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Chapter 129: Secret Of The Mass Grave!

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After going through this whole process, even Lu Chen could not help but sigh. The world had really changed.

When he was just an ordinary person, he never even sat on a bullet train.

Now, all his trips were chartered flights. Sure enough, there were always people in this world who had special privileges.

The life he was living now was a life he had never dared to imagine before.

However, he had to admit that the pressure he was facing now was also much higher than before. If he was not careful, he would fall into a land of eternal damnation.

On the plane, Lu Chen seemed to have thought of something. He asked Tang Xiaoqing, "Previously, they said that they found the corpse of a True Dragon. Where did they find the corpse?"

Although Lu Chen did not need the corpse of a True Dragon, Little Golden Dragon needed it very much.

If a Flood Dragon wanted to become a True Dragon, or even a higher level existence, it had to constantly increase the purity of its bloodline.

Otherwise, it would not be enough to just increase its strength. It could very well turn into ashes during the tribulation.

Tang Xiaoqing also understood Lu Chen's meaning. She turned her head to look at Little Golden Dragon that was still wrapped around Lu Chen's arm and replied.

"That dragon's corpse has been known to the ancient families for a long time. It has been a long time.

"However, no one has ever brought it back. The reason is that the True Dragon's corpse is located at the Mass Grave."

When Lu Chen heard this, his pupils constricted.

He had long heard that a True Dragon had descended from the sky at the Mass Grave and never appeared again. He had never thought that the ancient martial families would actually know about this news. This meant that it was most likely true. "Why have the families never made a move? Is it because the True Dragon's corpse has become a powerful existence in the Mass Grave? Why is the Wu family the only one preparing to retrieve it?"

Lu Chen asked a few questions consecutively.

Yuqing explained, "The True Dragon's corpse is indeed a treasure, but the problem is that not everyone has the opportunity to enter the Mass Grave.

"Out of the six silver territories, the other territories are relatively weaker. Only the Mass Grave is incomparably more powerful.

"Moreover, even freelance martial artists have the opportunity to enter. Only the ancient aristocratic families are absolutely not allowed to enter."

Although she said that the other silver territories were relatively weaker, and it was said in front of Lan Weiwei, Little Golden Dragon, Rollie, and Liu Yuan, no one questioned it.

If it was another territory, they would still have the courage to challenge and fight. They would even be familiar with many of their opponents territories.

However, the Mass Grave was an exception. They knew how terrifying it was. Many of them had heard about it. Even though the bosses of the other territories were powerful, none of them dared to contend it.

Unless they were about to die, they would never feel such a palpitating aura.

All of this started from the fall of the True Dragon.

Lu Chen was puzzled, "Could it be that the Mass Grave has a taboo against the people of the ancient families?"

Tang Xiaoqing nodded slightly, "The ancient families aren't afraid of the True Dragon's corpse, because it was only an epic-level existence when it was alive. A mere soul stage True Dragon is nothing to the ancient aristocratic families.

"However, the problem was that the True Dragon was originally the mount of an expert. However, that expert was besieged by the aristocratic families and died in the Mass Grave."

Hearing this, Lu Chen, Lan Weiwei, Liu Yuan and the others' faces were filled with shock. Even Little Golden Dragon and Rollie did not move. They looked at Tang Xiaoqing in disbelief.

The amount of information contained in these words was too much!

The golden stage was already a powerful existence.

Who would have thought that a True Dragon was actually equivalent to a human's soul stage.

How powerful could that be?

Lu Chen could not imagine. Right now, he was already the most powerful being in the real world. Of course, this was under the premise of excluding the ancient martial arts aristocratic families.

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Now, the ancient martial families had actually killed the True Dragon in the Mass Grave. Even the master of the True Dragon was unable to escape the fate of death.

The True Dragon was already at the soul stage. 

How powerful was the master of the True Dragon?

How powerful were the entire ancient martial families to be able to kill such an existence?

Lu Chen was even extremely baffled by this.

"Since that expert and the True Dragon were both killed by the ancient martial families back then, why haven't the ancient martial families gone to the Mass Grave to directly collect the True Dragon's corpse?" 

Tang Xiaoqing continued to explain, "Because this Mass Grave has existed for countless years. The aura of death and resentment in it is already too dense.

"Originally, there weren't any particularly powerful existences here. There were only a few silver bosses, so they were all independent creatures. No one could truly unify the entire Mass Grave. It was like a pile of loose sand."

Hearing this, Lu Chen's eyelids twitched slightly. A silver boss's existence in the other territories was already considered a wild concept. Of course, Little Golden Dragon was an exception.

After becoming a gold boss, it temporarily stayed behind to wait for the female snake.

However, there had been many silver existences in the Mass Grave since a long time ago.

This was not strange. After all, every silver boss would rush to the Mass Grave before they died.

After so many years of nurturing the aura of death, even if they could not recover their strength when they were alive, it was not impossible for them to reach the silver level. If it was some creatures that had a lot of energy, they would probably be even stronger.

Tang Xiaoqing continued on, "The True Dragon and his master were extremely powerful. Especially after being attacked and killed, the resentment in their bodies grew each day. It just so happens that it can be combined with the aura of death in the Mass Grave.

"It was precisely because of the obsession of that wandering cultivator that there was a certain degree of rejection towards the people from the ancient martial arts aristocratic families. There was no way for the experts to enter.

"If they wanted to enter, they could only be people below the gold stage. However, it was still challenging to get in. Once they reached the soul stage, they would be instantly strangled to death.

"If they wanted to send other experts of a higher level, they would at least have to be the heads of the various families, or even existences above the grand elder level.

"However, to these people, there was nothing that they needed in the Mass Grave. On the contrary, the danger was far greater than the opportunity.

"Therefore, the Mass Grave had been shelved for so many years.

"As the Wu family was the weakest existence among the ancient martial arts aristocratic families, and their family's guardian Divine Beast was a Flood Dragon, they had not given up on bringing the True Dragon's corpse back from the Second World for so many years.

"Even those people who had entered the Second World had wandered around for a long time, but they had not been able to find this place.

"It wasn't until the entrance of the Second World did the families find out that the True Dragon was here."
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