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Chapter 135: Dragon Country's Power Of Money!

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The Dragon Country's foundation and confidence were undoubtedly revealed at this moment.

The Dragon Team only took less than two hours to accomplish something that would normally take a few days for others to accomplish.

During these two hours, most of the time, they were still looking for players to cut the queue and quickly change their class. Other players needed to spend several hours, or even a few days, to queue up to change their class, but these warriors paid their way through to the start of the queue.

Wherever there was a queue, they would charge money to the players to cut the queue!

If White Fog City did not allow them to give bribery money, then they would spend money to find the people in front of them to change their positions.

This kind of exorbitant money — which did not care about the cost — instantly raised the equipment of the entire Dragon Team to the peak of normal players.

No seats? Bribery money will do!

No equipment? Bribery money will do!

No potions? Bribery money will do!

No… Don't ask, just give them bribery money!!

If 50,000 dollars did not work, then maybe 100,000 dollars will. If 100,000 dollars did not work, then maybe 1,000,000 will do. There would always be someone willing to take up on this offer.

For ordinary players, it was just a matter of a day or two later to wait in the queue. It did not matter at all.

For ordinary players, the most important use of equipment was to sell it for money and improve life in the main world. Even if they kept their equipment, they could not guarantee that they would be dropped.

Under the powerful incentive of money, all the warriors completed their class change at the first possible moment. Although there were all kinds of equipment, they were absolutely excellent and convenient!

With the support of all kinds of equipment, everyone's combat strength had been greatly improved.

The Mages were the first to bear the brunt of the attack, and they immediately began their first attack!

Countless fireballs exploded in the midst of the monster crowd like stars falling from the sky, and the gorgeous magic bombarded the monster's body into pieces.

Strings of red numbers floated up from the countless corpses.








With just the first long-range confrontation, they had achieved a huge victory. The first round of attacks had caused the deaths of dozens of monsters.

Some powerful Mages and Archers could even kill five or six enemies in one hit.

A victory of this level would definitely be a huge win in front of ordinary players. However, this was nothing to the Dragon Team.

There were simply too many monsters making their way here. These attacks were like a drop of water in the ocean. They were not of much use.

However, they did not rest at all. Following which, the second and third round of long-range attacks were consecutively launched.

Some advanced Dragon Team warriors could even launch three or four attacks per second.

After a few seconds, hundreds or even thousands of monsters died under their merciless attacks. However, it was also in such a short time that these Archers, Mages, and long-range attack warriors consumed a lot of stamina.

The monsters also took advantage of this time and arrived in front of the warriors.

The real close combat began immediately. However, the close combat warriors did not make a move. Instead, a group of highly defensive warriors formed a shield wall and stood at the front to block the first wave of monster attacks.

Strangely, the defensive shields of these warriors instantly turned into huge shields that spanned a hundred meters when they came into contact with each other.

The originally pale yellow shields were visible to the naked eye after they were connected to each other. Their thickness had increased by more than tenfold. Their color had also changed from pale yellow to dark brown. Their defensive power had increased significantly. Moreover, when the monsters collided with the huge shields, many of them were greatly knocked back.

The powerful monsters lost a lot of HP colliding with the barrier, and the weak monsters were directly shattered by the impact!

Even Lu Chen's eyes lit up from this stunt. He did not expect the equipment from the Dragon Country to have such a miraculous effect. Not only could they connect with each other, but they could also form a huge area of defense.

There was even a powerful rebound effect.

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This kind of rebound attack was different from Lu Chen's Shield God title. Lu Chen's attack did not matter how strong the monster's attack was, it would always reflect 50% of the damage.

The shield that the Dragon Team possessed was not as powerful as Lu Chen's shield, which could ignore the opponent's attack limit. However, it could directly kill weak monsters.

This was quite useful in group battles.

The damage caused by the rebound of the shield this time was even more than the number of enemies killed in the long-range attack. In an instant, more than 1,000 monsters were turned into ashes!

Countless flurries of red numbers appeared in the sky.

There were as many as thousands of them!

It was such a spectacular scene, even when the White Alliance was attacking Bear Ridge, the 10,000 White Alliance warriors could not achieve such a shocking effect.

In just two exchanges, 30% of the warriors had been killed, and nearly 3,000 monsters had disappeared.

Only about 7,000 monsters were left charging forward.

At this time, the warriors who were close-ranged readied themselves to attack.

The Mages who were good at long-range attacks were still changing formations to attack the ones at the end of the monster tide.

The Mages who were good at teleportation formations were constantly teleporting the densely packed monsters to the farthest end to relieve the pressure on the close-range warriors.

At the same time, they moved the monsters on both sides to the front, which was more conducive to the warriors' attacks and could also prevent the warriors from being barged from both sides.

As for the close-combat Mages, they kept casting spells and launched gorgeous spells.

The Ice Mages kept forming ice thorns that shot towards the monsters.

The Earth Mages drew magic arrays. Large hands protruded from the ground and soared the monsters into the sky. Then, they quickly closed up and slapped countless monsters to death.

Among them, the Fire Mages and the Light Mages were the most effective. To these undead, they were the most lethal. Fire and light could easily burn the undead to ashes.

Some undead did not even let out a single cry when they died.

The Wind Mages and the Archers combined and lifted the arrows shot up one by one. They stood in the air and aimed at the monsters that were good at sneak attacks to ensure the safety of their companions.

On the other hand, the warriors slashed horizontally and vertically. Wherever they passed, they could deal extremely powerful critical damage to the monsters.

It had to be said that although the level of the swords in the hands of these warriors was not too high — it was far from reaching the level of silver — they were still far from being comparable to ordinary iron swords.

Based on their lethality, they could at least deal both physical and magic damage. Hence, even against the countless undead in the air, they were still able to kill them all.

However, even though 30% of the undead died in just two slashes, the ones that died were all weak, low-level mummies and undead.

The true high-level monsters did not receive any damage. They only lost some of their HP.

As time passed, the pressure on the undead became more and more intense. Almost every warrior had to deal with monsters that were 10 or even 20 times more powerful than them.

If it were not for the fact that these warriors had formed a tactical team, they would probably have lost at least 20% of their strength already.
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