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Chapter 136: Time To Train!

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The entire Dragon Team was fighting the horde of monsters with all their might. Although no one died, everyone felt a huge pressure weighing on them.

It was as if they were dancing on a tightrope.

Of course, this was under the pretense where Lu Chen and his pets were not making a move. If they did, obviously, the pressure on the warriors would be greatly reduced. However, Lu Chen understood that he should not be spoon feeding them every step of the way.

Lu Chen and the others were scattered in different areas of the team. They were guaranteed to pull the warriors back when they were about to die. They were even prepared to help them block the attacks, giving them time to recover their health.

After all, the warriors here were like what Lu Chen had mentioned. Every single one of them was very precious, and they could not die so easily.

Right now, Lu Chen was trying his best to create opportunities for everyone to enrich their combat experience in the Second World and increase their courage in the Second World.

One had to know that Lu Chen's role as a nanny could not last for too long. It was likely that he would only be able to do this once in the Mass Grave. In the future, if these people's strength increased quickly, they could become his helpers. Otherwise, they would have to fight on their own in the future.

Lu Chen's current task was arduous, and he had to face many dangers. It was impossible for him to always be their nanny. However, Lu Chen still believed in his heart that this experience was absolutely enough for these warriors to gain something from it.

Their combat strength, combat awareness, and adaptability were all top-notch in the world.

All the warriors understood Lu Chen's good intentions. They were also constantly honing their combat experience.

Although they were all top-notch warriors in the main world, many of them were still newbies in the Second World.

On one hand, they had the excitement of playing online games. On the other hand, they had a sense of mission and danger.

After all, this was not just a game. This could determine the position of the Dragon Country in the future world, and even determine the fate of the entire world.

They were all clear about the fusion of the Second World and the fact that the Second World had asked for help from the main world.

After seeing Lu Chen's super field-controlling ability, many wind and nature element warriors began to learn one by one to control the field. Any warrior who was in danger was lifted into the air by a Wind Mage or pulled back to the nearest place by a vine created by a Nature Mage to escape the battlefield.

This way, the chance of all the warriors getting injured became even lower. Although the battle was extremely difficult, no one died.

Facing the scene before them, if it was an ordinary player fighting to such an extent, they would probably think they would be able to survive. Seeing the monsters being eliminated one by one while their side did not suffer any losses… They would definitely feel that victory was within their grasp.

However, the dragon warriors here did not think so. Lu Chen, in particular, had long since frowned. This was because there were a few extremely high-level monsters at the rear of the horde.

The monsters there were clearly different from ordinary monsters. If they were only in the territory of the other five silver bosses, no matter how high the monsters' levels were, they would only be fighting on their own.

Low-level monsters and high-level monsters carelessly charged forward. There was no hierarchy system. Unless the only king in the territory appeared, only then could the other monsters be suppressed.

However, in this Mass Grave, one had to know that the highest existence here was at least the fallen true dragon.

When he was alive, he was at the legendary level, which was equivalent to a human's soul stage existence. After he died, he would probably be at least an aurous stage monster, perhaps even more powerful than Little Golden Dragon.

He was an existence above the soul stage that was besieged and killed by the ancient families. Logically speaking, even if a gold monster was here, there should not be any level suppression.

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However, such a strange scene appeared. The army of thousands of ordinary low-level monsters in front of them kept disturbing Lu Chen and the others.

The ten silver bosses that were charging at the back of the group remained unmoving. They only steadily sat at the back, constantly giving out commands. Some gave out loud roars, while others gave out low-pitched grumbles.

This allowed the ten low-level monsters that were charging at the back of the group to have a vague pattern of attacks. Moreover, many of the monsters were looking for opportunities to attack the humans. It was as if the monster horde had a formation as well, while the bosses at the back behind them were like commanders.

This strange phenomenon was like a haze that shrouded everyone's hearts.

With the command of these ten silver bosses, the Dragon Team's warriors's battle stance became even more difficult. Quite a few times, some of the warrior's HP bars were almost hit to zero.

This made many of the warriors very worried. Many of the monsters even learned how to create a diversion. One second, they were fighting the warrior in front of them. The next second, the monsters behind them from the corner of their eyes would casually swipe their claws at the warrior with low HP.

This kind of tactic far exceeded the warrior's understanding of monsters. They almost brought many of the warriors back to the Novice Village.

Fortunately, due to Lu Chen's previous command, many warriors were already familiar with this kind of tacit cooperation in battle. After all, these Dragon Team warriors originally fought as special forces in small groups.

They were like a sharp knife, good at sneak attacking, ambushing, and scouting.

At times like these, warriors at their level were no longer enough to carry out such commands in the Mass Graves. They could only band together and become a medium-sized army, awaiting orders. In the face of a group battle, their cooperation was not that harmonious. Due to Lu Chen's good commands, their cooperation became more and more tacit. This allowed the entire team to maintain zero casualties.

After the monsters gained a tacit understanding of the battle. The entire team felt the pressure multiply. The most obvious ones were the control and support system warriors.

Originally, they only needed to give all the members the same amount of buffs and support. Now that these monsters knew how to cooperate, the situation completely changed. They needed to constantly pay attention to certain subtle changes on the battlefield.

Which one had less HP, which warrior was injured, which warrior did not have enough equipment buffs, which warrior did not have enough help in time.

They could either replenish their HP, increase their status, pull them back to the center of the battlefield, or withdraw from the battlefield. At the same time, they had to focus on their original tactical gaps to prevent the monsters from taking advantage of them.

Although this kind of battle environment raised their battle awareness to the extreme, and the mental pressure kept piling on.

In the Second World, if a player's HP continued to drop, it would not affect their battle status. However, if the mental pressure was too great, the environment would become more challenging for them, this would directly affect the mental state of the players.

This way, the player would become more and more tired, which would then cause the player's consciousness in the Second World to become more and more blurry.. Their reactions would even be slow, causing their state of minds to be faltering or their combat power to drop.
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