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Chapter 130: Everyone, Survive!

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Tang Xiaoqing looked at everyone and continued to explain patiently, "Ever since the Second World appeared, the Wu family has been preparing to enter the Mass Grave.

"The first elder of the Dragon Country should have told you that the Bat Cave has already been cleared, right?"

Lu Chen nodded slightly, and Tang Xiaoqing continued, "The person who cleared the Bat Cave was the Wu family.

"At that time, Wu Tian brought the Wu family's people and directly went into the Bat Cave, killing all the creatures there.

"Therefore, the Bat Cave is now the only place in the six territories where there are no monsters."

Hearing this, Lu Chen did not react. On the contrary, his three pets only felt a chill down their spine. The Wu family was too vicious. They had actually slaughtered all the bats in the entire cave.

Tang Xiaoqing continued to advise him, "So if you and Wu Tian meet head-on, you must be careful. Because other than Wu Tian's offensive moves, no one knows what else he got from the Bat Cave."

Hearing Tang Xiaoqing's words, Weiwei narrowed her beautiful eyes and echoed from the side, "That's right. I've fought with the previous Bat King a few times. His offensive moves are very unique.

"It's like he can emit sound waves, and even if I cover my ears, I can't defend against it.

"I've even killed him a few times before, but it wasn't long before he reappeared. This kind of undying ability is really strange."

Lan Weiwei's words had caught Lu Chen's attention. If the other party was only in the aurous stage, then Lu Chen had the confidence to win.

It would even be easier if he had the help of the Little Golden Dragon. However, if the other party still had the ability to resurrect, then it would become very troublesome.

Not long after, everyone got off the plane and went to the hotel that the first elder had booked for them in advance.

There were the gaming pods for Lu Chen and the others. At the same time, they were placed in a huge conference room. The entire hotel had long been reserved by the high-level officials of the Dragon Country. Countless soldiers were acting as guards around the hotel. There were armed security guards everywhere, and every one of them was equipped with a miniature walkie-talkie.

Because of their arrival, the Dragon Country had increased the number of security in the entire hotel by threefold, and all kinds of military protection measures were being executed. They were building a fortress-like existence regardless of the cost.

However, it was all worth it. After all, the people who appeared here were all the top warriors of Dragon Country.

Then these people in front of them were the true peak strength of the Dragon Country. Their existence was the pillar of the Dragon Country.

Their value could no longer be measured by money. If their bodies and game pods are damaged during the time they were in the Second World, the Dragon Country would definitely not be able to bear such losses.

When Lu Chen entered the conference room, the moment he entered, the hundreds of warriors who were originally sitting in the conference room all stood up at the same time.

They did not salute or greet him. They just looked at Lu Chen with a pair of determined eyes, which were filled with perseverance, determination, confidence, envy, and worship.

None of them had doubts or even jealousy.

Although Lu Chen did not say anything on the surface, he was still praising them in his heart: the soldiers of the Dragon Country might not have a strong individual strength, but their faith and their togetherness… were incomparable to any other country in the world…

This togetherness was the strength that pushed the Dragon Country to the peak of the world.

The Dragon Slayer team below the stage looked at Lu Chen with fervent eyes, but they had mixed feelings in their hearts.

When they saw Little Golden Dragon, they no longer had the slightest bit of dissatisfaction in their hearts.

However, the feeling of wanting to compete with Lu Chen and compete with him did not subside.

It was their ego holding them back. However, everyone present recognized Lu Chen's strength. Even though many of them were acquired stage experts like Lu Chen, none of them thought that they could defeat Lu Chen single-handedly.

Lu Chen's strength was obvious to everyone in the room. Lu Chen's battle record was incomparable to anyone else's. On this point, the ordinary warriors of the Dragon Team were convinced, and the members of the Dragon Slayer squad were convinced. Even the Soul Slayer squad — which had never interacted with Lu Chen before — also had a sense of approval for Lu Chen. This was because the strong would receive respect wherever they went.

The scene in front of him shocked Lu Chen and made him very satisfied.

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He thought that he needed to do something to establish his prestige here, but he did not know what to do. Just by relying on his prestige and the orders of the first elder, he could make the entire squad listen to his commands.

This made Lu Chen even more confident with the Mass Grave mission.

"Hello, I'm Lu Chen."

Lu Chen gave a brief opening and then went straight to the main topic.

"Tonight, we are going to enter the Mass Grave. I think you know the difficulty of the Mass Grave better than I do.

"Because you have a large amount of information to learn, the first elder should have prepared enough powerful weapons for you.

"I have one thing to say here. I don't want anything that you have obtained.

"As long as it's equipment that you gain, I won't accept it no matter how precious it is.

"But the only thing I want to emphasize is-"

At this point, Lu Chen paused for a moment. His gaze slowly and seriously swept across each of the warriors as he said word by word, "The only thing I want is for everyone to survive."

When everyone heard Lu Chen's words, their expressions were slightly shocked.

They had thought that Lu Chen would say that he would work hard to lay down more treasures for the country, and they had also thought that Lu Chen would let them do their best to complete the mission. 

It did not matter how many sacrifices they had to make. The only thing they had never expected was for Lu Chen to say that. Because in their hearts, after so many years of training, their only goal was to complete the mission no matter what.

As the top special forces of the Dragon Team, the purpose of their existence was to complete the mission.

If others could complete it, they could also complete it. If others could not, they would vow to complete the mission to their deaths.

Their only purpose was to complete all kinds of missions assigned by the country.

Ever since they joined, starting from the moment they entered the special forces, all the instructors and all the leaders repeatedly told them to complete the mission at all costs, even if it meant death!

This was the first time someone had told them that their lives were very important and that they should not sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

This not only allowed all the soldiers to feel a trace of warmth, but it also allowed all the soldiers to reorganize their views on the world.

For a moment, the countless soldiers felt an array of emotions they could not comprehend.
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