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Chapter 139: Soul Slayer Squad's Request!

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The battle at the Mass Grave was in full swing. As everyone was watching with great interest, a secretary suddenly came to the first elder's side with a worried expression and said a few words in a low voice. When the third in charge chief heard it, he frowned from the news 

After thinking for a moment… He hushly spoke to the first elder, "Someone has infiltrated the Western Castle, should we ask the warriors to stop fighting and attack there after? This way, we can catch them off guard."

If the most important thing for the Dragon Country was the bows and arrows of the Dragon Team, after this battle, they realized the power and importance of Lu Chen for the Dragon Country as well.

That was why this person had to be kept alive and well. Even if the experience in the Mass Graves was a little short, the importance of the WEstern Castle was more of a serious matter.

Not only would this help the Dragon Country eliminate the threat, but it would also spread the prestige of the Dragon Country and let the world know that they are not afraid to make a move to protect themselves.

However, once someone plans on attacking the Dragon Country, they would still be killed with their famous bows and arrows.

The first elder looked at the state of battle on the screen, and there was a look of interest in his eyes. He said indifferently, "There's no need for defeating these monsters. Let the soldiers come back after they're done farming."

The experience gained from the Mass Grave was enough for them to level up greatly. If they continued to train, many soldiers would probably be unable to bear the mental pressure. "It's time to bring them back to have a good rest and recuperate."

The third in charge chief stared at Lu Chen's expression for a while. When he saw that Lu Chen was still calm and collected, he had a slight understanding in his heart.

He opened his mouth and said, "First elder, do you think that Lu Chen and his leaders are sufficient to deal with this crisis?"

The first elder opened his mouth and said, "The attacking methods of the west and the east are vastly different. Moreover, these old fellows have lived for so many years and have controlled the Western Castle for so long. They must have many trump cards in their hands.

"I'm sure that these old fellows aren't easy to deal with. They aren't something an ordinary spiritual realm expert can compare to. And that James is a member of an ancient clan overseas.

"He himself is an existence like the red-robed cardinal.

"The Golden Dragon might not even stand a chance against him.

"Moreover, since they were bold enough to invade us, they must have long prepared and thought of a way to restrain Lu Chen and the others. 

"This battle will probably be very difficult for Lu Chen."

Hearing the first elder's words, the third in charge chief's brows were tightly knitted together. "If that's the case, then does Lu Chen really not need our help? First elder, where does your confidence in Lu Chen come from?"

The first elder looked at Lu Chen with a wise gaze. "I don't know where my confidence in him comes from, but I don't think this kid will lose to those old guys.

"His strength has grown immensely. I believe that he must still have his own trump card that he hasn't used yet.

"Every time when he's in a desperate situation, he would always have a new trump card to catch his opponent's off guard.

"Perhaps my confidence comes from his countless and endless tricks and trump cards."

They looked at the projection again.

Although the battle in the Mass Grave was intense, Lu Chen remained calm. The enemies before him were far from enough for him to make a real move.

Plus, Lan Weiwei and Little Golden Dragon were beside him, even if they were not here, a silver boss would not pose a fatal threat to him.

They fought from night to day, and the cycle kept repeating itself. By now, there were only a few hundred monsters left in the Mass Grave. Fortunately, their combat power had already reached level 20 and above. This was especially true for the silver boss here.

After being nourished by the energy around the Mass Graves for a long time, their levels were even stronger than the Ancient Ash Wolf.

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Although the warriors were constantly returning to the main world to rest and replenish their stamina and mental strength, this kind of high-intensity battle that far surpassed the main world still made it difficult for them to recover quickly.

The more intense the battle, the harder it was for them to recover even when they were asleep when they returned to the main world. This was especially so when they were faced with extremely valiant attacks and extremely strange monsters with wild attacks. Their fighting style had gradually become complacent to these monsters.

It was not just because of the intensity of the battle and the length of the battle; it was also because the monsters of this Second World had surpassed the knowledge of all warriors.

This knowledge required time for them to adapt and recover as quickly as possible. As time passed, the duration of the battle lessened.

In the end, only 100 monsters and 200 exhausted warriors were left in the battle.

In the end, the 100 monsters and the warriors of the Dragon Group were stuck in a stalemate for nearly seven hours before all the monsters were eliminated.

At this time, the warriors were all exhausted. Even the Dragon Slaying squad, which was extremely experienced and had a high level of strength in the main world, had finally reached their limit.

The clothes on their bodies had long since been tattered, and they had lost their ability to defend themselves. The swords and shields in their hands were also badly damaged, and they could not continue fighting.

Their captain, Li Xiaotian, could only let out a bitter laugh to cover up the sorry state on his face. He felt sorry for Lu Chen.

"We have reached our limits, we'll have to return to the main world. I'll leave the rest to you."

The other warriors' battle consciousness had also become numb, and they could no longer guarantee success in this state.

They all returned Lu Chen an apologetic gaze, and then returned to the main world. In this way, close to 200 warriors instantly disappeared from the battlefield.

Only the Dragon Slaying squad was left, and at this time, all the members of the dragon Team had risen by at least level 10 after experiencing such a high level of battle.

Even the Soul Slayer squad, which was already very high in rank, had risen to over level 30.

In fact, the captain was now three levels higher than Lu Chen. Such strength was definitely not to be underestimated.

As the members of the Dragon Slayer squaD disappeared one by one into the Second World as well, only the Soul Slaying squad remained beside Lu Chen and the others.

At this moment, if it were not for his presence, the Second World's Dragon Team probably would not have been able to hold on.

The Soul Slaying squad had not reached their limits yet, so they looked at Lu Chen with determined eyes and said, "Lu Chen, let us fight the silver bosses on our own.. We'll leave the rest to you."
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