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Chapter 134: Waves And Waves Of Monsters!

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For a moment, everyone wondered if this place was heaven. It looked like there was no danger here at all.

As long as one was willing, they could easily kill a group of monsters with a flick of their wrist. One had to admit that this place was quite confusing.

Obviously, players liked places where they could easily farm points and level up, such as throwing rocks to undead unmoving monsters. One had to know that when everyone was a newbie, they could not even kill a level 1 monster. Some people were even killed by wild rabbits…

Although this place looked like a great place to level up, no one dared to let their guard down.

According to what they knew, they were about to face a real battle!

As expected, the warriors realized that as the half-dead monsters around them were being killed, the surrounding environment seemed to have become more eerie.

The wails and howls of ghosts and wolves in the Mass Graves also became more intense.


Lu Chen shouted. All the warriors immediately stopped their probing and stood on their spots.

Even if some of the half-dead monsters that could only move their upper bodies crawled towards them and even launched attacks, these warriors did not hesitate and finished them off with one quick slash.

Among them, the Soul Slayer Team tightly surrounded Lu Chen and the others, forming a defensive formation.

On the other side was the Dragon Slayer Team.

The Soul Slayer Team guarded Lu Chen's side in order to be Lu Chen's bodyguard, while the Dragon Slayer Team became the target of protection… Because after they were killed by Little Golden Dragon, their levels became level 1, and their combat power rapidly dropped. Although they did not focus on anything else except farming monsters in the Second World to increase their levels, they only managed to reach around level 10.

This kind of combat power was truly a drag to the team… They could not even be compared to the slightly higher-leveled players that came with.

No matter how strong their combat awareness was, they would still not be enough to deal with the difference in strength.

They were clearly a party with top-tier combat power, yet they had become the weakest link here. Even the cute Rollie could kill them with a single light slap. It could be said that they were feeling rather sullen now.

That was why they were the happiest when they threw rocks at the monsters just now. After all, this method of earning points was extremely suitable for them.

Plus, they had also made up their minds about this mission. As long as there were no silver monsters appearing later, they would definitely fight to their deaths and try their best to raise their levels to the level that they should be.

Now, they looked at the warriors who were originally inferior to them in the real world, but had become gods in the game. Their hearts were filled with grievance.

The moment Lu Chen shouted for them to stop, the entire team of several hundred people stopped moving. It was as if everything had become still in an instant.

The originally chaotic team had formed different tactical formations in an instant. This kind of well-trained formation made Lu Chen feel even more powerful.

He kept looking around to see if there were any changes in the surroundings, and at the same time, he listened carefully to see if there were any strange sounds.

To his surprise, the sound of drums seemed to faintly appear in the distance.

It was originally just a faint appearance, but after more than ten seconds, it became clearer and clearer. In the forest, all the trees were faintly trembling from the sound, and the withered yellow and decaying leaves were slowly decomposing.

Even the ground was shaking, as if the earth was crying and the mountains were trembling.

This feeling was as if thousands of soldiers and horses were rushing at them from all directions. If it were not for the hundreds of soldiers here, many people would not be able to bear it.

After all, this kind of imposing manner was so overwhelming that even well-trained special forces warriors could not guarantee that they would not panic.

What happened next shocked everyone even more.

Countless mummies and undead monsters attacked them all in one go. There were definitely thousands or even tens of thousands of them rushing forward.

There were Ancient Ash Wolves with broken legs, Ancient Fire Tigers without tails, Giant Pythons with only half of their bodies left, and all sorts of undead creatures with illusory bodies.

Their strength was at least at level 15, and some of them were even close to being level 30.

Although those mutilated corpses had lost limbs and were staggering, their movement speed was far beyond their imagination. They seemed to be risking their lives as they swarmed toward the warriors like crazy.

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Even the Dragon Slayer Team and the others who had once charged into the Snake Pond felt their scalps go numb, and they all simultaneously shouted, "F*ck!"

The female python that they had tried to kill in the Snake Pond back then was only level 30. It was 100 meters long and as thick as a giant steel. Although the Dragon Slayer Team had expended a lot of effort to kill that silver boss, they were not too worried. After all, they had prepared themselves well back then, and it was a five man team against one silver boss.

At that time, they had an absolute advantage in terms of planning.

However, what were those things in front of them?!

They were densely packed. Even the lowest-leveled monsters were over level 10, which was higher than the current Dragon Slayer Team.

Even if they were weaker than the other warriors, there was a limit to how weak they were.

Even the top-tier warriors in the Dragon country could not help but sigh. 

How were they supposed to fight this mob?

The appearance of this scene made Li Xiaotian, the captain of the Dragon Slayer Team, feel a lingering fear. He thought back to when he thought of coming to the Mass Grave after clearing the Snake Pond. If he came to the Mass Grave, it would probably leave a psychological scar for the rest of his life.

Everyone felt it when they saw the scene in front of them. Adrenaline rapidly pumped through their veins but a sense of fear kept seeping in. Everyone even held brave complex emotions on the surface… Secretly, they trembled in their minds.

At this moment, none of them refused to back down.

Lu Chen let out a loud laugh. All the teams followed the original plan. Each team formed a tactical formation, they stood not too close to each other. At least 10 meters and not too far away. This was to ensure that each team could stay as far as 50 meters away from each other.

"Dragon Slayer Team, you are slightly weaker. You guys are not responsible for facing the enemy head-on. You guys have to wander between each tactical team. Provide support at any time."

"Roger that!"

As Lu Chen gave the order, everyone readied themselves for battle.

Lu Chen was not clear about the specific tactical matters, so he left everything to the Soul Slayer Team to arrange the warriors.

The groups that were originally fighting for themselves were now arranged in a new formation.

Lu Chen was a little surprised by how quickly they arranged themselves.

He did not expect the Dragon Team to be so well-prepared in order to conquer the Mass Grave.

Facing the overwhelming monsters, the Spellcaster was the first to bear the brunt. In mid-air, he made gestures with his hands and chanted, releasing one long-range attack spell after another.

At the same time, the Archers also began to use their long-range attacks.

These warriors of the Dragon Team were not ordinary players. During Lu Chen's rest time, the first elder had spent a lot of money to let these warriors use the super VIP channel to change their class!

The Dragon Country was definitely a big spender!
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