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Chapter 131: Entering The Mass Grave!

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At this moment, a very young warrior finally raised his hand timidly and cautiously asked,

"Report! From the day I entered the special forces, everyone told me that my first goal was to complete missions, and that it was my duty to obey orders.

"And that's what I did.

"I've carried out twenty one missions in China, and sixteen missions abroad, and I've successfully completed all of them.

"I'm a little confused.

"Isn't it more important to complete the mission no matter what?

"Besides, we still have a chance to resurrect."

Lu Chen looked at the young soldier. His sincere look touched his heart.

He was originally just an ordinary person. Every day, he lived a normal life. It was only when he became the top player of the Second World that he understood.

There was no such thing as a peaceful life. It just meant that someone else was carrying the burden for you.

Many people risked their lives to fight for the boring life that citizens could live in every day.

He patiently explained, "I know what you're thinking. You're thinking about the time when you were on a mission in the real world. You would have risked everything. No matter what your life meant, you would have charged forward with all your might.

"To become the bravest person, no matter how great the sacrifice becomes, or even if the entire army dies, as long as you complete the mission, it would still be worth it.

"Moreover, in the Second World, even if we die, we won't really die. It's just that our equipment will be reset to zero, and our levels will be restored to level one. Everything will begin from scratch."

Many young warriors nodded slightly. Only those who had been in the army for a long time could understand Lu Chen's deep meaning.

Lu Chen continued, "What's the most important thing in this world? Is it money? Is it power? Or are there all sorts of precious treasures to keep?"

Lu Chen looked at the hundreds of soldiers waiting for their answers. Some of them were deep in thought, while some were muttering to themselves. No one spoke.

Lu Chen continued, "All of these mean nothing!

"What is truly important is talent! It is warriors! And you are all top-notch warriors!

"Most importantly, it is the kind of warriors who can fight a city or even a country alone. Such a person is a strategic talent!

"They are the treasures of the country!

"You people are the most crucial factors that could determine the outcome of the battlefield.

"Perhaps it might be impossible in the main world.

""The main world needed special forces to infiltrate and cooperate with each other. It even needed hundreds of thousands or millions of troops to carry out attacks. Only by killing could victory be achieved.

"But please remember that we are now in the Second World. I know that some of you will be entering this world for the first time.

"You can seal your strength and then unseal it in the Second World.

"So you have to pay more attention! You can only gain strength this way once. Once you get killed, your level will be reduced to one, and you will really become a fresh new player.

"You have to know that the country has trained you to be such top experts in the main world. In order to let you pass this dungeon smoothly I believe that the Dragon Country will absolutely not allow you to fight this war unprepared .

"You should also be clear about what kind of existences once existed in the Mass Grave."

The soldiers below the stage either remained silent or nodded slightly.

Lu Chen continued, "So the main purpose of the first elder calling me here is not to kill such a powerful existence, but to protect the safety of all of you.

"To let you, the future hope of the Dragon Country, the future guardians of the Dragon Country, to pass through this stage smoothly and become the guardians of the world as soon as possible."

Hearing Lu Chen's words, all the warrior's suddenly stiffened.

"You should know that although I, Lu Chen, am the first person to become the Second World's City Lord, the speed of other countries' progress does not lag far behind.

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"In the past, the ancient martial arts aristocratic families have already extended their power throughout the Second World.

"If we can't grow as quickly as possible, how can we face so many aurous stages, soul stages, or even higher level experts?

"They have thousands of years of inheritance, but you only have a few years, or even a few months, to surpass them.

"Remember, you only have this one chance. The Second World will not give you the chance to die and be reborn in the state you are in now. It's the same for you and me!"

After listening to Lu Chen's analysis of the current situation, all the warriors understood Lu Chen's intentions.

At this moment, in addition to completing the mission, they also had another belief in their hearts, which was to protect themselves well.

Seeing that everyone had listened to his words, Lu Chen did not say anything more and directly led everyone into the game pod.

The moment they entered the game pod, the security personnel around the hotel doubled again.

The helicopters that were originally far away from the base were now closely patrolling the area. The satellites in the sky temporarily changed their trajectories and carried out reciprocating monitoring of this area.

It could be said that the current hotel was more strictly guarded than many military bases. It was already on the same level as the defense of the residences of the high-ranking officials of the Dragon Country.

At this moment, the first elder was in the capital. At this moment, even though he was thousands of miles away, he was still watching the meeting hosted by Lu Chen through the livestream.

What Lu Chen said was exactly what he was thinking. Seeing that all the soldiers were listening to Lu Chen's words, he was quite satisfied.

The third in charge chief said from the side, "It seems that it was a wise choice for you to find this Lu Chen kid."

The first elder nodded slightly, "I've brought forward the plan to enter the Mass Grave, this is to increase their strength and enrich their combat experience. I hope that they can return safely."

The third in charge chief was very supportive of the first elder's decision. He smiled and nodded, "Previously, when I saw you giving him so many rewards, I felt that it was a little too much. Now, it seems that it is absolutely worth it. About that mask…"

Speaking up to this point, he wanted to say something else but hesitated. He did not continue.

When the first elder heard the other party mention this, his expression immediately changed, he spoke with a heavy heart.

"What's the big deal? Back then, the Tang family's brats swindled an old man like me into taking the Disguise Mask. I was too embarrassed to take it. Can't I just send someone from our Dragon Country to take it back? 

"Anyway, Lu Chen is also a member of our Dragon Team now. Plus , Lu Chen will most likely be with that little girl from the Tang family.

"Thinking about it this way, the Tang family won't have much of a loss.

"What can the Tang family say about me? Nothing!"

When the other man saw that the first elder was actually smiling foolishly, he was also a little dumbfounded. After so many years, he had never seen the other party act this mischievously!
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