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Chapter 133: Half-dead Monsters!

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It was obvious that James did not trust them.

He was still questioning them as much as he could, "You said that the Mass Grave is a silver territory, but I'm starting to suspect that there's a gold boss inside.

"This kind of place is definitely not something that you can easily enter.

"So regarding Lu Chen's strength, have you guys studied it?

"I've heard that he has subdued a gold boss before."

James was not a fool. Although he was at the golden stage, his level was the same as a gold boss.

However, he did not think that he could easily kill a gold boss, let alone take it as a pet.

After all, monsters had high attack and defense, while humans were just made of skin and bones. If Lu Chen could easily kill a gold boss, then even if he was at the golden stage, he would not be able to defeat Lu Chen.

The other spiritual experts hurriedly explained, "James, don't worry, this won't happen.

"Lu Chen relied on his identity as the City Lord of White Fog City to subdue the Golden Dragon. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been a match for it.

"And that White Fog City has already accompanied Lu Chen in battle once. Right now, it won't have the ability to appear again. It will be closed for a period of time.

"This will be the right time to do so."

James still did not believe them. He continued to ask, "Where did you get all this information from? Is it reliable?"

The leader of the experts was red-faced, fat, and the strongest. He opened his mouth and said, "This is the news I heard from Xiao Bai who came from the Dragon Country.

"You must know that Xiao Bai has always been thinking about how to take revenge. Killing Lu Chen is definitely a good thing for Xiao Bai.

"Don't worry, this news will definitely not go wrong."

Xiao Bai?

James knew about Xiao Bai.

As a rising star within the Western Castle's strength range, Xiao Bai's reputation precedes him.

Especially after he became the City Lord of the Giant Lizard City, he became even more famous.

His popularity was even higher than that of the people in the Western Castle.

After all, when Lu Chen obtained White Fog City, all the countries in the world were panicking.

Xiao Bai was recognized by the Giant Lizard City, and he was even recognized by the Guardian General with his strength of the spiritual stage. He was even rewarded handsomely from it.

For a time, many people began to become fanatical toward Xiao Bai.

Some of the discordant voices even felt that Xiao Bai should become the leader of the Western Castle.

This was something the Western Castle could not tolerate.

The meritorious service overshadowed the master!

Therefore, even though Xiao Bai had always proposed to attack White Fog City, the people of the Western Castle had never agreed.

Moreover, the people of the Western Castle felt like they were just inviting a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The castle lord of the Western Castle and the various elders had always been forcing Xiao Bai to give up his position as the City Lord of Giant Lizard City, but it was to no avail. In fact, they had no way of doing anything to Xiao Bai.

After all, if they really provoked Xiao Bai, the other party would summon the entire Giant Lizard City to the real world for battle, and the Western Castle would most likely have to kneel down out of fear!

Yet, the descendants of the Xiao family were still locked up by the Dragon Country. For a time, the Western Castle was actually somewhat passive.

If it was not for the fact that Xiao Bai had no foundation in the Western Castle and wanted to slowly expand his own power, he would probably have rebelled long ago.

This also gave the Western Castle a chance and time to react accordingly.

They had invited James over in order to get rid of Lu Chen, seize White Fog City, and at the same time, kill Xiao Bai.

In this way, even if they gave White Fog City to James, they could at least gain control of the Giant Lizard City.

The Western Castle decided that it was not at a loss.

Moreover, it was a bloody profit to gain James's friendship!

Xiao Bai's final value had been completely squeezed dry, so they had no need for him anymore.

While everyone in the Western Castle was calculating the benefits, Lu Chen and the others had already arrived at the foot of the mountain.

At the foot of the Mass Grave, chilly wind blew in all directions.

The Mass Grave was the only place that was pitch-black no matter what time it was.

The chilly wind blew, and the forest let out ghostly wails and howls, mixed with the howls and wails of all kinds of supernatural creatures.

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It was an extremely horrifying place to be.

Even Liu Yuan, who had been in the Dragon Team for many years and often did missions, was trembling all over as she moved closer to Lu Chen.

Although the other warriors had been through hundreds of battles, it was impossible for them not to be nervous.

Amongst everyone, Lu Chen's three pets were the calmest.

Little Golden Dragon and Lan Weiwei were not afraid at all. Although they were a little flustered, they were silver bosses after all, and their strength was tyrannical.

They had played around here since they were young, so they were relatively familiar with this place.

Lan Weiwei was still young, so she had some psychological trauma from this place. However, Little Golden Dragon was different. It had lived for a longer time, and had come here before the Mass Grave became this terrifying.

Naturally, Little Golden Dragon did not feel too afraid.

As for Rollie, he was truly big-hearted. He was eating the bamboo shoots by himself, not observing the Mass Grave at all.

The Mass Grave was located deep in the mountains and forests. The tall trees were not only very thick and strong, but they were also strangely twisted, forming an unbelievable angle,

it was an extremely horrifying atmosphere.

Bones of all kinds of creatures could be seen everywhere. There were even some human-like corpses, but the bodies were very huge. The bones of many creatures twitched from time to time, as if they were recovering from the trauma.

Obviously, these were creatures that had just entered the Mass Grave and had not been here for many years.

Under the nourishment of the death aura exuded by the Mass Grave, they showed signs of recovering, but they were not fully recovered yet.

Some curious soldiers threw a few stones at them and a shrill cry ensued. A strange green light spread out from the corpse, and the corpse stopped moving.


The half-dead corpse stopped moving.

This refreshed everyone's understanding.

This corpse had yet to fully resurrect, yet it was considered a small monster by the Second World, and it had a mark of damage.

The senior players and newbie players were both very curious.

They had just released their strength. The lowest level was a heaven rank and above. If converted to the Second World, they were already over level 10.

As well-trained warriors, they were also very cautious with their surroundings.

However, seeing that the first monster was killed by their teammates, they also picked up the stones around them or threw branches at some of the corpses that were twitching on the ground. Streaks of red appeared above the corpses.





This may be a game, but it felt like an extremely real experience, arousing the curiosity of all the warriors.
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