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Chapter 132: Someone From The Western Castle!

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Despite the first elder's wishful thinking, the chief third in charge was still a little worried, "I'm not worried about the Tang family. After all, they won't go so far as to shed all pretense of cordiality. But... What if Lu Chen investigates the later stages?"

The first elder was slightly startled, "Investigate? What does he want to pursue me for? I've given him many things. It's just that I left them in the Tang family. If he wants to take them back, then he should go and get them himself. If he's not in a hurry, then he should just wait for me to give them to him. What's the big deal about that?"

The chief third in charge silently applauded in his heart. He had been in a high position for so many years, but he never had as many tricks up his sleeve as compared to the first elder. He was not born yesterday, after all!

In the Second World's Mass Grave. A group of westerners with puffed chests, deep eye sockets, and exceptionally fair skin appeared on the hillside of the Mass Grave.

They were either wearing suits or loose missionary clothing, but all of them were carrying crosses, bottles, jars, and all kinds of magical equipment.

At a first glance, these equipment looked quite different from the players in Dragon Country.

In other words, the players in the Dragon Country were more inclined to be warriors, archers, assassins, and other professions, while those in the west were more inclined to become mages.

These people were obviously not ordinary players who had been in Dragon Country. This was because they were all extremely talented experts, regardless of whether it was their equipment or their levels.

The weakest one was also in the acquired stage, and even had faint signs of breaking through to the spiritual stage.

One of them even had the cultivation of the golden stage.

However, even that top-notch expert in the golden stage looked like he was sweating buckets, and the few hairs on his head were also soaked through by the sweat, sticking onto his head.

He could be seen cursing loudly, "Sh*t! What kind of place is this? Why are there all these damn things everywhere! Are you sure that we can meet Lu Chen here?"

Another person quickly went forward and echoed, "Pastor James, don't worry. We stole the plan of the Dragon Country. Lu Chen will definitely appear at the Mass Grave. Moreover, among the six silver territories around White Fog City, only the Mass Grave has not been cleared."

Hearing this, the aurous stage expert James became even angrier, "How did you guys get the information? You guys didn't even know that the Bat Cave had been cleared. We went to the Bat Cave for nothing and gained nothing from it.

"This Mass Grave seems even more ridiculous. They said that it was a silver level territory, but in the end?

"We've already met three silver existences along the way. We've only gone up the mountain for less than half a day.

"Even just now, I could faintly see a golden light flickering in the distance. I'm afraid that this battle will not be an easy fight to surpass.

"I just want Lu Chen to show up right now. Otherwise, I'm sure that all of you will die here. I'll probably be the only survivor left."

James was not exaggerating at all. If there really was a gold boss, he would be in danger.

Not to mention these ordinary acquired bosses!

It had to be said that even in the Second World, they had already begun to surpass humans.

There were already many experts.

Based on ranking it would be yellow, gold, earth, heaven, acquired, spiritual, aurous, and finally soul. Although there were still levels above them, many had already surpassed Lu Chen by a lot.

Originally, if one was a heaven stage, they would already be considered a high level person. Now, even if it was the spiritual stage, in front of this silver boss, it would still not be enough.

Moreover, with the ancient martial arts aristocratic families joining, other countries also upgrade their forces. The spiritual stage had already become the standard.

When the others heard this, they were even more afraid that what James said would come true. Then, one of them hurriedly replied, "James, don't worry. As far as I know, Lu Chen and the others have already entered the game pod. It shouldn't be long before they enter this place. Plus, we didn't expect that the Mass Grave would be this dangerous."

These people were from the Western Castle. The group who came this time could be said to have a powerful lineup.

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Not only did a few elders come here, but even the castle lord had joined.

They were able to come to the Second World where the Dragon Country was located precisely because they had spent an extremely high price to exchange for an ultra-long-distance teleportation scroll. Otherwise, they would not have been able to pass through the Second World's blockade on the region.

It must be known that this teleportation scroll was priceless.

When Lu Chen had three teleportation scrolls, they had already been hyped up to a price of at least 200 million dollars.

At their peak, it was sold for 2,000,000,000 dollars each.

This was because these items were simply too rare. It could be said that the Western Castle had spent a huge amount of money to obtain these scrolls.

However, they firmly believed that this purchase would be definitely worth it. If they could kill Lu Chen, his entire set of legendary or even epic equipment would belong to them.

Even White Fog City, which could not be measured with money, would belong to the Western Castle. With such a huge temptation, itit made sense that the higher ups of the Western Castle wanted to mobilize such an opportunity.

They had even invited an expert, James, from the western families to support them.

As they spoke, they did not stop what they were doing. They were on constant vigilance and readied their offensive stances. It had to be said that their experience points had increased far more compared to in their own territory. Even spiritual experts like them were at least level 20 or above. Killing ordinary monsters was of little value to them.

Moreover, they never had a place like the Mass Grave. Simply put, the Mass Grave was a bug in the game. It was impossible for such a place to have that many silver bosses inside living together.

To ordinary players, this was a land of death.

When it comes to things like these, there should only be one silver boss. However, when they arrived at the Mass Grave, they were stunned. The monsters here come one after another, densely packed together.

Moreover, unlike ordinary silver territories, which were supposed to be filled with level 2 or 3 monsters, the monsters here were at least level 10 and above.

In just half a day, they had already killed several silver bosses.

They even felt a little regretful. If they had come to the Mass Grave earlier to grind for a few more days, their levels could have soared from it.

After all, in the few minutes they were chatting, even the weakest among them had risen to level 30 and above.

It could be said that they were both happy and annoyed at the same time. This was definitely a place where danger and opportunity coexisted.

The leader of the group, James, looked at the few old men following behind him and felt a little dissatisfied. "I'm starting to doubt your information. You said that the Bat Cave had not been cleared, but we verified that it had already been cleared.. We wasted a lot of time getting there, and there wasn't even a single monster left."
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