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Chapter 128: Set Off, Tang Family!

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Not only did he not feel uncomfortable, but he also glided for a minute without having the need to descend.

How did the Beauty Country achieve this ability that seemed to resist gravity?

It was strange!

It seemed that the Beauty Country had always been hiding their unique top-notch technology.

Lu Chen tried to gently wave his wings again, and his height rose by a little.

This was something that the first elder had not mentioned before.

The first elder had previously said that this equipment was not meant for flying, only gliding. However, if this equipment was equipped with a state that was close to anti-gravity, even if it could not go by leaps and bounds, it should be no problem for one to stay high in the sky for a few hours!

Lu Chen could not help but exclaim in admiration. Although this Exoskeleton Wingsuit could not fly freely in the air like real gold-tier equipment, its effect was far beyond his imagination.

Lu Chen only jumped up a few dozen meters in the air, and the flapping wings allowed him to stay in the air for ten more extra minutes. This level was comparable to a god-tier equipment.

However, Lu Chen did not receive the Disguise Mask, which made him feel that something was not right.

He asked Liu Yuan directly, "These were all brought here by the first elder, right? Why is there another piece of equipment missing? Did the first elder say anything about that?"

Liu Yuan nodded slightly and said, "The first elder only gave me these three items in total. Oh right, he told me that if I still need other equipment, the equipment is in the Tang family."

Hearing this, Lu Chen's face instantly fell. The Disguise Mask was actually in the Tang family!

Since yesterday, Lu Chen had always had an ominous premonition in his heart. At this moment, it finally came true.

D*mn it, he felt as if he had been cheated!

He hurriedly called the first elder. As expected, the other party hung up as soon as the phone rang!

Lu Chen finally put the pieces together.

Although this Disguise Mask was from the Dragon Country, it had somehow fallen into the hands of the Tang family.

Perhaps the first elder had always wanted it back, but how could he so openly tell Lu Chen this shameful truth?

It just so happened that the first elder realized that he needed this kind of thing, so he might as well give it to him. Instead, Lu Chen just ended up doing him a favor instead.

It had to be said that the first elder's move was really cunning!

However, Lu Chen was still a little apprehensive. After all, the reason why he was going to the Tang Family was because the other party wanted his White Fog City.

If he was willing to give up White Fog City, he should earn more than just a disguise mask as a benefit.

However, why would he give White Fog City away so easily?

He would rather reject the entire Tang family and then still ask for the Disguise Mask. 

If he really did that, it would be good enough if the Tang family did not kill him.

The Tang family, which ranked second in the ancient aristocratic family, would not be able to stand such disrespect.

Ever since yesterday, Lu Chen had a bad premonition in his heart. At this moment, it finally came true. However, no matter how awkward it was, there was nothing he could do, because he had to make a trip to the Tang family now to resolve the crisis in front of him.

The few of them packed up and set off. Everyone's luggage was kept simple.

Liu Yuan said to Lu Chen, "The Dragon Team has already prepared all the necessary materials for the journey. Wherever we go, the hotels have already been prepared.

"The game pod and the security personnel have also been arranged.

"Today, we will take a plane to the city. We will go to the Mass Grave with the soldiers of the Dragon Team tonight."

Lu Chen frowned slightly and asked, "Why so soon?"

Liu Yuan was wearing a black leather coat, which outlined her figure. It had to be said that even Lu Chen could not help but sneak a glance.

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Her eyes were watery, but they were full of thought. "The situation in the Dragon Country had gotten more severe. If you want to be ahead of other countries, you have to seize every second you have.

"In addition, the first elder is doing this for your own good. You should know what kind of situation you are in now."

Hearing this, Lu Chen took a deep breath. He knew that he was facing a lot of hardships right now.

Even the foreign forces were still eyeing him like a tiger eyes their prey.

The Western Castle and Xiao Bai had long targeted him, while the other forces had also targeted the Dragon Country.

After all, it was because of his existence that the Dragon Country had become the target of public criticism. Therefore, once a force attacked the Dragon Country, Lu Chen could not sit idly by.

Otherwise, when he is alone and helpless, he would really be finished.

Lu Chen nodded slightly and immediately boarded the bus to the airport with the others.

On the way, everyone was tacitly silent and closed their eyes to rest. It was very quiet in the carriage.

Even Tang Xiaoqing, who had not seen Lu Chen for many years and missed him very much, was sitting by the side obediently and occasionally glanced around.

Everyone knew that tonight's battle at the Mass Grave would definitely not be any easier than the previous battle at Snake Pond. This was definitely an unprecedented battle.

The scale of this battle was no less than a medium-sized battle.

When Lu Chen and the others arrived at the airport, they did not line up together with the ordinary people to wait for their flight. Instead, they walked directly to the VIP area.

Those who could walk here either had a very high status or were carrying out top-notch special missions. Coincidentally, Lu Chen fit both rgw criteria.

One had to know that even ordinary special forces soldiers would not use this pathway when carrying out missions.

Along the way, the general manager of the airport accompanied them, afraid that some ignorant airport personnel would neglect these people. Although the general manager did not know who these people in front of him were, there was one person he knew, and that was Lu Chen.

Whoever provoked him would die a thousand times. If someone provoked him, then the entire airport would be destroyed, including him.

Therefore, all the relevant personnel of the department along the way had long been dismissed.

The fewer people who knew about such a top-level operation, the better. Even the general manager did not ask a single question, and waited on them carefully throughout the whole process.

When they entered the airport, all the planes that were waiting for the flight had stopped taking off and were waiting.

As for Lu Chen's plane, the crew had already arrived on the plane and were waiting to take off at any time. This plane was specially chartered by the Dragon Country to send them. On the way, no one disturbed the various services, and everything was ready.

When their plane took off, the general manager stood under the plane and looked up to see them off, wiping the sweat from his head.
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