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Chapter 13

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Lu Chen’s footsteps were light. He had practically forced his way into Wolf Valley. These level 8 monsters simply could not withstand even two slashes from Lu Chen.

With his current attack speed, his maximum attack speed was eight slashes per second. With close to 1,400 attack power, he could deal close to 10,000 damage per second.

However, with his maximum attack speed, he would consume a certain amount of HP and MP. In Second World, even if it was just a game, his body would still experience the fatigued of constantly exerting energy. At the same time, his equipment would also experience wear and tear were he to use it for too long.

After a character reaches level 10, their attack speed would change, and they would no longer receive such a high increase in points. 

At this moment, Lu Chen had walked from the outskirts of the Wolf Valley to the depths of the Wolf Valley. His level had already risen to level 10 after encountering so many monsters.

In the valley, Lu Chen frowned slightly as he looked at the scene before him. It seemed like countless players had gathered here.

It seemed like they were waiting for someone?

“Morning Mist, right? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

Suddenly, a man dressed in white walked out from the forest.

His appearance looked strange to Lu Chen, and his entire body exuded a certain unruly aura. At the same time, a large group of people surged out from the forest and surrounded Lu Chen.

Lu Chen was displeased by the gaze of the man in front of him.

He was even more displeased when he realized that he was surrounded and the people around him were looking at him with malicious eyes. The man in white spoke up.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Xiao Chuan. The leader of the White Alliance Guild, I believe that my reputation precedes me.”

White Alliance Guild?

Lu Chen did know of this guild at all. 

This guild was established twenty years ago. Whether in-game or in the real world, the White Alliance had a huge influence in the east.

In Dragon Country, there was a saying, it said that the south was White, and the north was Gu.

The White referred to the White Alliance in the south, and Gu was referred to the legendary Gu family of the Dragon Country.

It was said that when the White Alliance was at its peak, there were a million members in the guild!

This number only accounted for the core members of the guild!

It did not count for the external forces that were connected to it. It could be said that the White Alliance was the most powerful guild and had a great influence on the country.

Moreover, the members of the White Alliance had always been overbearing and tyrannical. Everyone knew that those who followed their orders would prosper and those who went against them would perish.

Lu Chen glanced at Xiao Chuan and could roughly guess the other party’s plan. After all, he was currently in the limelight. The leader of the White Alliance had personally gone out and brought so many people to meet him. Lu Chen concluded that this meetup may not necessarily be a good thing for him.

As expected, Xiao Chuan spoke indifferently in a condescending tone.

“I’ll give you two choices now.

“The first one is to join our White Alliance.

“I’ll give you the position of becoming the second in command.

“The annual income would be no less than this amount.”

Xiao Chuan then showed Lu Chen the amount on his fingers.

“Ten million?” Lu Chen smiled and replied.

Xiao Chuan shook his head, “No, it’s 100 million.”

Lu Chen said calmly, “You’re being really generous with your offer, sir. An income of 100 million, and getting to be the second in command? It sure does sound enticing. Although, nothing really is free in life, isn’t it? So what’s the catch?”

Xiao Chuan said, “It seems as though you carry a little bit of intelligence, boy. You are indeed right that nothing is free in life.” He paused for a moment and continued, “I want the three scrolls in your hands. I’ll pay you whatever amount you wish for.”

The man in white pointed his finger to his head before speaking again.

“Think it over carefully. Our White Alliance’s sincerity is not one to disregard. Up until now, no one has been able to deserve this much respect from us. We are being kind here, know this.”

Lu Chen looked at the White Alliance players who were getting closer and he sneered in response.

“I’m, not sure if I can see the sincerity that you’re talking about, nor can I disregard the malicious intent coming out from your people.

“Have you ever seen a group of subordinates surround the other party when they’re discussing important matters?”

Xiao Chuan frowned and said, “It seems as though you have decided to go with the second choice?”

Lu Chen raised his eyebrows and said, “Oh, what’s the second choice?”

Xiao Chuan’s face was filled with anger as he spoke.

“The second choice is to become the enemy of the White Alliance starting today.

“You should know that whatever the White Alliance wants, they will by any means get. 

“No matter where you resurrect, there will definitely be people from the White Alliance guarding the spot.

“I’ll kill you time and time again.

“Think carefully, boy. Option one would give you unlimited glory and to be second in command in the greatest guild, and the other option is to be pursued by the White Alliance indefinitely.”

Lu Chen smiled, looked at Xiao Chuan and said, “I think we should choose the third option.”

Xiao Chuan was stunned and said, “The third option?”

A broadsword suddenly appeared in Lu Chen’s hand. He laughed sinisterly and said, “That is to send all of you back to the Resurrection Point!”

After he said that, everyone was shocked.


Xiao Chuan wanted to call Lu Chen an arrogant jerk. However, before the words came out of his mouth, Lu Chen’s broadsword had already arrived in front of him.

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“Guild leader!”

No one in the entire White Alliance had expected that Lu Chen would be so bold as to directly attack Xiao Chuan.

Two large golden words appeared above Lu Chen’s head — Blade God!

The group was shocked!

Was this guy going to f*cking kill everyone here?

Was having the Sword God and Bow God not enough?

How did he manage to obtain the title Blade God too?

Just how many titles did this guy have?

Lu Chen raised his broadsword and slashed down. His one strike caused everyone around to tremble in fear!

The Blade God’s analysis popped up as a system notification for Lu Chen.

[Blade God: your understanding of the blade has reached an unfathomable level. When you use a blade-type weapon, you will receive a special effect bonus. This effect will grow with your level!]

[Frenzied Blade: When you transform into the Blade God, your attack will definitely be a critical hit. You will have a critical hit immunity effect and receive a 400% critical hit damage bonus!]

[Bloodbath Blade God: When your enemies exceed 100 amount, your attack will become an area-of-effect damage of 100 meters. 50% of the damage will be converted into your HP.]

Everyone present felt the terror of Lu Chen’s attack. Even Xiao Chuan could not help but turn pale. The pressure exuded from Lu Chen made him feel suffocated!

Finally, the broadsword directly slashed into Xiao Chuan’s body.

A bright red critical hit number appeared above the man in white.


Holy sh*t, everyone was shocked!

A damage of over 5,000 from a single slash!?

Was this guy not only level 8?

Even if all of his attribute points were focused on strength, he would not have such a high attack, right?

Everyone thought that the number was too ridiculous to even comprehend. Moreover, what was even more shocking was that Lu Chen had actually dared to make an enemy out of White Alliance.

He did not hesitate to draw his sword towards Xiao Chuan, sending him back to the Resurrection Point.

Many people who were hiding in the shadows had looks of approval in their eyes.

The young miss of the Xu family, who was dressed in an ocean blue dress, nodded slightly and analyzed Lu Chen.

“His strength is formidable, and he is decisive with his decisions. The old man’s judgment is indeed commendable.

“If such a person enters our Xu family, he will definitely be a great help in the future.”

The eyes of the rich and the noble young master of Peaceful Town were filled with shock.

“This kid is much too bold. He even dared to kill Xiao Chuan.

“With such great strength, I’m afraid that the Dragon Country won’t be able to live in peace in the future.”

Liu Yuan, who was hiding in the dark, could not help but praise her neighbor, “He is indeed worthy of being regarded highly by the higher-ups.

“I have long disliked Xiao Chuan. Well done to Lu Chen!”

On the battlefield, Xiao Chuan’s figure slowly disappeared.

He reappeared less than 200 meters away from Lu Chen.

With a gloomy face filled with anger, he said, “It seems to me that you are courting death!”
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