just took this opportunity to come and see you!

"After all, I haven't seen you for so many years, and I never forgot you..."

At this point, Tang Xiaoqing's face actually turned a little red.

Even Lu Chen was a little stunned by what he saw.

It had to be said that this little girl was as thin as a bean sprout back then, but now she looked slim and graceful.

Not only was her appearance outstanding, she was no weaker than Liu Yuan and Lan Weiwei, and her figure was even more curvaceous.

Her curvy appearance was definitely not inferior to the stunning celebrities on screen.

Her entire temperament was very graceful under the education of the ancient martial arts aristocratic families. Even those top models were not in the slightest bit inferior to Tang Xiaoqing.

If this kind of existence was placed in the school grounds, she would definitely be the top school belle!

However, it was this kind of existence that had actually become Lu Chen's little fangirl!

Lu Chen did not know why, but he could faintly hear someone sighing..

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Lu Chen felt his scalp go numb when he thought of the hidden expert glaring at him.

"Qing… Qingqing, let's go inside and talk."

As he spoke, he pulled the bouncing and ecstatic Tang Xiaoqing into the room.

He directly pulled Tang Xiaoqing into his room and quickly closed the door.

Of course, they spoke and talked about the old times…

Liu Yuan, Lan Weiwei, Rollie, and Little Golden Dragon who had been lying by the door were all chased away by him.

Lan Weiwei stretched out her hand and slapped Little Golden Dragon on the head. She scolded him, "If you hadn't stuck out your tongue and hissed, we wouldn't have been discovered!"

The Golden Dragon lowered its head with an aggrieved expression..

Lu Chen and Tang Xiaoqing chatted in the room for the entire afternoon. For a moment, laughter filled every corner of the manor.

Lu Chen also lost track of time as he chatted about his childhood.

They talked about when they were young, they used to go to the grass to catch insects together. When they went to the playground together, they brought Tang Xiaoqing and the boys to play football together. There were also two people who played hide-and-seek together, and when they were bullied, they hid in each other's homes to comfort each other.

He also remembered the pinky promise that he would let Tang Xiaoqing's brother teach these bad children a lesson in the future.

These past events were still vivid in his mind. Lu Chen felt as if he had really returned to his childhood.

If the sleep he had last night could be said to have alleviated the mental and physical stress he had during the game. Then, the conversation he had with Tang Xiaoqing today allowed him to completely relax.

It could be said that this had been Lu Chen's most relaxed and happiest day he ever had.

The two of them chatted until it was dark before they had no choice but to stop the story short.

Lu Chen finally got to the main topic. "So… You're here to bring me to your Tang family. What are your Tang family members thinking about?"

Xiaoqing's expression turned very complicated. She was even a little conflicted. Her two fingers fiddled with the corner of her clothes. Her index finger was still drawing circles back and forth. From Lu Chen's perspective, she looked very cute.

She wanted to say something, but she took a glance at a certain spot outside the window. Then, she retracted her head:

"It's hard for me to say these things. After all, I've been studying and cultivating myself since I returned to the Tang family for so many years.

"As for whatever business that happens in the Tang family, I don't care about it.

"Let's go back to the Tang family together. When the time comes, I'll let my father explain it to you."

Lu Chen nodded slightly, then brought Tang Xiaoqing and the others to the living room for a meal. During the meal, everyone introduced each other and got to know each other. Tang Xiaoqing quickly became good friends with Lu Chen's pets.

Especially with Liu Yuan, they even took photos together. They discussed where to buy clothes, what to do with their nails, and how to style their hair…

These were all topics discussed between women, and Lu Chen could not get into it at all.

Whether she could say it or not, even though Tang Xiaoqing was talented and powerful, her years in the Tang family were not as interesting as compared to when she stepped outside into the real world, the one with Lu Chen in it.
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