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Chapter 138: All Of You Are Important!

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This feeling of humiliation had always lingered in the hearts of the warriors.

This was because, on the battlefield, as long as there were still people fighting and as long as they did not retreat together, no one was allowed to be a deserter, even if their condition had deteriorated tremendously.

The third in charge chief, however, shook his head. He smiled and explained to them, "No, there is nothing wrong with what you did.

"In the tragic situation just now, your retreat was a protection of the country's resources.

"It was the same situation as when a pilot had to take the initiative to jump out of the plane when it was about to crash. 

"The most important thing now is to improve your strength as soon as possible and hone yourself into a national treasure.

"During normal times, all of you would do your own things to increase your strength. However, at the critical moment of the country, we'll need you at your peak.

"There is no need to make unnecessary sacrifices, it's absolutely irrational if we were to do that. The best thing you can do is to retreat in times like these.

"At the same time, you even managed to shift the pressure of your teammates onto yourselves to pin down the enemies on the battlefield. All of you have done well. I have high hopes for all of you."

These words made all the warriors feel even more at a loss. They were used to too many life and death departures.

On the battlefield, they preferred to engage in close combat. The scenes they faced were all death and only death. Their philosophy was to not give in even an inch, to fight till the end of time.

This was the first time someone had told them something else. They were told to protect themselves as they were important…

How could they not be moved?

After being moved for a short while, they quickly adjusted their condition and immediately ran forward. They returned to their resting rooms and began to catch up on their sleep to prepare for the next battle.

In the Mass Grave of the Second World, the tragic situation on the battlefield had exceeded all the warrior's expectations.

Many of the warriors here, to be exact, most of them had experienced countless battles. They had even survived for several months in the Second World.

Even some of the members of the Dragon Team had fought silver bosses before. However, this silver territory was far more dangerous than the other silver territories.

Not to mention the thousands of monsters in front of them, this silver boss exuded the kind of oppression that other silver bosses did not possess.

Even though they were thousands of meters away, many warriors could barely breathe from the pressure. Even the Soul Slayer squad, whose average level was over level 25, felt immense pressure.

Only Lan Weiwei, who was from another silver territory, looked at the silver boss with disdain.

This was because she had been a silver boss when she was still an Ancient Ash Wolf.

After that, she fought many battles with Lu Chen. Her level had risen to over level 30, far beyond what an ordinary silver boss could compare to.

At the very least, she could take on three silver bosses by herself. Meanwhile, Little Golden Shield stuck out its tongue and hissed as it looked at the silver boss with disdain on its face.

Even if all of these silver bosses were added together, they would not be enough to defeat Little Golden Dragon. At most, it would be a little troublesome. However, under Lu Chen's probing, none of them attacked.

Even if a warrior was in danger, Little Golden Dragon would use brute force to push the monster dozens of meters away. It would not really hurt them.

This was because these were the Dragon Team warriors. Depending on how they handle the situation at hand, it will play a decisive role in the future of the Dragon Country. 

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On the vast battlefield, countless warriors and monsters were fighting desperately. For a time, the corpses of monsters flew everywhere, and many monsters were scared out of their wits.

Hundreds or even thousands of red dots would often appear on the entire battlefield at the same time. Some of them were monsters, and some were warriors.

Fortunately, with Lu Chen's signal and the previous few warriors taking the lead, many of the warriors of the Dragon Team felt the pressure on their hearts lighten a little.

A few warriors who could not hold on any longer tried to attract the aggro of the monsters, increasing their anger, and then leading them far away from the battlefield. Afterward, they would the Second World game and return to the main world to rest. This operation was a little confusing to the monsters.

However, the silver boss was the most annoyed because all the players realized that if they attacked the silver boss, their anger would soar.

At the same time, they could mobilize more ordinary monsters to run toward them. This way, the warriors would not need to expend as much energy.

This method of luring the monsters away greatly reduced the pressure on the battlefield. This was especially true for the distant silver boss, who was also howling in anger.

They had never seen such a battle before. These players were truly crafty! Usually, they would not engage in a dogfight.

Instead, they would fight like assassins and run far away before disappearing on the spot. This confused the ordinary monsters.

Although the silver boss faintly felt that something was off, they could not do anything about it. After all, although they had always wanted to attack, the distant Lan Weiwei and the gold monster, Little Golden Dragon, were still giving them a strong pressure.

This made the other silver monsters not want to act rashly. This was also something that Lu Chen had deliberately done. Otherwise, once these silver bosses made their move, not only would they destroy the warriors… it was very likely that the confidence of the warriors would be destroyed as well.

This blow to their confidence would be far greater than the physical and mental pressure that it brought to the warriors in battle. It was definitely not worth getting into it.

This battle lasted for a full day and night. Nearly 80% of the warriors had returned to the main world now.

Fortunately, after the warriors returned to the main world for a short period of rest, as long as they recovered to a certain level of mental state, they would immediately return to the Second World and continue to participate in the team battle.

Thus, even though 80% of the players had returned to the main world to rest, the number of players in the entire team remained above 50%.

In addition, the combat experience of the warriors was constantly increasing. In comparison, although the monsters would cooperate with each other, their intelligence did not increase with it. Therefore, although this battle was exceptionally difficult, they still maintained an astonishing zero loss result.

This kind of battle situation, through the miniature cameras carried by the Dragon Team warriors, was transmitted to the Dragon Country's conference hall where the hotel was located in real time. This made everyone very excited.

The first elder and the third in charge chief were especially happy when they saw what was happening in front of them, and their eyes kept flashing with golden light.

They had thought of finding Lu Chen to take everyone to clear the Mass Graves.. This map was a wise choice, but they had never thought that it would play such a big role in terms of gaining strength.
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