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Chapter 137: Unwillingly Withdraw From The Battle!

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The battle situation in the Mass Grave was far beyond everyone's imagination.

No one had thought that there would be so many monsters appearing in the Mass Grave at once. They had barely caught up with the organized horde of monsters.

Most importantly, they had only just entered the outer perimeter!

It was such an arduous battle, not to mention the ordinary members of the Dragon Team, even the Dragon Slayer squad had never experienced something like this before. Even the Soul Slayer Squad that was stationed overseas all year round had never encountered such a troublesome situation.

In just three hours, more than half of the monsters had been killed or injured. At this time, there were also some warriors who were in a trance. Their reaction speed became extremely slow, and each of their movements became randomized.

This meant that the intensity of the battle that this warrior had endured before had already exceeded his limit. If he was not allowed to leave the battlefield now, Lu Chen was afraid that he would only be killed and resurrected to become a level 1 newbie again.

This was not worth it, so Lu Chen said loudly, "All warriors, listen up. Those who have reached their limit, immediately exit the game and return to the main world to rest."

Even though Lu Chen said so, the warriors were not willing to listen obediently. After all, in the main world, the warriors would be willing to not close their eyes for ten days and ten nights, they would be willing to be in a high-intensity trek for a long period of time, and they would never back down from a fight.

However, the Second World was completely different. Not only were there a lot of monsters, but the monsters were also very powerful. More importantly, they understood that whether or not they died in the main world was not that important to the mission.

However, if they died in the Second World, as Lu Chen had said, it would bring great losses to the country. This was something that they would never allow to exist in their minds.

However, as warriors, they would not allow themselves to give up so easily. If anyone were to be the first to retreat, they would be laughed out of their mouths.

Therefore, everyone mustered all their strength and carried on fighting. At this moment, the support and control system players felt even more pressure.

Although Lu Chen frowned, he did not say anything. His legs bent slightly, and he suddenly kicked out. Under the effect of the Swift Boots, he immediately shot out a distance of dozens of meters, directly carrying a warrior who was about to be killed by the monster and leaving the battlefield.

Lu Chen threw the warrior to a safe place, and then shouted, "Go back to the main world."

The warrior's face was red with embarrassment. However, facing so many warriors and so many teammates who were still persisting, it was absolutely shameful to ask him to leave the battlefield alone. Therefore, his face changed several times, but he still could not make up his mind.

Lu Chen seemed to have seen through his thoughts, and then his footwork changed again and again. His figure flashed repeatedly, and he threw the other warriors who were on the verge of death out of the battlefield.

Without waiting for these warriors to get up to return to the battlefield, Lu Chen once again shouted loudly, "Your condition is no longer enough to support this battle. Immediately return to the main world. Don't drag your teammates down. Your departure will allow your teammates to perform better."

Hearing these words, the warriors looked at each other, their eyes somewhat dazed. However, after a short period of adjustment, they looked at each other. For the sake of the mission, for the sake of making the entire team stronger, it seemed reasonable to withdraw from the fight.

Looking down, there were several monsters in the circle that had already turned their gazes towards them. They took out their equipment and were ready to pounce on them. They kept making noises, attracting many monsters to turn around and glare at them.

However, the other warriors continued to attack the powerful monsters from afar, as if they were not afraid at all. One of the archers aimed his arrow at a silver boss far away.

The silver dragon boss was stunned. It had never occurred to him that someone would dare to provoke him under such circumstances.

With a long howl, hundreds of monsters immediately turned around and retreated from the battlefield.

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When the few warriors saw that the archer's attacks were effective when the monsters were attacking them, they all aimed their attacks at the few silver bosses at the back row. Although their attacks were not damaging enough to harm the bosses, they succeeded in angering many silver bosses.

They all issued orders, and for a time, thousands of ordinary monsters pounced at these warriors, baring their teeth. Seeing that they had achieved their goal, these warriors ran away as if they had gone mad.

Their actions had attracted the firepower of many monsters. The pressure on the entire Dragon Team was now greatly reduced.

The few warriors used all their physical strength to run. When they ran until they were completely exhausted or were about to be caught by the monsters, they immediately exited the Second World game and returned to the main world to rest.

When they woke up in the gaming pod, their expressions were very complicated. They could not imagine what kind of criticism they would experience when they stood up to face the high-level officials of the Dragon Country.

After all, they were the lowest level and weakest existence in the entire Dragon Team. It could be said that their evacuation was in a sense a desertion. However, they would not be able to escape this kind of criticism. They gritted their teeth and pushed open the gaming pod. Then, they stood up one by one, and they all went to the meeting room.

At this moment, the projector in the meeting room was showing a clip. In the air, a three-dimensional human figure faintly appeared.

This person was none other than the third in charge chief. The third in charge chief's gaze was gentle as he looked at the helpless warriors.

He encouraged them, "You guys have done well. Thank you for your hard work. I thank you on behalf of all the citizens."

As soon as he said this, the warriors who had been prepared to be criticized were instantly stunned. The next moment, they understood what the third in charge chief meant. Their eyes instantly turned red, and the rims of their eyes were slightly moist.

In their dreams, they had never thought that they, as warriors, would be the first to withdraw. Not only did they not receive criticism, but they also received encouragement and praise from the high-level officials of the Dragon Country.

One of the warriors could not hold back his tears and said, "Chief, we know that our combat strength is weak. I didn't want to withdraw either, but I really have no choice."

As he spoke, he could not continue, and his throat was somewhat choked. If it was the main world, they would rather die in battle than take a step back.

However, in the Second World, in order to preserve the strength of the Dragon Country, they had to make this kind of retreat, which they regarded as a disgrace.
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